Skinny D Review – A Rapid Weight Loss Drink Supplement That Works?


Meal replacement shakes and supplements have been making headlines in the weight loss industry. Time-starved consumers looking to lose weight are considering options such as Skinny D to lose excess pounds. What is it about Skinny D that is making it a popular choice among shoppers?

What Is Skinny D?

Skinny D is sold as a meal replacement supplement in bottled form. The formula contains less than ten calories per serving and comes with a long list of vitamins. The exact ingredients of the Skinny D formula are not available on the company website.

As a meal replacement formula, Skinny D is supposed to reduce feelings of hunger in the users of the supplement. Skinny D promotes ‘Rapid weight loss’ as the benefit of taking the meal replacement.

It should be noted that Skinny D does not contain protein, so users frequently use it in conjunction with healthy foods, instead of a direct replacement for a balanced diet.

Skinny is D is manufactured by the company Dr. Newton, and been in operation since 1995. The only place you can order Skinny D is through their company website.

How Does Skinny D Taste?

Taste is an important factor to consider in meal replacement products. After all, if the product tastes bad then one is not likely to continue using it. So what are people saying about the taste of the Skinny D Formula?

According to the customer reviews online, the taste of Skinny D ranged from poor to excellent.  The taste comes down to your point of view, and how high your expectations are for a meal replacements product.

Some reviewers commented that it:

‘Tastes awful and is too expensive’, while others were saying that Skinny D ‘Has a nice tropical flavor’.

Fortunately, Skinny D comes with a trial period where you can get a month’s supply for free. These free trial periods are often leveraged by customers before committing to buying supplements month to month.

What Are People Saying About Skinny D?

Skinny D has been on the market for a long time. As such, it could be expected that the number of reviews should be in the hundreds. However, there were only a handful of reviews that were available online about Skinny D.

Most reviewers expressed that the lack of reviews meant that there could be something wrong with either the product or the company. Some people felt uncomfortable in purchasing that product that did not long have a long track record of success.

There were more reviews about the company Dr Newton, which manufactures the meal replacement, than the product itself. One commentator said:

‘The Company sent me the wrong product – but thank you for the excellent customer service and quick response. I have noticed a spike in my energy levels, better looking skin and a decrease in appetite.’

Another reviewer said that they were pleased with their results after two months. The reviewer mentioned that it should not be considered as a magic pill, but rather a compliment to eating healthy and regular exercise.

Proof That Skinny D Works

Skinny D does not make any scientific claims that their formula works, either on their website or their press releases online. The only thing consumers have to go by is their nutritional label. The calorie count for Skinny D is competitive to others on the market at only ten grams, and there is a long list of included vitamins.

However, the official ingredient list of the Skinny D formula remains unknown, and there is no protein included which could make it an incomplete nutritional formula.

Consumers can only rely on comments from Skinny D’s customers that the formula should work as advertised for proof.

How Does Skinny D Compare to Fresh Meal Diet Delivery Services?

There are alternatives available to meal replacement formulas such as Skinny D. One such alternative is a diet delivery service. The idea behind this service is that a company will take care of the entire dietary requirements of their customers, and deliver food to their front doors.

The benefits of a delivery service means that the customer does not need to prepare meals or count carbohydrates or fats. Everything is done for the consumer.

This service typically includes the following:

Fresh Meal Services

This service includes meals made with natural foods. Examples of fresh meals include salmon with leaf spinach and wild rice, or pork with olive tapenade and orzo pasta. The meals change day by day so there’s a high amount of variety

So what are the pros and cons of fresh meal delivery versus a meal replacement product such as Skinny D?

Pros of Fresh Meal Services
  • The fresh meals typically use whole foods with zero preservatives. There is an emphasis on whole and natural foods every day, so the customer could get their nutritional requirements in one meal
  • The company makes an effort to make the meals taste good, as an overall substitution for cooking and grocery shopping
  • Each customer is given a personalized meal plan to accomplish their specific weight loss goals.

Pros of a Meal Replacement Diet

  • Meal replacement supplements such as Skinny D focus on delivering rapid weight loss. Some formulas claim to help their customers lose up to five pounds within their first week of use
  • Meal replacement diets are generally less expensive than buying fresh meal. This is because of the smaller serving sizes

One final thought is that fresh meals are generally ordered every week. Meal replacements such as Skinny D are ordered on a monthly basis.

The best option for someone looking to weight will depend on their preferences, goals and budget. An overall nutritional and exercise plan should be made in advance of taking supplements or using a fresh meal delivery service.

The Bottom Line – Does Skinny D Really Work?

Skinny D has been on the market for a few years, manufactured by a company that has been in operation since 1995. This evidence suggests that it has a long track record of being sold online. There were mixed reviews by Skinny D’s customers. Some loved the formula, while others found the taste intolerable.

Fortunately for people curious to try Skinny D, the company offers a free trial period for their customers. This is a popular method for people to experiment with Skinny D before making a month to month commitment.

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