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Sleep is the foundation of one’s overall health. How so?

First, it enhances one’s productivity levels, as poor sleep can induce a fluctuation in mood, energy and emotional health. Second, consumers need to be well rested to ensure that he or she can learn new information, concentrate and focus in any given task and recall without having to struggle.

Lastly, it is the time in which the body repairs and rejuvenates the different parts of the body to fully equip one for the following day. Of the many existing brands today, Snoozhub understands the importance of sleep and it is reflected in the products offered.

With Snoozhub, consumers can achieve peaceful sleep regardless of the many disruptions that may bring a negative impact. By closely analyzing Snoozhub, consumers will have a better idea as to what its purpose is, the different essentials offered and its affordability.

What Is Snoozhub?

Sleep is an important factor to consider as its deficiency is believed to lead to unwanted health conditions such as heart and kidney disease, strokes, and increased blood pressure levels. It is a major concern in Japan, as many millennials are overworking and getting very little sleep, resulting in unfortunate deaths.

The foundation of Snoozhub can be considered as quality sleep and value of life. By incorporating technology and the importance of sleep, Snoozhub has been able to provide consumers with means that can prevent one from any bodily sores, waking up in the middle of night and any other hindrances that may impact one’s abilities the following day.

What Does Snoozhub Offer?

To better understand how Snoozhub perceives sleep and their ways of ensuring that hindrances are avoided, here is a quick products’ breakdown in terms of its uses and its contributions:

Sleep Improving Wrist Band

The Sleep Improving Wrist Band is a wearable device that claims to incorporate acupuncture-related properties to induce sleep. Upon wearing it on the wrist, consumers are said to experience small electrical pulses that can increase one’s Melatonin levels, a type of sleep hormone. It can also be used to lash stress or eliminate jet lag.

Philips Wake-Up Light

Unlike an alarm clock that leaves one slightly panicked upon awakening, Philips Wake-Up Light is said to replicate the effects of nature to ensure that consumers are up with a peaceful mind and with content.

Some of its features may include coloured sunrise simulation, 7 natural sounds and a FM radio, snooze and reading lamp and a midnight light function.

Travel Pillow

When consumers are going on long trips, where one is sitting in one position for long, a travel pillow can come of great use. It is not only a mean that leaves one sleeping in comfort, but it can also eliminate soaring neck and back pains as well.

Veholion Light Therapy Lamp

The Veholion Light Therapy Lamp and the Phillips Wake-Up Light have several similarities.

First, it can potentially reduce seasonal affective disorder by providing naturally-appearing sunrise. Second, it is said to mimic a sunrise, as the light intensifies as it approaches the time set as an alarm. Third, it contains 5 natural sounds to help consumers transition from sleep to waking up.

What makes it slightly different from the Philips Wake-Up Light is its color changing mode, as it can induce a sense of soothingness in consumers.

What Can Be Said About Snoozhub’s Overall Affordability?

The following is a list of prices consumers can expect when shopping at Snooz Hub’s:

  • Philips Wake-Up Light: $119
  • Travel Pillow: $35
  • Veholion Light Therapy: $45.99
  • Sleep Improving Wristband: to be announced

Although the prices may appear to be slightly high, its overall usefulness and its indirect, positive impact on one’s health makes each essential worthwhile.

Snoozhub Review Summary

What differentiates Snoozhub from other sleep-related providers is the fact that they focus on providing consumers with natural and external sources rather than promoting the use of supplements.

In addition, each essential offered contains either components that mimic the sun’s effects, natural sounds or properties found in Chinese medicinal practices like acupuncture. This not only eliminates unwanted side effects, but it also allows one to peacefully sleep and wake up gracefully the next day.

For more information, check out:

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