Revive Rx – Clean Performance Products Backed By Real Science?


Revive RX is a scientifically formulated, recovery powder that is designed to help recover faster after a long day at the gym.

The formula was designed to help you heal faster, so you can get optimal gains after a hard workout. Read this review to learn about Revive RX today.

Who Created Revive RX?

Marcus Filly is the man behind Revive RX. He graduated summa cum laude from US Berkely in molecular biology.

He had a specialized emphasis on human physiology and nutrition. He also went to complete medical training for a year in Ohio.

His medical training was completed at the highly respected, Ohio State University School of Medicine.

His belief is the power of nutrition and fitness caused him to accelerate past his peers and create an unbelievable career in fitness.

As of today, Marcus is the captain of GRID’s Phoenix Rise. He also was a competitor in the 2016 Crossfit games and the founder and coach of Revival Health and Performance Coaching.

What is Revive Rx?

Revive RX is one of the first supplements for athletes designed by a professional athlete.

The number one goal Marcus had when he created Revive RX, was to make a product that would let athletes hit their peak level of performance. Along with that, to help them reach their personal goals.

Revive claims to deliver the best possible nutrition to the athletes who use it. It is designed for optimal levels of fitness and nutrition.

And it’s backed by a science that is uncompromisingly clean and formulated. The science of Revive RX is then backed by countless clinical studies and customers who are astounded with the results that Rise provided them.

The Revive company is also family owned and operated. And it is base out of San Francisco California where is also tested.

All of the Revive supplement products are also packaged and shipped from California as well, so it is a 100% American made and shipped product.

The products at Revive RX are used by several of the world’s greatest athletes. Rebecca Voigt, Marcus Filly, Danielle Szpindor, Heather Hippensteel, Regan Huckaby, Spencer Panchik, Saxon Panchik, Kate Brierley, Danny Nichols, Jake Berman, Ethan Helbig, and Tennil Reed are officially on the Revive team. And they are all 100% professional athletes.

The team behind Revive are mainly Crossfitters and since Crossfit is considered the most intense of competitive sports, it says a lot that they would use Revive.

The supplements at Revive RX are not just for competitive athletes though, they are also for people who love to workout, get fit and stay healthy. It just so happens that there are a lot of athletes that back the products at Revive RX.

And they offer a full range of products, designed to help you get in the best shape of your life. They also promise that their products are the most effective, clean and simple products on the market.

They are designed specifically for fitness athletes. They are also formulated to help athletes meet and exceed the demands that they are facing on a daily basis. Primarily for functional athletes who are looking to take their lives to the next level and their sport.

What are the Ingredients in Revive RX?

The ingredients in the Revive RX products, vary on a product to product basis. They are made with 100% natural flavors and never use any artificial sweeteners.

The claim that they offer the simplest, cleanest and healthiest supplement solutions on the market today.

They keep all of their supplemental formulations simple by only using the most essential, proven and absolutely necessary ingredients.

How Much Does Revive RX Cost?

The prices of the rise products change, depending on what they are being used for. The Recover formula for example, costs $60.00 per package and is designed to be used post workout.

Then there is the Rebuild formula which has a high concentration of protein to help you rebuild your muscles.

Rebuild costs roughly $65.00. The recover multi-pack is full of single use serving packets and costs $24.00.

And the Rebuild Multipack costs $28.00. They also have the Revive RX Blender Bottle and it costs $9.95.

They also have their own line of clothing called the Revive Gear. The Revive Gear, Men’s T-Shirt costs $25.00 and Revive Gear, Men’s Original Tee cost $25.00 as well.

There is a snapback hat you can pick up for $25.00 and a unisex pullover you can get for $45.00.

The women’s layered tank top costs $25.00 and the women’s fittest Tee costs $25.00. They stand by all their products with a 100% guarantee.

What are Customers Saying About ReviveRX?

Customers are 100% happy with Revive. It’s customers are typically sports professionals and serious enthusiasts.

Revive RX is one of the best sports, nutrition supplements on the market and is backed by countless athletes and professionals.


  • Formulated by a professional athlete
  • Made with the best natural ingredients
  • Zero artificial flavors or sweeteners


  • May be a bit expensive for some people
  • Only available online

Revive RX Review Summary

If you are a serious athlete, then Revive RX is for you. If you are just a regular guy or gal, who only workouts periodically, then Revive is likely overkill and you can find something else that will be suitable for your needs.

But if you want the best of the best when it comes to supplements. You likely won’t find a better product line on the market.

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