Phen RX – NexGen Biolabs Fat Burning Energy Level Booster?


The weight loss supplement market is not nearly regulated enough to keep consumers safe. This allows many manufacturers to toss together chemicals and minerals and call them a weight loss pill and get some desperate people to buy it.

And guess what? There is not much regulation in the supplement industry until the products have already hit the market and people have purchased and consumed them.

Which means that the authorities can’t do a darn thing about fraudulent and potentially harmful products until the problems arise and are reported to them.

And while a nice sizeable chunk of the industry is made up of trusted reputable companies making wholesome products that are safe and effective, they often get drowned out by the bad ones who usually go over the top with their advertising.

Which side of the market (good or bad) does NexGen’s weight loss supplement known as Phen RX lie on? Keep reading to find out.

What is NexGen Phen RX?

Phen RX is NexGen’s foray into the weight loss supplement world. NexGen is a company that creates all kinds of over the counter drugs and Phen RX is no different.

NexGen advertises their Phen RX product as an easier to obtain substitute for the popular weight loss pill known as Phentermine.

What gives Phen RX a leg up over Phentermine? The fact that you can only get Phentermine through a doctor’s prescription, while NexGen Phen RX can be purchased over the counter at various online retailers such as Amazon and you can even purchase it on NexGen’s official website.

Another interesting thing that sets NexGen Phen RX apart from Phentermine is that it is available in the tradition tablet form as well as in the form of a patch that you put on your skin.

Sounds good so far, right? Well, not so fast…

On the surface it seems like a product worth trying out if you can’t get a prescription for Phentermine. But that is the case with almost any supplement on the market.

The fraudsters have a knack for making their product look good on the surface and they don’t expect desperate people to do the necessary digging to find out that their product is probably ineffective and potentially dangerous.

In the case of NexGen Phen RX, my digging caused a bunch of red flags to be risen about this product.

One of the first red flags that was risen has to do with the ingredients of NexGen Phen RX. Whenever I am looking to buy any kind of supplement or anything in general that I am supposed to consume, I check the ingredients first.

And NexGen is not very open about the ingredients in Phen RX which already made me incredibly suspicious.

It was actually pretty hard finding a list of ingredients and when I did, my suspicions were not quelled.

For one, it was just a list of what ingredients were inside the pill. Nothing about how much of each ingredient is in it.

This means that there could be potentially harmful doses of substances in this pill. A reputable company would not be this careless with their ingredients list.

Another thing that got me was that every single ingredient was a stimulant. That means that if there are harmful dosages in this pill, you run the risk of having a heart attack.

It doesn’t end there either, because most of the ingredients haven’t even been proven safe or effective in helping you lose weight.

The safest ingredient in Phen RX is caffeine, which has been shown to improve your metabolism.

The other ingredients are severely untested and have serious side effects, which I will get into later.

Just seeing the ingredients alone would make me put down this product and slam the manufacturer, but alas, I shall continue on with this review.

Another red flag was raised when I looked into the manufacturer, NexGen Biolabs, and other products that they make.

They seem to be a massive knockoff company, making cheap knockoffs of popular drugs that you need a prescription for.

This way, they can piggyback off the success of these prescribed drugs and market their products as over the counter alternatives that don’t require seeing the doctor.

In fact, one of their most shady marketing tactics was actually going to various university campuses across the United States and handing out free samples of their product AdderRX which, if you can’t already tell by the name, is a complete knockoff of Adderall.

This is especially dangerous because Adderall itself is heavily misused in colleges all over the country because of its ability to help students focus on their intense workload.

Handing out free alternatives that are packed with untested stimulants (all of their knockoff products are packed with them) only increases the danger level.

Does NexGen Phen RX work?

The short answer would be yes. The long answer is yes, but with a bunch of caveats. Stimulants such as caffeine have been proven to be instrumental in helping people lose weight due to their ability to speed up one’s metabolism.

That said, the concoction of safe and unsafe stimulants contained within NexGen Phen RX can pose a serious danger to anyone, but especially those suffering from pre-existing health problems.

It can serve to exacerbate those issues and even those who are completely healthy are not safe from these effects. So yes, taking Phen RX will help some of you lose weight, but it may also cause severe damage to you or other people who take it.

There have been a lot of complaints filed with various governmental agencies such as the FDA as well as websites that keep a close eye on weight loss supplements hitting the market pertaining to side effects experienced after taking the Phen RX pills or using the Phen RX patch.

What exactly are the reported side effects?

As I stated before, the blend of stimulants in NexGen’s Phen RX can cause you to have a heart attack.

This, of course, is the very worst case scenario and will not happen to most consumers. That said, those with documented heart problems should especially stay away from this product because many of the stimulants contained in it accelerate heart rate and raise your blood pressure.

Otherwise healthy people have reported dealing with severe headaches and feeling seriously ill and even throwing up after taking Phen RX.

Any one of the untested ingredients contained in Phen RX can be responsible for this. We can’t know for sure because the side effects of taking most of the ingredients aren’t well known yet.

Due to the acceleration of your heart rate, you may feel jittery – even more jittery than you feel after drinking a few cups of coffee in succession. This jitteriness may also make you anxious.

This is due to the caffeine plus all of the other stimulants contained in this concoction. And since your heart will be racing and your body will feel super energized, it is advised that you do not take Phen RX at night or else you will probably be up all night.

This and dry mouth are the only side effects that NexGen themselves recognize as being associated with their Phen RX product.

Final Verdict

In case you have not come to this conclusion already after reading this whole review, you should NOT purchase this product.

Especially if you have heart problems. This is a dangerously untested product full of unsafe and relatively unknown ingredients.

On top of that, we don’t even know how much of each ingredient is contained in each Phen RX pill.

NexGen not being forthcoming with this information makes them appear incredibly suspicious and this definitely seems like a product that was just carelessly thrown together and marketed to desperate folks wanting to lose weight.

It may help you lose weight at first, but that early weight loss will taper off once you use the product for a while and your body gets used to its effect.

And that’s if you do not get seriously ill from taking the product in the first place! There are much safer alternatives available that actually work and have proven and tested ingredients.

Do not take the risk with this garbage product. And if anyone you know is inquiring about weight loss supplements, steer them away from Phen RX and steer them away from NexGen Biolabs products in general.

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