Prosvent Ultra Blend – Nettle and Cranberry For Prostate Health?


Research shows that during the span of a lifetime, most men will experience some form of prostate problem. Currently, one man in six will be diagnosed with prostate cancer, though those who experience prostate complications is a much higher number.

The small gland, an essential part of the reproductive system, is responsible for the production of semen. For most men, the prostate becomes enlarged after 40 years of age and continues to grow until the early 80s.

Typically the size of a walnut, when it becomes enlarged, the prostate has been recorded as being as large as a lemon.

Although not uncommon, prostate enlargement can lead to serious health issues later on. In order to ensure that the prostate does not potentially grown and cause life-threatening conditions, it is recommended that men in their 40s take preventative care.

There are currently a variety of natural supplement that can treat prostate enlargement and potentially prevent the condition all together.

Prosvent Ultra Blend is a dietary supplement that supports supplement health. Providing relief from prostate pain, this supplement formula is infused with ingredients such as stinging nettle and cranberry, essential for treating the prostate.

Featuring all-natural ingredients, the Prosvent Ultra Blend is a natural alternative to prescription medications which often carry unpleasant side effects.

By combining powerful, effective ingredients, the supplement safely treats enlargements and prevents infection, which can sometimes require surgery.

About Prosvent Ultra Blend

A natural solution to prostate health, the Prosvent Ultra Blend was created by Dr. Larry May in 2005. Because one of the most common symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate is related to urinary function, the supplement reduces the urge to frequently urinate, especially during the night.

Supported by years of scientific data, research shows that the ingredients in Prosvent Ultra Blend work together to increase urine flow and decrease symptoms of prostate enlargement. Since the position of the prostate is next to the urethra, when it becomes larger, it squeezes the urethra and can cause discomfort and distress.

In order to prevent any embarrassing “leakage” or frequent trips to the restroom, Prosvent Ultra Blend allows men suffering with prostate issues with the ability to live without disruptions.

Offering a variety of benefits, Prosvent Ultra Blend guarantees immediate results. Once the formula interacts with the body, it begins to reverse symptoms and starts to heal the prostate.

Recommended for daily usage, while using Prosvent Ultra Blend, men will begin to sleep through the night undisrupted.

In addition to improving urinary function and alleviating the inability to fully empty the bladder, as well as burning or itching sensations, the supplement provides the body with antioxidant protection, preventing free radical damage. For the best results, users should take one capsule with food, twice a day.

Ingredients In Prosvent Ultra Blend

As mentioned previously, the Prosvent Ultra Blend supplement combines a variety of natural ingredient that contain essential properties for supporting prostate health.

Although each ingredient is unique, they all work together to provide safe and effective results. A list of the key ingredients, as well as their benefits, are listed below.

Stinging Nettle – A powerful ingredient, stinging nettle extract has been used for centuries in traditional medicine. Used to slow the growth of harmful prostate cells, it also prevents urine emergency.

Cranberry – A popular antioxidant, this ingredient contains anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer health benefits. It also contains high traces of essential vitamins and minerals.

Saw Palmetto – This ingredient is often used to treat prostate growth by improving urinary flow and reducing the frequency of urination. Also used in traditional medicine treatments, this plant-based ingredient offers numerous health benefits.

Zinc – Used in a variety of male health supplements, this ingredient helps to support reproductive health. Improving organ function, it supports prostate health.

Purchasing Prosvent Ultra Blend

Prosvent Ultra Blend is available for purchase on online retailers such as Amazon. Each bottle contains 60 capsules, which is enough got a one month supply, and currently costs $67.95.

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