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Getting a wholesome meal on the dinner table has proven to be a much more difficult task in today’s day and age than ever before. But why is that? One might suggest it’s a combination of busy work schedules, extra-curricular activities, or frankly – not feeling as creative as we once were.

Pantry Boy wants to help – and based on their customer reviews, they are doing just that.

What Is Pantry Boy?

Pantry Boy is a foodie’s dream come true. This United States based company that is helping people ditch the grocery store line ups and take out overload. They are providing farm fresh ingredients right to your door step; chopped, prepped and ready to head into the slow cooker, stovetop or oven.

Home cooking has never been easier, and, with the freshest ingredients. No one will even know you didn’t spend the day slaving over a hot stove, in between running the kids here, there and everywhere. This is a perfect solution for families, or singles alike – who simply aren’t motivated a lot of the time to cook for themselves.

Their system is described as convenient, fast, simple, fresh and most importantly, delicious!

Pantry Boy Boxes

As mentioned above, not only are these meals perfectly prepared for you but they also cater to several different diets and lifestyles.

Carnivore Boxes (starting at $62.34)

These boxes are available for two (2) of four (4) people. Each box contains three days’ worth of dinners that are 100% prepped and ready to be cooked. They include both meat and seafood options.

The two (2) person box is ideal for families that also have little ones under six years of age. Where the four (4) person box is ideal for families with older children. Remember we mentioned singles as well? Ordering a two (2) person box would provide enough meals for dinner almost every night!

There is no commitment and you can cancel at any time. However, if you like the option of committing to ten (10) weeks of delivery, you can take advantage of a FREE slow cooker, courtesy of Pantry Boy.

Omnivore Boxes (starting at $58.14)

These boxes, like the carnivore ones, are available for both two (2) people or four (4). Each box contains 100% prepped and ready farm-fresh ingredients that include both two (2) meat options and one (1) vegetarian option.

As previously mentioned, the box for two (2) people is ideal for families with children under six (6) and in the event of older children – the four (4) person box is a great option. And, singles – enjoy six (6) days of fresh dinners even with only a two (2) person box!

This box also includes the FREE slow cooker option when you commit to ten (10) weeks of Pantry Boy delivery!

Vegetarian Boxes (starting at $53.94)

These boxes, not unlike the others, are also available in two options; two (2) people or four (4) people. These boxes contain fresh vegetarian ingredients, chopped and prepped and ready to go!

Farm fresh, no line ups, delivered to your door – does it get much better than that?!

This box with a ten (10) week commitment is also eligible for a FREE slow cooker thanks to Pantry Boy.

Oh! And the best part for all the above-mentioned boxes? Shipping is always FREE!

What Is On The Menu?

The weekly menus are available on the Pantry Boy website for three (3) weeks. Some menu examples include;

Carnivores: Korean Chicken Sliders, Ground Beed Ajapsandali, Penne with Meatballs, and Harissa Chicken Drumsticks.

Omnivores have access to the same available meals but also choose one vegetarian option.

Vegetarians: White Bean Medley, Fried Tofu and Noodles, Tabbouleh Salad, and Couscous with vegetables.

Each menu is available on the website and also includes whether there are any allergen warnings such as nuts or gluten. Not sure what to do with the fresh prepped food on your doorstep?

No problem!

Each box contains recipes for each of the allotted meals included. This also includes what tools are needed to cook the prepared foods, and the degree of difficulty. The general level of difficulty appears to be marked as ‘easy’.

Is the Food Really that Fresh?

Because the boxes are delivered in an insulated container on ice, the food is guaranteed fresh upon arrival and consumption is recommended within 3-5 days. Recipes are inspired from palettes all around the world, so variety is never a question!

Pantry Boy does make every effort to accommodate most dietary restrictions and ingredients provided can be customized to suit your taste and dietary needs. In the event that there is a serious food allergy they cannot guarantee that cross contamination won’t occur because the ingredients are prepared in the same kitchen.

Your safety, is their priority.

How To Order Pantry Boy

To order your Pantry Boy box today, simply visit the website, browse the menus and ‘add to cart’. It couldn’t get much easier than that now could it!


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