Shijimi – Corbicula Freshwater Clam Extract Health Benefits?


Kenshin was founded in 1990 with the aim of creating unique ideas and products for people to maintain the best possible health. The company over time has gained trust and relationships with supermarkets, healthcare practitioners and many others, so you know it is a brand that is reliable.

Kenshin focuses on natural healthcare rather than using chemicals and preservatives.

What Is Shijimi?

Shijimi simply means freshwater clam. In Japan, clams are used to treat liver problems and are consumed for all round good health. It has been proven with research that clams have treated people with liver disease and also healed liver problems in rats. Shijimi supplements are of high quality and potency. Five tablets equals the content of five clams.

Shijimi cleanses the liver to rid it of any toxins. This is important because the liver works as a filter for the body. There are not drugs to cure liver dysfunction so we rely solely on foods and nutrients to re-balance our bodies. Clam extract is a great way to detoxify the liver and get back on the track to great health.

It has also been said that Shijimi is good to fight off a hangover. Many Japanese people have miso soup with Shijimi for breakfast following a night of drinking.

Shijimi clam extract contains the equivalent of 300 clams per five tablets for the content of L-ornithine. L-ornithine is key for removing bodily wastes which is important to staying healthy on the inside. Some studies have also showed that L-ornithine helps to boost energy.

Taking L-ornithine orally can improve ammonia levels. Ammonia in the body is made when a protein is broken down by bacteria. The liver then converts ammonia into urea and then into urine.

The tablet form makes these supplements easy to take. Each tablet is 250mg each and there are 150 per pack.

Clam extract

Clam extract is a liquid that is produced from a clam when cooking and opening them. Clams are molluscs which have two equal shells adjoining by muscles. To harvest clam extract, clams are boiled for one hour and the meat and shells on them are removed. The extract is then filtered and boiled again.

Benefits of Shijimi

There are many health benefits to clams and clam juice. Clams claim to hold more iron than beef. Nine small clams fulfils the average adult daily intake of iron. This is a great way to increase iron intake for those that are anaemic, in particular, women who lose iron as part of their menstrual cycle.

Clams also contain high amounts of protein, more than scallops or oysters. Because of high protein content, clams are a great alternative to chicken and contain many more vitamins and minerals. Clams also contain omega 3 fatty acids.

Fatty acids can be good for preventing things such as heart disease. Clams contain low amounts of contaminates compared to other seafood and seafood products.

Freshwater clams have said to have anti-inflammatory and tissue protecting effects. Unfortunately salt water clams are not as pure and can contain harmful chemicals that are generally found in salt waters.

Shijimi Conclusion

Clams can be found in lakes, swamps and seas. The clams used to produce the clam extract for Shijimi supplements are harvested in Lake Shinji of Shimane, Japan.

Lake Shinji is the seventh largest lake in Japan. Early hours of the morning is when you would find fishing boats collecting clams out on the lake.

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