Onnit Recovery Protein: Hemp, Colostrum & Goat Whey Post-Workout?


Onnit Recovery Protein is a supplement that helps consumers to nourish their muscles after exercise or intense physical activity. The treatment is available as a one-time purchase or as a part of a subscription.

What is Onnit Recovery Protein?

Most people understand the importance of nourishing their body with a pre-workout drink to help them get the energy and endurance they need for a workout. However, that is only one stage of muscle building.

When consumers are relaxing after their routine, their muscles start releasing toxins, which can cause muscle cramps and can lengthen the recovery process between workouts. To help with this issue, consumers can try out the Recovery Protein.

Recovery Protein by Onnit offers a way to nourish the body with essential amino acids that the body needs to replenish. The various ingredients in this formula are the reason it is so helpful, and it has dramatically less sugar than what consumers find in sports drinks and other supplements.

Consumers will still need to hydrate their body to get the desired support after a workout, since they perspire so much. However, the electrolytes and other nourishment they lose should be remedied with the use of Recovery Protein.

Read on below to learn about the various ingredients, and what role they play in the recovery process.

How It Works

The reason that Onnit Recovery Protein is such an effective formula is because it includes the use of multiple ingredients that the body needs to replenish itself. Those ingredients include:

  • Hemp seed
  • Goat whey
  • Coconut water powder
  • Colostrum
  • BCAAs
  • Creatine

Hemp Seed offers 10 grams of protein. It is one of the most balanced sources of plant protein available.

Goat Whey offers a structure that mimics the breastmilk of humans, rather than cows. By focusing on this molecular structure instead, consumers are more likely to process it with greater ease.

Coconut Water Powder offers a good and light flavor, which is great for consumers that do not want to have something heavy in their stomach.

Colostrum naturally occurs in breastmilk for the first few days of a newborn’s life. This nutrient-dense substance offers a dosage of 5 grams with each serving, though the website does not indicate where it comes from.

BCAAs are a crucial part of the body when it comes to building up muscle tissue. It helps the muscles to recover after a workout as well.

Creatine is included in many different muscle supplements. It supports muscle health and increases the amount of energy that consumers exert.

Using Onnit Recovery Protein

Consumers are provided the Recovery Protein as a powder, so they will have to mix it up to consume it. Preferably, consumers will mix three scoops of the powder with 12 ounces of water. However, since the drink does not appear to have any flavor, consumers can also mix it with juice or a smoothie.

There is no indication of if the time of day that it is best to take this treatment, or if consumers need to take it within a certain amount of time of completing a workout.

Pricing For Onnit Recovery Protein

When consumers decide to make Onnit Recovery Protein a part of their routine, they have the option to purchase the remedy as a one-time transaction, or to start a subscription. The one-time transaction will cost $39.95 for a single canister.

The price drops down 15% to $33.96 if the user wants to get it on a regular basis. Consumers will have the choice of shipments every two weeks, every month, every two months, or every three months.

Consumers will be able to return the product, if necessary. However, they will need to contact customer service to process the refund and return.

Contacting The Creators Of Recovery Protein

If there are any remaining questions about the use of or the order for the Recovery Protein, consumers will need to contact the creators of the regimen – Onnit. Onnit has a form on their contact page for consumers to fill out at https://www.onnit.com/help/#contact.

If someone wants to reach the team a little sooner, they can call +1 (855) ONNIT-99.

Onnit Recovery Protein Conclusion

Recovery Protein is all about heling consumers to protect their muscles after a workout routine. The treatment is easy to blend together, though consumers will have the best luck with a shaker bottle that can break apart any other particles of the powder. This treatment does not include a workout routine, so consumers will need to find the one that suits them the best by themselves.

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