ProGreens Plus – Montel’s Living Well Green Juice Health Drink?


Supplements and super foods often go hand in hand for people who are looking at improving their overall sense of health and wellbeing. There are now more supplements available on the market than ever before, with people in increasing numbers looking towards organic pills and shakes to give them the boost they need.

One of the downsides to the vast choice available means that it can be difficult at the very best of times when it comes to actually deciding on a particular brand. Not only is there a significant amount of dissent among reviews about the best pills and shakes to buy, but there are also fake and otherwise illegitimate formulas that may be dangerous for one to consume.

The above realities about shopping for supplements online has led to the advent of sites that have the sole purpose of separating the good supplements from the bad, and leaving the final verdict up to the consumer.

One supplement in particular that has been featured on these sites is ProGreens Plus, a nutrient-dense drink that is rich in super foods.

What is ProGreens Plus?

ProGreens Plus is emerging as a leading brand to consider for anyone that is in the market for increasing their sense of overall wellbeing and nutrition. The formula contains a dense mixture of fruit and vegetables that one can easily consume while on the go.

The biggest reported benefit of ProGreens is that it allows people to get their recommended intake of fruits and vegetables even if they don’t have the time in the day to sit down for a proper meal, which is the case for most people.

The ProGreens formula can be taken on its own, which comes in a granular, powdered form, or it can be taken in conjunction to one’s regular meal.

Users should receive a reduction in their cholesterol levels, improve their gut function, and promote weight loss as a result of consuming one scoop of ProGreens Plus per day. There are many testimonials that can attest to how quickly the formula works that can be found on the company’s website, as well as on third-party retails such as Amazon.

Where can you buy ProGreens Plus and how much?

One can easily purchase the product through the company’s website, as well as through its network of resellers and independent distributors throughout the United States. Additionally, it can also be found on websites such as Amazon and EBay, which is where most of the second-hand supplements are freely available.

It should be noted that ProGreens Plus does not offer their customers the assurance of a money back guarantee period, nor is there currently a free trial offer. The lack of a satisfaction guarantee as well as a free trial could be seen as a significant disadvantage of the brand, with many of its competitors offering one, or commonly both incentives to their prospective customers.

Ordering from the website is quick and easy. All users to do is confirm their favorite payment method, be it credit card, check, or internet banking, and then they will reportedly receive their goods within three to five working days from the point of purchase. ProGreens will ship their customer’s supplements the morning after it has confirmed payment.

In addition to purchasing the supplement, users can also sign up to participate in the company’s affiliate program. The ProGreens affiliate program gives webmasters the opportunity to earn product commissions on every product that they sell. Although this system is free and open for anyone to join, it is best used by those who have the appropriate traffic source.

What are the benefits of ProGreens Plus?

The antioxidants that can be found inside ProGreens Plus neutralize the damage resulting from free radicals which impact the cells and tissues of the human body, and help prevent specific types of cancer. They control the harmful effects of free radicals in the body. It's a great antioxidant which assists in improvement of the epidermis and hair quality.

Additionally, it contains essential minerals and vitamins. There are many acai supplements which are available on the market today, which can be consumed in various ways to maintain excellent health.

Such supplements such as ProGreens Plus can also grow to be a fantastic celiac food owing to its high-fibre, large protein composition. Such packaged healthy snacks are a great way of decreasing calorie intake and keeping up healthy snacking habits at the exact same time. It is thought that it may help control food cravings and lower the consumption of insulin in the event of diabetics.

The Bottom Line – Is ProGreens Plus Recommended?

Due to the numerous positive reviews the supplement has received in recent years, there is enough evidence to suggest that it will exceed most users’ expectations when it is taken on a regular basis.

The most common compliment the company received was due to how quickly users noticed results. Most users reported feeling healthier and happier within only three to four weeks of consistent ingestion, which has been compared favorably to other products on the market that are known to take longer.

It should be noted that the supplement was not completely safe from criticism. There were some dissenting opinions in the mix, with users expressing their dissatisfaction with their purchases as a whole.

Some users said that the product claims by the manufacturer were exaggerated at best, and that one could get the same nutritional value of ProGreens by consuming fruit and vegetables with every meal. Other users criticized the lack of a satisfaction guarantee, which is something that could prevent potential customers from purchasing from this fact alone.

One thing to keep in mind about supplements such as ProGreen Plus is that it is not sold as a magic pill that is guaranteed to work for everyone no matter what. The perceived success or disappointment of a product is determined by what the user constitutes as success, which will vary from person to person.

In conclusion, as long as users keep their expectations in check about the supplement then users may be pleasantly surprised with their results.

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