SFH Strong: Creatine Lean Muscle Mass & Strength Builder?


Athletes who are looking for a way to increase their daily protein intake without relying on lactose-based products will appreciate the formula available in SFH Strong. This protein powder utilizes bovine protein powders combined with amino acids to maximize muscle-building support.

Made in the United States, SFH products are made from pure ingredients with no added fillers or proprietary blends. Please read below to learn more about Strong and how this product may help enhance workout performance and recovery.

What Is SFH Strong?

SFH Strong is a bovine-based protein powder formulated to enhance muscle growth and workout recovery for athletes of all levels. This protein powder works to enhance energy levels and athletic performance while promoting faster workout recovery.

Users simply mix a scoop of Strong with water or stack with their favorite powder blends in a workout shake. The flavor is neutral making it blend easily with all types of liquids without altering flavor.

Who Makes SFH Strong?

SFH stands for Stronger, Faster, Healthier and is separate division of Maine Natural Health dedicated to sports nutrition.

Maine Natural Health was founded in 2006 as a way to bring together medical doctors and pharmaceutical experts to develop nutraceuticals that enhance health and wellness. SFH products are designed and produced in Warren, Maine.

How Does SFH Strong Work?

The combination of ingredients within Strong are each chosen for their ability to enhance muscle growth while reducing recovery time between workouts. The addition of L-Glutamine also supports digestive health.

This product can be consumed with water or mixed with protein shakes to maximize benefit. SFH Strong is safe for stacking. SFH recommends combining Strong with SFH Whey for best muscle building support.

Each serving of SFH Strong is low in calories at just thirty per serving.

Ingredients in SFH Strong

Consumers who have sensitivities to lactose or are looking for a way to build muscle mass without utilizing dairy-based proteins will want to consider trying Strong. The main muscle building compounds in this protein powder is from bovine serum albumin concentrate and beef protein isolate.

Creatine and L-Glutamine are added for their ability to support lean muscle growth and enhance digestive health. The amino acid L-Glutamine is well known for its ability to enhance weight loss efforts and muscle growth but what many consumers may not know is the way in which this amino acid supports gut health.

When consumed after exercise this ingredient works to enhance muscle growth while maintaining digestive health. While creatine is an amino acid that can be produced naturally within the body many people benefit by taking a supplement containing creatine when trying to improve athletic performance and muscle growth. SFH Strong is gluten and lactose free.

Pricing For SFH Strong

Strong can be purchased online through SFH or Rogue Fitness. Both sites offer the thirty serving bags for $49.99. The SFH company website also offers a store locator feature helping potential users locate SFH products at their local gyms or supplement retailers.

Should You Use SFH Strong?

Athletes who participate in Crossfit find SFH products useful in helping reduce workout recovery time between gym sessions.

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