Sober Cookie Challenge

The Sober Cookie Challenge is a new movement that helps the average person understand the struggles of addicts that are trying to become clean. This movement only requires consumers to give up sugary treats.

What Is the Sober Cookie Challenge?

Millions of people around the world suffer from addictions of some kind. This disease is something that overtakes the sufferer, against all rhyme or reason, and controls their decision-making process. To make matters worse, addiction can even cause the user to suffer if they do not compel their body to take part.

Luckily, there is the love of family members and friends that urge addicts to seek out help through rehab. To show solidarity, consumers may want to consider taking part in the Sober Cookie Challenge.

The Sober Cookie Challenge asks that consumers create a similar situation to rehab for addicts by giving up an addictive substance that everyone ignores – sugar. The goal is to help the participant understand how difficult it is to battle against addiction, even as the participant overcomes the struggle.

The Challenge mimics the reaction of those going through withdrawal and detox in a subdued way, demonstrating:

  • Physical cravings that the participant cannot and should not take part in
  • Peer pressure from people who are not giving something up
  • Relapse when the desire for sugar is too overwhelming
  • Temptation when the participant sees untouchable sweets everywhere
  • Solitude over not participating in activities that involve sugar

There are plenty of reasons that consumers may not want to join in on this movement, just like some people did not want to engage in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. It is a complicated process, taking a physical and emotional toll on the participant, but that is the entire point.

People going through rehabilitation have a hard-enough time with the constant urge to go back to their old ways. Perhaps, by taking part, the participant can feel more appreciation for anyone they personally know that is going through this struggle.

This program is not meant as a replacement for rehab for someone that has been or is addicted to drugs and alcohol. This program is meant for the people that need to understand the struggle to have more compassion for people that have greater difficulties to overcome.

How To Participate in the Sober Cookie Challenge

There are only three things that consumers need to do to get involved:

  • Show friends and family on social media that they are in this movement, using a video or photo to challenge friends
  • Use the hashtag “#sobercookie”
  • Share the experiences during the challenge

Consumers are encouraged to participate in temptation and resistance, while downloading the e-guide for help. The Holiday Help guide online will show unusual ways that consumers can tempt themselves and document their struggle. There is no monetary commitment at all.

Sober Cookie Challenge Conclusion

The Sober Cookie Challenge is for anyone that wants to be an advocate for people that want to overcome the addictions that hold them hostage. Even though the movement may not directly change anyone close to the user, the fact that this hashtag could be trending for the right person at the right time is what it is all about.

There are not a lot of things that one person can change in the world, which is why the Sober Cookie Challenge brings them all together to make an aggressive move towards supporting overcomers.


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