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SuperBeets Review – Should You Try It?

While many people, especially athletes and those who lift weights, know the benefits of nitric oxide, very few understand how it works. This leads these people to purchase products that help boost their nitric oxide levels, but not always in the best of ways. What most of these people don’t know is that diet plays a huge role in the production of nitric oxide in the body and by adding certain foods to their diets, users can get the nitric oxide levels they need.

Nitric oxide isn’t just produced in the lining of the arteries, the place most people know it’s produced, but it is also created in the mouth and digestive tract. When certain nitrate rich foods are chewed, the saliva converts the nitrates found in the foods into nitrites, which is then converted into nitric oxide in the stomach.

The vegetables that convert best into nitric oxide are spinach, and other leafy greens, and beets. Unfortunately, not only are these vegetables not eaten on a consistent basis, but as the body ages it is less capable of making this conversion from nitrates to nitric oxide. Thankfully, there are a few natural solutions to this situation.

SuperBeets is a concentrated supplement that uses beet crystals to allow users to get the natural nitric oxide boost they need to stay healthy. By using a vegetable that is already efficient in the process and making it into a concentrate, SuperBeets is able to give every user, no matter their age, the nitric oxide they need to keep their circulation healthy.

What is SuperBeets?

SuperBeets is a superfood shot that can be made using a single teaspoon of the supplement. Neogenis, the company that created SuperBeets, uses a patented drying process that allows them to keep the nutrients and dietary nitrates in the beets while they’re being prepared. When this process is complete, every single teaspoon of SuperBeets contains the same levels of nitric oxide as three entire beets.

Not only does SuperBeets provide an easy way for users to aid their body in creating nitric oxide, but it’s also extremely easy to make. One teaspoon of the supplement can be mixed in with water and taken like a shot. And just like that, the body will think it has consumed three beets. In addition to being easy to use, SuperBeets tastes delicious. Its natural apple flavor can be used or customers can pick the black cherry option.

About Neogenis

Neogenis are the creators of SuperBeets. Recognized as leaders in nitric oxide research, the Neogenis Labs have constantly strived to create products that can be regarded with pride by physicians and other experts to consumers. Based on the strength of the scientists, nutritionists, and business leaders that make up the company, Neogenis continues to produce the best products, as well as information, for the health of its consumers.

Despite its pioneering in the nitric oxide world, Neogenis does not work alone. The company has created powerful partnerships with research institutions that have long been synonymous with success, like Vanderbilt University and Cedar Sinai. By creating these partnerships, Neogenis was able to have its formulas tested in both labs and in the field. Because of this devotion to research, Neogenis has constantly developed products that are innovative.

SuperBeets is just one of the many products developed and released by Neogenis. And, like all the products offered by the company, SuperBeets has proven over and over again to give consumers the results they need and have come to expect from Neogenis products.

Benefits of SuperBeets

By providing the body with the dietary nitrates it needs to create nitric oxide in the body, SuperBeets gives users a host of benefits. The first is that SuperBeets supports healthy circulation. As people get older, it’s harder for them to be as active as they once were. This can cause extreme circulation problems. With SuperBeets, circulation is supported, so that even small amounts of movement can increase the amount of circulation taking place in the body.

In addition to supporting healthy circulation, SuperBeets also gives the body a boost of natural energy. By increasing the blood flow and oxygen traveling throughout the body, SuperBeets is able to increase the natural energy people need, without any jitters or crashes. And, this energy comes with a natural increase in stamina, as well.

Increase nitric oxide levels in the body, like those found when SuperBeets is taken, have been found to promote heart health as well as helping even out blood pressure levels. Blood circulation is such an important part of keeping the heart healthy, so it makes sense that improving one would improve the other. With SuperBeets, this is very much the case.

As mentioned above, SuperBeets helps increase energy and stamina levels. For those who like to get to the gym as often as possible, this is a huge boon. In addition to help energy and stamina levels, SuperBeets also aids in endurance. Those who want to push themselves in their exercises of choice will find they’re endurance when exercising has extended when using SuperBeets.

Why SuperBeets?

While there are a few beet supplement options on the market, none of them come with the reputation and scientific support that SuperBeets has. Not only does a serving of SuperBeets contain more beets than beet juice or powder, but it also costs a lot less than these alternatives.

However, it isn’t price, taste, or concentration that makes people pick SuperBeets over other options. People chose SuperBeets because they trust the process. Neogenis harvests its own beets, using extreme growing standards so that every serving of SuperBeets comes with the highest concentration of dietary nitrites possible.

It’s not just the beets that SuperBeets is picky about, however. Before the beets have even been grown, the experts at Neogenis carefully select the seed that will be used in the growing process. This seed has to be non-GMO, increasing its safety and nutritional value. Once the seeds have been picked, they are planted in soil that has been carefully cultivated and these farms are only located in the United States.

Finally, SuperBeets uses a patented drying process that helps conserve the nutritional value of the beets. Because Neogenis is made of nutritionists, scientists, and physicians, there is a complete and full understanding of how SuperBeets works, from when it’s planted to when the consumers take their shots of the supplement. This thorough understanding is enough to keep customers coming back.

Purchasing SuperBeets

There are two purchasing options available for SuperBeets, with each one having sub-options. These two purchasing options can be found on the Neogenis website ( under the SuperBeets section.

The first way to purchase SuperBeets is through a one-time order. This means customers will pick an option, explained below, and make a one-time payment. They will not be charged again and they won’t receive any more of the product unless they decide to order again. As mentioned above, there are two flavor options, regular and black cherry, for each of the options listed below.

  • Single Canister Purchase – $39.95
  • Buy 2 Get 1 Free – $79.90
  • Buy 4 get 2 Free – $149.90

The other purchasing option available with SuperBeets is through the Neogenis replenishment program. Similar to a subscription option, this allows customers to get SuperBeets delivered to them on a consistent basis, with their cards being charged without any hassle. The replenishment program also offers lower prices than the one-time purchase option.

  • Monthly Supply – $34.95
  • 3 Month Supply – $69.90

The prices above do not include tax, but they do include the free shipping that is always offered when purchasing SuperBeets.

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