Peak Cardio Platinum – Peak Wellness Nutrition’s Perfect Heart Help?


Perfect Heart Health is a new pill that helps restore heart health. The pills were developed through a system that includes information collected from a series of clinical studies. Read this review to find out more about Perfect Heart Help today!

What is Perfect Heart Help?

According to the makers of Perfect Heart Help, it’s important that you take the extra mile when it comes to your heart. Even though you may get a clean pass from a doctor, it doesn’t mean you’re entirely healthy.

Inside your body, there is supposedly a lot going on beneath the surface. They claim that most people are suffering from clogged arteries. Supposedly, there is a thick, nasty, yellow mixture of calcium and cholesterol that is lining a majority of each person’s arteries.

It’s also called plaque and it’s said that it starts to collect around the age of 20. It could be the one of the leading factors to heart problems in the world. And, it continually builds as the years go by, narrowing the artery walls. The longer the problem goes on, the greater the chances of heart problems occurring is.

Calcium is the supposed culprit. They claim, that sounds weird to most of us because calcium is a vitamin we take. And it is something that helps us create strong bones. They claim, that no matter what happens, calcium will end up in the arteries instead of your bones and teeth.

Once calcium gets in your arteries, they claim that’s when the issues happen. They narrow even more and circulation slows down. Then the start of serious heart problems occurs. One after another, the problems will begin to stack, unless you start to take some precautionary measures immediately.

And they claim, that’s where the Perfect Heart Help Cardio Platinum Pills helps you when you need it.

How Does Perfect Heart Help Work?

Peak Cardio Platinum is the answer to taking care of your heart. They claim, the pills are developed by nutritionists to help you clean out your arteries. They will help improve your cardio-vascular health so you can start to be healthy again.

Each of the vegetarian capsules, contains everything your body needs to clear out the calcium and cholesterol build up that occurs. The pills work by using a formulated concoction of herb and other ingredients to naturally dissolve the build-up in your arteries. They are 100% scientifically proven ingredients that are clinically proven.

They say, this is real the real deal pill, for helping your heart. The pills contain the following, scientifically proven ingredients.

What Are the Ingredients in Maximum Cardio?

Once again, the following ingredients are clinically proven:

Vitamin K2 – This acts as type of carrier nutrient. It serves to help direct calcium to the correct areas of the body. Because of this ingredient, calcium will end up in your bones and not your arteries. During the Rotterdam Study, the scientists discovered the participants who used vitamin K2, had lower levels of calcium buildup in their aortas. It also helped to boost artery HDL and it lowered the total cholesterol to enhance blood flow.

Nitrosigine – Nitric Oxide is a naturally occurring chemical in the endothelium, or the lining of the arteries. NO2 is a molecule that signals the arteries to open in order to receive more blood. And then to relax again. It helps to maintain a healthy level of circulation and to normalize blood flow.

NSK-SD – When the body is cut, it forms a type of mesh like substance. The proteins called fibrin, stop the bleeding. Once the risk of bleeding has passed, the body will produce an enzyme called plasmin. It helps to break down the fibrin and the clot.

CoQ10 – An amazing, spark plug like supplement. It gives the body, insurmountable amounts of energy. And most importantly, it helps you with healing the heart. More than 300 studies have proven the power of CoQ10. It helps heart cells, blood pressure, and memory are all improved by CoQ10. And it also reduces free radicals.

They claim that Peak Cardio Platinum is full of all the proven, vital nutrients your body needs to take care of the heart, circulation and blood flow. They claim that just two capsules of this a day are enough to improve your health significantly.

How Much Does Peak Cardio Platinum Cost?

Peak Cardio Platinum comes in several different purchasing options. You can get reduced prices for buying multiple bottles at one time. One bottle of the supplement costs you $59.95, plus $8.95 for shipping and handling.

You’ll also get the How to Survive a Heart Attack If You’re Alone. It’s a free report that will give you inside information on how to live healthier and improve your hearts health.

What Are Customers Saying About Perfect Heart Health?

Customers give the pills a good review. They claim that it is one of the best heart health supplements on the market to date. People report that they genuinely feel better after taking the pills over a period of time.


  • Great for your heart
  • Easy to take pills
  • All natural and safe to take


  • More than $60 a bottle

Should I Use Perfect Heart Health?

Yes, if you need to take pills for your heart. This is likely one of the best supplements on the market. And it has great reviews, plus is scientifically proven. The clinical studies show, this supplement works.

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