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Smart Blood Sugar Review

Smart Blood Sugar is a new diabetes treatment method that teaches you how to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Here’s our Smart Blood Sugar review.

What is Smart Blood Sugar?

Smart Blood Sugar is a downloadable eBook sold online through That eBook was written by a woman named Dr. Marlene Merritt. Dr. Merritt claims that by eating the right foods, you can maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

The fact that you can maintain healthy blood sugar levels by eating the right food is not exactly a secret. But the real power of Smart Blood Sugar is in its ability to reduce your dependence on diabetes medication, teach you to eat the food you like, and discover how to keep your energy up all day long.

Best of all, Smart Blood Sugar claims that “this isn’t a diet”. The eBook is sold online for $27. After making your payment, you’ll receive a link to download the digital version of Smart Blood Sugar. You’ll also receive a physical copy of the book in the mail.

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How does Smart Blood Sugar Work?

Smart Blood Sugar doesn’t reveal its full list of diabetes tips and tricks online, so I won’t spoil the entire contents of the book here.

Generally speaking, the book teaches you how to eat tasty foods that boost your energy while maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. By eating the right foods at the right time of day, you can avoid expensive diabetes medications and reduce your diabetes symptoms – or at least that’s the goal.

Some of the specific examples of lessons learned in Smart Blood Sugar include:

— A sweetener that’s 300% sweeter than sugar and safer to enjoy than artificial sweeteners

— A “miracle noodle” that contains zero calories and doesn’t spike blood sugar levels

— An ancient religious practice that’s been shown to “increase growth hormone, burn fat, improve insulin sensitivity and lower fasting insulin levels” without requiring any exercise whatsoever

— The tasty snacks you can use for hunger emergencies throughout the day without compromising your health or blood sugar levels

— The 9 ingredients you should always have in your cupboard

How to Buy Smart Blood Sugar

You can currently only buy Smart Blood Sugar from, where it’s priced at $27 + shipping.

Typically, shipping will cost $9.99 extra for American addresses, bringing the total cost up to $36.99.

That price gives you a digital copy of Smart Blood Sugar as well as a physical copy that will be shipped to your door. All payments are processed through the secure online form at

You have the option of paying by any major credit card.

All purchases also come with a 60 day money back guarantee. If you regret your purchase anytime within 60 days and don’t like the lessons you learned in Smart Blood Sugar, then you can return the book for a full refund.

To request your refund, contact Smart Blood Sugar at 877-300-7849 or by email at [email protected]

What’s Included with Smart Blood Sugar?

Like many eBooks sold online, Smart Blood Sugar comes with a wealth of bonus books. Only Smart Blood Sugar comes in a physical copy and digital copy. The other eBooks listed here are all delivered in digital form to your inbox.

Bonus eBooks include:

— The 99 Foods That Lower Blood Sugar
— The Smart Blood Sugar Guide to Alcohol
— The 7 Day Meal Plan
— The 7 Day Meal Plan Shopping List
— How to Read a Nutritional Label

Together, Dr. Merritt claims all of these books are worth a total value of $239.95. I guess she’s just being a really nice person by selling it all for $27.

Who Makes Smart Blood Sugar?

Smart Blood Sugar was written by a woman named Dr. Marlene Merritt. That woman claims to be a diabetes and blood sugar specialist. Dr. Merritt has a Twitter account @smartbloodsugar, although she hasn’t tweeted since 2012.

Dr. Merritt appears to work at Austin’s Merritt Wellness Center, which offers a variety of medical services and programs.

The book itself was published online by a company named Primal Health, LP. That company lists its address as the following:

Primal Health, LP
6913 K Avenue Suite 301
Plano, TX 75074

Primal Health, LP has a BBB profile here, where it’s been awarded a rating of A-. That BBB rating also lists a different address than the one above.

The company has a total of 41 closed complaints over the last 3 years and 4 customer reviews (3 negative reviews and 1 positive). The BBB reports that Primal Health, LP was launched on June 19, 2012 and is owned by Steve Gray and managed by support director Jessica Fischer.

Meanwhile, the official website for Primal Health LP,, gives yet another address different from the official Smart Blood Sugar fix website and the BBB. That official website claims the company’s goal is

“to provide world-class health education and supplements that help individuals reach their genetic potential, live longer, and improve their quality of life.”

It’s no secret that eating the right foods can help you manage your diabetes symptoms. With Smart Blood Sugar, you can discover those doctor-recommended foods and begin incorporating them into your daily diet.

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  1. The “book” is more of a pamphlet than a book, 6 X 9″ and less than 1/4″ thick. All stuff you can find on line. They want to sell you their pills which are expensive. This is a typical diabetes scam. Read the overly expensive book, then by their pills for a lot of money. Stop eating sugar an white flour ( white foods) and lose 20 to 30 pounds (you won’t have to try, you’ll lose it if you stop eating sugar and corn syrups – you will detox from not eating sugar!)

  2. I suffer from the tooth decay. Dr was mean to me and between pulling teeth she punched me in the stomach, shouting awful words at me. Now my gums bleed every day and I can’t eat food. No teeth to chew with. Need refund and teeth put back in my head, can you help me?

    • LOL Pepino…you need an audience for your jokes. Except I forgot to laugh, so please post another one.

      • ******They don’t give you your money back, they only advertise they will. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY.

  3. Sounds like it is worth a try. If it doesn’t work, send it back and get your money back. Seems simple enough.

  4. I paid for my book quite awhile back. Just send me my money back or I will take legal action. I spoke to someone on your staff and they promised they would ship it and nothing! I am tired of waiting.

  5. I received the Smart blood sugar book which I ordered. However, I am confused about info on pills. I do not want any pills sent to me. This info is somewhat confusing.Please verify that NO PILLS will be sent. The book is great with lots of good info. Please verify that no pills will be sent to me. Thank you. Sharlene Gill my order # was 450026

  6. I purchased the book because I know that the way to control Type ll diabetes is by eating healthy fats and cutting carbs. That approach works and it works fast. I want Dr. Merritt’s recipes, shopping lists, and tips that she’s offering to keep insulin/glucose controlled. I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes in May 2016. I started a low carb high fat diet (basically this is the diet that Dr. Merritt suggests) and my blood sugars went back to normal in about 3 days. I have also lost just over 30 pounds since May. I have done other things like increase daily activity by walking, adding a small amount of weight lifting 2-3 times/week, and I’ve reduced my caloric intake. But I also saw amazing improvement in lowering blood sugarc(without medication) just by eating the way Dr. Merritt’s book describes. It’s true, cutting carbs is an old fashioned way to fix diabetes. This information is not new. It’s actually easy to fix blood sugar through diet, but most medical doctors won’t tell you, or do not even know how well lowering carbs work for T2D. My doctor told me to stop eating candy, cookies, cake and ice cream when he diagnosed me. When I told him that I don’t eat those things, he looked at me with a dumb look on his face. What was killing me was small amounts of brown rice and organic apples!!!! People, if you want to kick diabetes in the behind, go low carb( less than 20 grams/day), eat veggies that grow above the ground, stop eating grain, eat healthy fats and lean protein. You will heal if you do this. I refused the metformin and educated myself on what is safe for me to eat. Dr. Merritt’s book is worth what she’s asking, but I don’t buy the supplements because I don’t even need them…morning fasting numbers are at 86-101 most days depending on what I eat the night before; numbers after meals are normally around 100. Before meals–numbers are in the 80s. Ditch carbs if you want to feel greater. Read Dr. Merritt’s book or search for low carb high fat options online if you don’t know what to eat instead of carbs.

    • I ordered and read this book, and my results were much the same as yours. I have not been as religious as I should be though because my carb intake is still around 60 carbs or less a day, but I am still seeing fasting blood sugars of 95-105 in the morning (depending on what I have the night before). I have found that if I have my last meal around 7 pm, and do nothing but drink fluids afterward my sugars are perfect the next morning. I have also lost over 30 lbs in the last 5 months of following this new way of eating. It started coming off in the first week, and just continued. It wasn’t dramatic, but it was consistent. I feel healthier now, and have much more energy than before. As I cut the bad carbs out of my diet, and started eating better I stopped craving the bad carbs rather quickly. I am sure if I started following this seriously things would only keep getting better. I would highly recommend getting Dr. Merritt’s book. It is very educational and will make a difference even if you don’t follow it 100%!

  7. I ordered it, used it and went by the recommendations for counting carbs not calories in the Smart Blood Sugar Book. I kept myself on a 60 grams of carb a day diet and lost 20lbs in about 3 months by A1C came back is check with my last blood work.

  8. I haven’t received no book or a link. I have been waiting patiently and nothing has come yet. How much longer do I have to wait ? I would really like to know.

  9. If this was an answer to diabetics it would have been researched and given to the public by any number of health providers.

    • There are many cures out there for diabetes. The body is incredibly designed to heal itself. No the FDA does not want the public to know. The medical community is corrupted. Ask the many doctors who have lost their licenses because they tried to tell their patients about alternative medicine.

      • LOL. The ol’ conspiracy theory dazzle. Also, I checked out here “Dr.” claim. I suggest that you do the same.

        The SimpleBloodSugarFix website “presentation” drones on and on and on and on. It won’t cure your glucose issues but it might just help insomniacs. The endless promises and bragging got tiresome after the first repetitive minutes. If you start the presentation, go eat lunch and come back later and just listen to the eventual “pitch”. You won’t miss anything.

        • Absolutely correct. The trick for curing diabetes is the Ketogenic diet, just search for that and you get your answers for free, not paying $27. As simple as that.

  10. Don’t bother with listening to this woman who wants to take your hard earned money and uses this video to mesmerize you into thinking that she has all of the answers. As a nurse, I consider her advice worthless for diabetics.

    • No offense Joy, but your unmotivated red radicalism push me up to asking where and what are you nursing ?!

    • Yes, Joy, if you went through any major nursing school in the US in the last 40 years, you were probably corrupted by instructors and trainers under the thumbs of the big pharmaceutical companies who donated enough to influence the curriculum. Here’s a test: 1. How many hours of nutritional science did you have to take? 2. How many hours of pharmacology did you have to take, and how often were name brand prescriptions mentioned as the treatment for the described conditions? 3. Which big pharmaceutical companies were represented in the names of buildings, streets around buildings, auditoriums, libraries, research labs, cafeterias, lounges…? (I once asked that of an audience of government medical personnel, and after each category I mentioned, there was an audible reaction from more and more of them.)

      As for the Smart Blood Sugar plan, the nutritional science described seems to be sound and reasonable based on my own experience. I’ve lived almost 29 years since I was diagnosed with a genetic disorder that was supposed to kill me within 9 to 12 years, at that time. I actively manage my risk factors by watching my diet, like the one described in the program, regular physical activity/exercise, and proper rest. My hematologist keeps telling me he doesn’t understand what I’m doing, but to keep it up.

      Yes, the advertisement video is probably about five times as long as it really needs to be.
      Some people really need a structured program like this in order to make a habit of a healthy lifestyle.
      If someone is gonna’ order it, they should watch the video again, because it gives a different phone number to call for the Money Back guarantee, than the one listed on the web site for questions or ordering. They should probably also make note of the web address (URL) on which they watched the video, in case they do need to cite it if they exercise that guarantee.
      The bottom line is that for $27, even if it just reduces the amount of insulin that a person needs, it could pay for itself within a month, maybe two at most, and that’s if they don’t use the guarantee.

      I would still like to hear from someone who ordered and used it.

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