What Is Silkworm Flour?

Silkworm flour is high protein flour that has been derived from silkworms. It is a by-product of the textile industry and one that has gained use in the bakery and sports nutrition. The silkworm flour is in the form of powder and comes complete with all the essential amino acids, making it a great source of proteins.

The silkworms are caterpillars of moths that create silk, hence the name silkworm. Over 90% of the silk produced is usually from the cocoons of the domesticated mulberry silkmoth, Bombyx mori. These cocoons of the Bombyx mori larvae are the main raw materials in the manufacturing of silkworm flour.

The Bombyx mori is probably the most studied insect in the world with the Italians calling it their only edible insect. The exploitation of this insect as a good source of protein has become embraced in a world where the population is rapidly growing and the environmental effects impacting on the available sources of proteins. The Bombyx mori is used to make a powder which is basically proteins and what we call silkworm flour.

There are many products in the market selling the silkworm flour/powder, but the main constituents here are the Bombyx mori silkworm and fillers.

Nutritional Benefits, Uses, And Profile

The silkworm flour is 80% protein with the branched and essential amino acids. There are other additions like low carbs, sugars, and fats making the other 20%. This makes the flour a suitable choice for use in sports where low glycemic foods are recommended.

The flour is quite sustainable, making it good for the world at large. Insects in the world have a very low environmental impact and can help feed the ever increasing world masses. The flour is considered a high source protein and ideal for sports people that need to build muscles. It is worth noting that mass muscle building requires a lot of proteins, and being able to get a single source that supplies you with as much protein as the flour does is quite good.

The silkworm flour can be incorporated into other foods such as pizza, baked foods, pasta, pastries, and bread, and used to boost their protein levels. The flour is of good nutritional value and one that comes without preservative and additives.

Possible Side Effects

There has been no approval for insect foods into the market in most EU countries, but this seems likely soon with the ever increasing population. However, these foods are widely used in parts of Asia for centuries without any adverse side effects. The silkworm flour is still undergoing more studies to discover any side effects. However, the food seems safe considering the materials used to make it.

In fact, most companies have gone ahead and only used organic silkworms to make their powder. This is aimed at giving people options even for those that only consume organic foods.

Top Silkworm Flour Products

Some of the main products of silkworms include:

  • Silkworm Chrysalis Powder
  • Silk Moth Pupae Flour
  • Silk Worm Flour

Silkworm Flour Review Summary

The silkworm flour is one of the most innovative ways to get a high protein source food that does not impact the environment. It is has been used for ages in Asian countries but is now gaining popularity in western countries like the US.


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