OptiProstate XTS – Stop Aging Now’s Saw Palmetto Prostate Help?


OptiProstate XTS Review – Worth It?

OptiProstate XTS is a supplement that helps to support the health of your prostate, minimizing the likelihood of incontinence, erectile dysfunction, and other conditions that are associated with the prostate. This is our review.

What is OptiProstate XTS?

By the time you are in your 70s and 80s, your chances of having problems with your prostate health increases. In fact, by age 60 alone, over half of Americans have urinary issues from an unhealthy prostate. Even though you can visit the doctor regularly and obtain prescriptions, finding a supplement to treat the issue is much healthier, since it won’t alter your hormones. If you want a more natural and effective way to help with your incontinence, then OptiProstate XTS is a safe choice.

OptiProstate XTS was created by Joshua Corn, who runs an online health publication to help consumers find a healthier way to live. By treating your prostate with this supplement, you can maintain your health and prevent a wealth of other conditions.

Palmetto supplements, like OptiProstate XTS, are easy to find, but many palmetto supplements on the market today are full of unhealthy chemicals and additions that don’t really help with your condition at all. You need to pay attention to several aspects when you are choosing the right palmetto supplement, such as:

  • Potency
    • The highest levels of nutrients are found in mature berries, rather than unripe berries
  • The presence of chemical solvents
    • Can alter the effects of the raw ingredients
  • The presence of pesticides or toxins
    • Dangerous to the consumer

How OptiProstate XTS Works

This formula is designed to help block both the 5-alpha reductase enzyme and the aromatase enzyme in your body. Blocking just one of these enzymes can result in increasing your body’s estrogen levels, which has obviously undesirable effects.  However, by using this product, you block both enzymes and maintain a healthy balance.

This product uses palmetto extract, which comes from the berries of the saw palmetto plant. It is capable of blocking both of the enzymes, which results in a healthier prostate and no additional estrogen in your body. By using a raw or organic palmetto supplement, OptiProstate XTS claims you are able to:

  • Keep a healthily-sized prostate
  • Control your urinary function
  • Maintain a healthy sexual appetite.

The company cites a study that states the palmetto extract was able to give a definitive different in the everyday life of consumers, after about 90 days of use.

This product is exclusively made with organic saw palmetto, which means that you will not get the toxins from pesticides, herbicides, or other toxins that are associated with harvesting produce. Each capsule has a highly concentrated dose of the product, which doesn’t contain unripe berries or fillers. This formula contains a minimum of four times of the potency of the leading palmetto product brands.

Using OptiProstate XTS

Using the OptiProstate XTS is simple and easy, requiring very little time out of your busy schedule. In fact, all you need to take to reap the benefits is a single soft gel capsule each day. According to OptiProstate XTS, you should start to see effects fairly soon, but there is no definitive timeline beyond that. As you take OptiProstate XTS, you should see improvements in:

  • Your ability to stay asleep with fewer bathroom breaks
  • Consistent and easy urination
  • Emptying your bladder
  • The size of your prostate
  • Your sex life and libido

Pricing OptiProstate XTS

As with most companies that sell these types of products, you will receive discounts for ordering more bottles at a time from OptiProstate XTS. For a single bottle, you will be obligated to pay the full price, which is $19.95. Luckily, you are eligible for free shipping with all orders.

You can choose to order a total of three bottles or a total of six bottles to reap the benefits of bulk discounts. The three-bottle order allows you to get one more bottle for free, and comes out to $59.96 (which makes a single bottle priced at $14.99). The six-bottle order gives you two additional bottles for free and has a total cost of $99.95 (which makes a single bottle priced at $12.49.

The company offers a satisfaction guarantee that is good for a full year. If you are not satisfied with the results after a year, you are able to get a full refund, regardless of how much you have used.

Contacting the Makers of OptiProstate XTS

The only real way to contact the company is by filling in the online form, which will be sent to the Stop Aging Now Customer Service Department. According to the information listed, you can expect a reply within a single business day.


OptiProstate XTS offers men a way to take control of their sexual future, which is often something they can only dream of. At an affordable price, the money-back guarantee allows you to try the product with no financial risk. However, if you already take a prescribed medication for any of the conditions that can be helped with OptiProstate XTS, you should consult with your doctor before beginning this new regimen.

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