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Oxystorm Nitrate Review – Worth Using?

Doing a quick search on nitric oxide will reveal the rising interest that surround the topic. In fact, in the health and sports nutrition industries, this interest has increased significantly over the past few years. And, this increase in interest comes with good reason. Nitric oxide has been found to improve the blood flow throughout the body. This improved blood flow allows people to push themselves, especially when it comes to working out and exercising.

While there are several unnatural, chemical based nitric oxide products on the market, one of the biggest natural sources of nitrate, and the one most people interested in nitric oxide supplements know about, is beets. For quite a few years, beets have been at the top of the nitrate food chain. However, new information has recently come out that beets are, in fact, not the only vegetable high in nitrate. In fact, it might not even be the most potent.

Red spinach is completely changing how sports nutritionists look at nitrate. Recent research has found that, when tested, red spinach might actually have higher levels of nitrate than beets. Needless to say, this has led to a lot of excitement amongst those interested in natural nitric oxide sources.

At the forefront of the red spinach boom is Oxystorm, an ingredient made from red spinach that is being sold by PLT Health Solutions. Using a patent pending process to produce Oxystorm, PLT Health Solutions has been able to create a product that supplies the highest nitrate content ingredient. And this is all made from the leaves of red spinach, which is now being touted as being the number one source for natural nitrate.

What is Oxystorm?

Simply put, Oxystorm is a form of nitrate in a food based and standardized form. As a seriously purified extract of red spinach, Oxystorm offers five times more nitrate than beetroot powder and 50 times more nitrate than beet juice. These amazing numbers make Oxystorm the number one ingredient option for those who want a natural source of nitrate.

Oxystorm comes in powder form and is completely soluble in water. Because it’s made using a patent pending process that allows the highest nitrate content possible, Oxystorm is truly ahead of its time, offering a perfect solution to those looking for a new nitrate ingredient.

What Makes Oxystorm Different?

The key to the success of Oxystorm is its source: Red Spinach. Not only does red spinach offer one of the highest amounts of nitrate, but it is packed full of other nutrients, as well. In addition to being a great source of nitrate, red spinach also has high levels of potassium, which has a long list of health benefits of its own.

Oxystorm harnesses the power of red spinach and gives it to users in a form that they will be able to digest easier. Because Oxystorm comes with the standardized 9% concentration of nitrate, it is able to offer these health benefits in smaller amounts. And, because it comes in a powder form, but is water soluble, Oxystorm can be mixed into any food or beverage product, whether for sports nutrition or for wellness products.

Benefits of Oxystorm

The first benefit of Oxystorm is that it offers higher levels of nitric oxide to the body than other sources. Because red spinach has been proven to contain higher levels of the chemical, Oxystorm is able to harness its benefits to give users the health aid they want.

In addition to this benefit, Oxystorm also offers users a consistent quality. Because the manufacturing process for Oxystorm is so closely watched and tested, every batch of the supplement that leaves the manufacturer has a standardized nitrate content. This gives purchasers a peace of mind, knowing that they’ll be getting the same results every single time, without fail.

Not only does Oxystorm offer consistent results, it is also completely water soluble. While Oxystorm does come in an easy to use powder form, it can be mixed into water or other liquids and completely break down. This makes Oxystorm the perfect option for those who want to mix it with beverages or want it to break down in the products their cooking or baking.

As already mentioned, Oxystorm is also an amazing source of potassium, due to the high levels of potassium found in red spinach. In addition to being a source of potassium, Oxystorm also has a neutral pH level. This means it is neither a base or acidic, making it the perfect addition to even the most complex mixes. Due to its neutral state, Oxystorm is easily mixed into any and every product.

Oxystorm can be used in products that are trying to meet the needs of specific dietary restricted individuals. Not only does Oxystorm contain no sugar, but it also does not oxalate. In addition to these important dietary points, Oxystorm is also non-GMO, kosher, Halal, and completely gluten-free. So, no matter what dietary restrictions a product using Oxystorm has, the supplement can be added with little to no fuss.

Applications for Oxystorm

As mentioned above, the versatility of Oxystorm makes it one of the easies nitrate source for product application. It can be used in numerous products, offering them the nitric oxide effects they need to attract those looking to improve their time working out.

The applications Oxystorm can be used for includes:

And, because Oxystorm is made with such high standards and with such an amazing source for nitrate, purchasers can rest assured that they’re getting a product that will meet all their needs and surpass their expectations.

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