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If you prefer not to eat meat in your diet, your choices in convenience foods are rather limited. There are only a few companies right now that produce high-quality frozen or premade meals for vegetarians, which is somehow supposed to cover the 7.3 million people that abstain from meat. Much of the problem comes from a lack of variety, but Sweet Earth Natural Foods compensates for that.

What is Sweet Earth Natural Foods?

Sweet Earth Natural Foods features foods that are influenced by a variety of cultures and countries, but simplify them all into easy-to-make meals. These foods are made with organic ingredients, and aim to help consumers feel less inhibited by the convenience food that is presently offered by most supermarkets.

Sweet Earth Natural Foods understands the need to try new flavors, and they are very daring in their pursuit. The company comes up with recipe after recipe with the help of passionate chefs that understand true flavor. These chefs all have different backgrounds, which means you can diversify your palate and your plate.

Within these vegan dishes, you will find all the nutrients you need to sustain your lifestyle. You don’t need supplements and expensive vitamins to create a healthy body; you simply need foods that are filled with the right protein, vitamins, probiotics, fatty acids, and fibers. The company is fanatical about finding new flavors to introduce to you, even with their extensive list of options.

Sweet Earth Natural Foods Products

Sweet Earth Natural Foods understands that you want to have food that is filled with nutrition, rather than just temporarily filling your stomach with preservatives. When you consume a vegetarian diet, you still want to consume enough protein and other vitamins to balance out the lack of protein.

These products are entirely plant-based, which means you can stay away from animal products or byproducts and maintain your vegetarian morals. All of the products have organic ingredients, when possible, and are all natural.

All of the products can be ordered from the website, or purchased from a local retailer like Target. To get an idea about what you can get from Sweet Earth Natural Foods, here are the categories available to you:

Artisan Bowls

In the Artisan Bowls, you will find restaurant-style entrée bowls that have a variety of one-dish meals. These meals have obvious influences from France, India, China, and many other countries with distinct cuisines. Each bowl features a beautiful and colorful blend of vegetables. This category is predominantly filled with stir-fry bowls, pasta, and similar meals.

International Burritos

Burritos are a staple of convenience foods, but so many of the vegetarian options involve just beans and cheese, which can add up in calories and fat content quickly. These burritos have influences from around the globe as well, which is characterized by their names. For instance, the Santa Cruz offers a classic-style burrito with pinto beans, oregano, salsa, and cheese, while the Kyoto features adzuki beans, edamame, baby bok choy, baby spinach, and ginger. You can easily find a burrito for any flavor you want.

Functional Burritos

These burritos are more functional than exotic. When you need the extra protein or help focusing, these burritos will definitely come in handy.

Breakfast Sandwiches

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but you may not have the time to make it for yourself. These sandwiches feature eggs mostly, which is a great protein to add to your diet. However, for a little more variation, check out the meatless ham and bacon, which tastes just like the real thing but without harming any animals.

Breakfast Meats

On your days off, you will have more time to make your breakfast, but you still want something healthy and balanced. This category features bacon and sausage to let you enjoy that classic breakfast taste, but in a way that is safe for any animal on the farm.

Veggie Burgers and Savory Grounds

Most people immediately think of veggie burgers when you tell them that you are a vegetarian. These burgers are filled with unique flavor that has an incredible dose of protein. However, if you want to shape your own patties or include it in a pasta dish, then look at the ground “meat” available as well.


Seitan is a common ingredient in many vegetarian diets today, offering a protein-dense food that helps to maintain a certain level of energy and strength. With Sweet Earth Natural Foods, you will find three different flavors to integrate into your meals during the day. The protein content easily compensates for the lack of meat in your diet, and has three times more protein than the more commonly used ingredient, tofu.

Contacting Sweet Earth Natural Foods

Whether you are new to eating a vegetarian diet, or you have questions about a particular food product, the customer service desk is available to help answer your questions. To speak with a customer service agent over the phone, call (831) 375-8673. There are no listed hours of operation.

If you are unable to reach someone during business hours, you can always send an email to the department as well at [email protected]


Sweet Earth Natural Foods may seem like just another vegetarian company that is trying to put a new spin on the same old dishes, but nothing could be further from the truth. The company is unafraid to explore new cuisines and new ingredients to help bring a balanced but beautiful flavor to every dish. Even if you are looking for a dish that is classic with a vegetarian twist, Sweet Earth Natural Foods has you covered. From French to Chinese to Italian, the options keep coming. Regardless of the time of day, this company is ready to nourish your body and surprise your tongue.

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