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With health and fitness taking the world by a storm, juicing and other nutrition based diet fads have started a media frenzy. With film documentaries, books, blogs and more, the focus has turned to the preservation of the environment and making better health choices. Among these, the plant-based diet has become the most popular among those seeking a lifestyle change. This whole food, plant-based approach is centered consuming minimally processed foods from plants, combining modest amounts of fish, lean meat, and low-fat dairy. This diet is easy to follow and provides good nutrition.

Based on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes, this diet allows individuals to choose foods that are not only healthy, but flavorful as well. The ingredients of this diet can be used to create favorite recipes from pasta to burgers. Although the diet is plant-based, oftentimes, leafy green vegetables are not high in calories, and can lead to a calorie deficiency causing fatigue and feelings of hunger. Those wishing to pursue this lifestyle change should understand that starch-based foods are the energy source of this diet, not vegetables.

Though many deem potatoes and pasty as fattening and unhealthy, the truth is, starchy vegetables have been a staple part of the diet for centuries. In order to change the negative stereotype, they must be prepared differently in order to retain the nutrients. By eliminating the oil and dairy, familiar recipes can be recreated and paired with healthy vegetables to create wholesome meals. Brown rice and quinoa can also be substituted for common starch-based foods.

People have sought to achieve their daily dose of vitamins and minerals through a variety of ways whether it be juicing, supplements, or food powders. Recently, juicing has become the most popular approach. Associated with quick weight loss, juice cleanses remove toxins from the body causing the detox process. However, without energy from food, juice cleanses can essentially deprive the body of certain properties, causing some negative health effects.

In order to avoid the negative effects of juicing, Splendid Spoon is an innovative company that has created a plant-based diet plan that promises to improve overall health by providing soup cleanses that supply fiber and nutrients to the body. Intent on making sure that the consumption of fruits and vegetables is always a priority, Splendid Spoon has designed a wellness plan that keeps the body strong, clean, and healthy.

About Splendid Spoon

As mentioned above, Splendid Spoon has created a way to reboot the plant-based diet by providing a plan that is high in fiber, nutrient-full, low in sugar, and ready to eat. Splendid Spoon provides a healthy approach to incorporate the importance of plants, the science of soup and nutrient bioavailability and the incomparable health benefits of intermittent fasting. This formula is unique and unlike any other currently on the market as it is designed to fit and adapt to any lifestyle while using 100% plant-based ingredients.

In order to promote better health and the importance of plants, Splendid Spoon meals contain 3 times the recommended vegetable serving amount size. The company based their products on years of research and clinical studies. Research proved that plants are high in antioxidants and have the ability to trap radicals that cause cancer. While reducing inflammation and improving immune function, plants fight against other health risks such as diabetes and high blood pressure. In addition to benefiting the body, consuming plant and less meat helps to reduce environmental pollution caused by the methods used with animal agriculture.

Splendid Spoon uses a unique formula to showcase the importance of soup and nutrient bioavailability. Their meals have been designed to provide a holistic approach of balancing vitamins and nutrients that are needed when combined with fat, water, protein, and carbs. The meals utilize nutrient bioavailability and are low in sugar and high in fiber. Because each meal contains high amounts of fiber, they are filling and allow the body to absorb the nutrients more effectively.

For centuries, people have used fasting as a way to cleanse the body. Eliminating specific foods allows the body to recover from lost nutrients, detox, and rejuvenate physical, emotional, and mental health. Because insulin levels drop during fasting, it encourages the breakdown of body fat, causing weight loss and an increase in energy. Fasting can also protect against disease by reducing inflammation in the body and improving a variety of potential risk factors such as high cholesterol and blood sugar. The effects of cleansing also affect metabolic features that are important for improving and maintaining neurological health.

The Splendid Spoon Program

Splendid Spoon has designed a groundbreaking cleanse plan that uses their Cleanse and Swap building blocks to reduce calories and increase satiety. In improving overall wellness, the program boosts mood and assists in reaching health goals. Reduction of calorie intake is done through a day of lean eating, The Cleanse, and meal replacements. In order to allow the body to respond to the benefits of the fasting and vegetable consumption The Swaps are incorporated to avoid feelings of hunger and nutrient depravation. The program provides the tools to create a positive experience with components that are workable and easy to use.

The Program

The plan is designed to help clients reach wellness goals by delivering ten total meals. The program offers a weekly plan that includes 3 different options for successfully achieving intermittent fasting. The 5 Day Swap recommends that during the weekdays, lunch is replaced with their soup bowls, full of hearty vegetables. The Cleanse is a one-day option that recommends that the individual revive the body by completing 1 full day of souping in order to promote improved organ function and digestion. The Wander part of the plan includes taking 1 day to appreciate the dedication of the cleanse, with no dietary restrictions, this allows the client to become aware of the importance of making healthy decision by eating anything of their choice.

The Swap

The Swap is another option plan for individuals that want to gradually adapt to the program. This plan includes souping once a day to decrease the overall consumption of calories and increase nutrition consumption. The program includes the delivery of 5 total meals. The plan replaces lunch 5 days a week with the soup bowls. This pan is recommended for individuals who do not want to partake in extreme fasting.

The Cleanse

The Cleanse plan is designed to detox the body, promote organ function and digestion. Recommended for those who eat plant-based meals regularly, this diet includes lighter soups for cleansing and improving nutritional intake. This plan includes five total meals, allowing the individual to choose 1 full day of complete souping.

Starting a Splendid Spoon Program

Because the programs offered by Splendid Spoon are so customizable, the prices for each option will vary depending on what users decide to use. Every person using Splendid Spoon will be able to choose a plan and then select their specific options, which will change from person to person. However, there are base prices for those who want to get a rough idea of how much starting the Splendid Spoon program will cost.

  • The Program – From $80/Delivery (Prepaid) to $95 (Week to Week)
  • Five Day Swap – From $55/Delivery (Prepaid) to $65 (Week to Week)
  • One Day Cleanse – From $55/Delivery (Prepaid) to $65 (Week to Week)

Splendid Spoon is great about deals and discounts. New users should check out their website (www.SplendidSpoon.com) to see what the current deals are today.

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