Swannies Model X: Blue Light Blocking Glasses Boost Sleep Quality?


Various factors influence one’s ability to fall asleep, such as stress, agitation, sleep conditions, and the like. While there are various methods to promote a better night’s sleep, such as medication, this option can cause adverse side effects and be a poor option for one’s health.

Those who are looking for a safer and perhaps better alternative may want to consider a new product that is currently being crowdfunded and has raised the minimum amount of necessary funds. The product, called Swannies Model X, may help men and women sleep better throughout the night.

What is Swannies Model X?

Swannies Model X is the “latest design in eyewear” that may make it easier for individuals to fall asleep. The glasses, worn throughout the day, block harmful blue light from smart devices. According to the brand, blue light is responsible for disrupting one’s bodily rhythm and as a result, individuals may have a harder time falling asleep and staying that way throughout the night.

Further, dissimilar from other eyewear, Swannies are stylish, comfortable, and their effectiveness is scientifically proven. Those who add this product to their lifestyle may finally be able to get the good night’s sleep that they are striving for.

How Does Swannies Model X Work?

Before choosing any product, it is important to understand how it works. This way, users can verify that they are making the right decision for their lifestyle. In this case, Swannies Model X functions by way of the innovative lenses, which function to “filter out blue light” on the visible wavelength spectrum that has been recognized to disrupt one’s sleep levels.

The lenses then allow other form of light to be transmitted so that users can do what they need to throughout the day. Users should also recognize that blue light has been recognized to influence a range of health conditions, such as metabolic disease, diabetes, and weight gain. Filtering out the blue light as needed may be able to lead a better quality of light.

The Benefits of Swannies Model X

There are several prime advantages associated with Swannies model X. Here are the main benefits of this product so that users know what to look forward to:

Features Innovative Lenses

First, this product features innovative lenses that work well to filter out the harmful blue light. As users wear the lenses on a daily basis, they may notice a reduction of sleep issues that can cause one’s quality of life to plummet. Further, the lenses allow the right type of light through so that users can still see adequately.

Registered with the FDA

Second, the brand specifically states that “Swanwick Sleep is fully registered and authorized by the FDA to import and distribute medical devices in the USA and all our products are FDA compliant.”

Easy to Use

Third, the glasses are very easy to use. The brand recommends that users wear the lenses anytime one uses a digital device, such as a phone, tablet, computer, or TV for extended periods of time. Wearing the lenses when necessary will prevent digital eye drain. Further, the brand strongly recommends that users wear the lenses “at least one hour before bed” to prevent artificial blue light from disrupting sleep. In addition, there are customers who have reported even better results when wearing the glasses even earlier before bed.

One Size Fits All Model

Fourth, the product comes in a one-size-fits-all model. Therefore, the product should fit most individuals and it should be comfortable as well. The brand mentions that those who are “anything less than 100% satisfied” may use the brand’s money-back guarantee.

As users can tell, there are several prime advantages associated with Swannies Model X. The product is a unique, innovative, and quality option for men and women who are looking to prevent the negative impact of blue light impacting their health. Further, users may experience higher energy levels, more productivity, and stronger cognitive performance by sleeping better throughout the night.

Positive Customer Feedback

Another reason to consider this product is that there has been a great deal of positive customer feedback. Those who are interested in viewing just what customers have said concerning the product can do so through the brand’s website. The information may provide better direction and insight as to whether this product is the right option.

Swannies Model X Summary

Overall, those who are interested in eyewear that may work well to promote a better night’s sleep may want to consider adding Swannies Model X to their lifestyle. The product is currently being crowdfunded on Indiegogo and has met its goal. Therefore, those who are interested in this product can expect the product to arrive by the estimated delivery time, which is October 2018. Depending upon one’s funding level, the items received in the order will vary.

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