Riot Supplements Whey Concentrate Protein – Build Lean Muscle?


Building lean muscle mass is not an easy task, but when one sets his or her mind to it and fuels their bodies with the right nutrients required, anything is possible. While weight loss involves some exercising and a lot of time eating the right foods cooked in the healthiest ways, gaining muscle mass requires them both equally.

One’s training will go to waste without the right sources of nutrients and one’s eating habits alone won’t make a great deal of difference in one’s ability to increase muscle mass.

Protein plays a key role in muscle mass, as does reduced bad fats. Riot Supplements Whey Concentrate Protein is essential for muscle mass growth because it is lean, contains a high source of protein per scoop, ensures unnecessary components such as fats and sugars are reduced and most importantly comes in pleasing flavors.

All of which are essential and intertwined to achieving the muscles one no longer needs to dream of.

This review will allow exercisers to get know the product, the purpose of whey concentrate as a whole, a list of benefits, and other helpful information needed prior to purchasing the Riot Supps’ Whey Concentrate Protein.

Who are Riot Supps?

Riot Supps is a provider of a wide range of supplements that help to achieve weight management goals. Whether one is an athlete, exerciser, bodybuilder or an enthusiast of healthy lifestyle, the Riot Supps brand carries a product that’s suitable for each and everyone’s needs.

Some of the products they carry are as follows: BCAAs, creatine, nitric oxide, pre-workout, protein, testosterone booster, thermogenics, vitamins and minerals and workout stacks.

In other words, Riot Supps is a database full of products that are able to achieve any given fitness goal.

What is the Riot Supplements Whey Concentrate Protein?

The Riot Supps’ Whey Concentrate Protein is a dietary supplement that helps exercisers achieve a lean muscle mass. It contains 100% whey concentrate and 5grams of BCAAs per scoop. Whey protein concentrate is the result when milk is filtered.

What remains after the filtering process is what we call whey protein concentrate. Whey is greatly recommended for those looking to increase muscle mass because it is a higher quality protein compared to traditional milk, eggs and other produces.

When purchasing whey concentrate, one must realize that it is 80% concentrate while remaining is a mix of carbohydrates and fats.

Another reason why whey is so popular is because it contains BCAAs, also known as branched chain amino acids. BCAAs are composed of three essential amino such as leucine, isoleucine and valine.

The only way the body can obtain such sources of amino is through food intake, as the body does not produce them naturally.

This ultimately helps to preserve one’s muscle mass, further induces protein synthesis, and provides a wide range of benefits such as faster muscle recovery and soreness, increased energy levels and faster fat burning abilities.

What’s praiseworthy about the Riot Supps’ Whey Concentrate Protein is the fact that the product contains only the whey concentrate itself. Other ingredients found in this product are normally components needed to enrich the flavor factor.

Benefits of Using Riot Supplements Whey Concentrate Protein

The following is a quick look at some of the benefits of whey concentrate protein intake:

  • Induced protein production in one’s system
  • Preserves achieved muscles
  • Reduces tiredness and increases one’s endurance
  • Faster recovery after training
  • May help improve one’s strength over time
  • Helps to further release anabolic hormones responsible for muscle growth
  • Increased fat burning

Riot Supplements Whey Concentrate Protein Dosage Information

For efficient results, exercisers are advised to consume approximately 2 to 4 servings of whey concentrate per day. With every scoop, one has the option of mixing it in 8 to 12 ounces of water or milk.

Exercisers must stir and ensure that the powder is completely dissolved prior to drinking it. Once mixed, it is best to refrigerate and drink for a boost in taste factor and it must be consumed within the same day.

Exceeding the recommended dosage is not only a waste of the product, but it has the potential to bring unwanted health concerns.

How Much Is Too Much Protein?

This entirely depends on the each individual’s personal muscle goals. For instance, exercisers looking for muscle maintenance require 0.6 to 0.65grams per lb of body weight, while those looking for moderate muscle growth and extreme muscle growth require 1 to 1.2 and 1.3 to 1.6grams per lb of body weight.

For instance, someone who weighs 120lbs should consume 72grams of protein for maintenance, 120grams for moderate muscle growth and around 168grams of protein for extreme muscle growth. In addition to one’s goals, one’s input also makes a whole lot of a difference.

Riot Supplements Whey Concentrate Protein Price Information

Exercisers have the option of purchasing 25 servings or 55 servings and the prices are $45 and $60 respectively. Riot Supplements Whey Concentrate Protein also comes in three respective flavors, which are: chocolate, strawberry and vanilla.

This product is worthwhile because the product reflects the product. In other words, the label says whey concentrate protein and it contains 100% quantity and quality of whey concentrate protein.

Secondly, this product contains reduced levels of sugar and fats that may prolong muscle growth.

Lastly, whey concentrate also contains BCAAs, which bring a wide range of muscle related, physical and mental health related benefits as well.

Overall, it is important to ensure that one’s whey concentrate protein’s quality is on par. Each scoop of the Riot Supps’ Whey Concentrate Protein contains 22grams of protein, making it a great source for muscle growth.

Exercisers are likely to see a change in grams of protein per scoop in the chocolate flavor compared to vanilla and strawberry because of the cocoa added to that respective flavor, which contains additional protein.

When one trains and includes the right types of sources of food in their diets, lean muscle mass growth shouldn’t be a problem. For more information on this respective product, go to:

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