Survival Shield – Super High Quality Nascent Iodine Supplement?


Most people know and understand that the body needs very specific vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to truly experience full health.

Unfortunately, the modern diet has made it more and more difficult for people to get the nutrients they need just from their daily meals, which is why supplementing is so important. The key to supplementing properly is finding the best supplements and knowing what deficiencies need to be treated.

One of the most common deficiencies experienced today is iodine deficiency. According to the World Health Organization, 54 countries list iodine deficiency as a public health problem, with the condition being one of four deficiency diseases in the entire world. Thankfully, Survival Shield X-2 makes reversing this deficiency easier than ever.

By offering an innovative way to support iodine levels, Survival Shield X-2 is cutting down on the deficiencies experienced across the world, promoting better health and wellness.

What Is Survival Shield?

In an effort to make combating low levels of iodine easier to handle, Infowars Life has created Survival Shield X-2, a new, high-quality nascent iodine. Made using salt solutions taken from 7,000 feet below the surface of the earth, Survival Shield X-2 is one of the purest and most potent sources of iodine, offering 650 micrograms in every drop.

By being so pure and so powerful, Survival Shield X-2 will help those with iodine deficiencies fight their condition, reversing the many symptoms associated with the condition.

There are many iodine supplements on the market, but Survival Shield X-2 has quickly set itself apart as being something different and better. And the two reasons this supplement is so much better than other options is because of its sources and its manufacturing process.

As mentioned above, Survival Shield X-2 is made using ancient salt solutions deep beneath the surface of the earth. As a result, these sources aren’t tainted with toxins, pollutants, and radiation, making it the purest source possible.

While the source of Survival Shield X-2 is important, the purity could easily be lost if the proper manufacturing steps weren’t taken. To start, the entire process is done in a licensed facility, meeting both federal and cGMP/HACCP standards.

To create Survival Shield X-2, the bound forms of iodine are separated from other components, being clarified and purified to pharmaceutical grade levels.

Because the iodine is very toxic and reactive at this stage, Survival Shield X-2 uses its Thermodynamic Pressure Sensitive High Energy Sound Pulse Nano-Emulsion Technology to create monoatomic iodine, completely free of iodides. With this process, all users of Survival Shield X-2 are getting the best of the best.

Benefits Of Survival Shield

Because iodine is such an essential mineral for the health and wellness of so many, finding the best quality supplement is of utmost importance. Survival Shield X-2 is a nascent iodine, which has been found to support a wide range of health needs, allowing users to support and protect their wellbeing.

For one, Survival Shield X-2 helps stabilize hormone levels, keeping them at healthy levels and preventing the imbalances that cause so many unwanted problems. Survival Shield X-2 has also been found to support a health metabolism, helping those who have struggled controlling their weight and overall health.

Many people don’t know that a vast majority of the US population suffers from thyroid dysfunctions. One of the best, natural ways to support thyroid health is by taking an iodine supplement.

However, it’s very important that this supplement be of the highest quality and as pure as possible, so the body can metabolize it properly. Survival Shield X-2 provides a potent, pure source of iodine for those who wish to promote better thyroid health.

And finally, Survival Shield X-2 is able to provide all these amazing benefits while allowing users to be completely at peace with the source of the supplement. Because Survival Shield X-2 uses the purest sources and manufacturing processes, there are no contaminants or toxins in the supplement, so users don’t have to worry about unwanted side effects.

Purchasing Survival Shield

Survival Shield X-2 is available for purchase on the Info Wars website ( At the moment, there are two purchasing options available for Survival Shield X-2. The first is a onetime delivery, which costs $22.46 for a vial.

However, Survival Shield X-2 also offers an auto-ship option for those who wish to receive their nascent iodine every 30, 60, 42, or 90 days. With the auto-ship program, each vial of Survival Shield X-2 costs $20.21.

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