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In recent years, as the obesity crisis facing the Western world has become more and more obvious, people have begun adjusting their lifestyles, specifically their diet choices, in order to regain the health and wellness.

One of the biggest trends in diets today is a move towards plant based diets, like those seen with vegetarian and vegan diets lifestyles. These diets focus on eating no meats, and no animal products at all in the case of veganism, with the goal of eating fewer processed foods.


People who have switched to vegetarian and vegan lifestyles have found great success when it comes to losing weight, getting fit, and experiencing better overall health. However, even though these diets have been proven to be healthy, those who follow them are constantly being peppered with the same question:

Where they get their protein. It seems like no matter how healthy vegetarians and vegans are, those who don’t participate in their lifestyles are constantly worried about their protein intake.

While it might surprise many who aren’t vegetarian or vegan, there are dozens of plant-based foods that offer just as much, or even more, protein than meat. Of course, legumes are a favorite, from black beans to lentils.

Spinach, nuts, chia seeds, and hemp are all excellent sources of protein as well, and can be easily incorporated into a daily diet to help those who follow these lifestyles reach their goals.

However, while most vegetarian and vegan diets are perfectly capable of providing eaters with the protein and nutrients they need to thrive and be healthy, sometimes a little boost is needed. In these cases, NutraLeaf is the perfect option.

The protein powders offered by NutraLeaf are plant-based, making them perfect for those with specific dietary needs.

About NutraLeaf

For those who need a boost of protein for to reach their daily needs, NutraLeaf provides the perfect solution.

Offering a perfect mixture of protein and all the nutrients found in superfoods, NutraLeaf products are able to give users the support they need to embrace their health and power through their days. By using the best of the best ingredients, NutraLeaf is able to provide complete and comprehensive dietary support.

NutraLeaf is a company that provides a range of nutritional and protein shake powders, all designed to provide users with the most sufficient source of protein, greens, antioxidants, and other important nutrients.

Many of the shakes offered by NutraLeaf also include minerals and the natural digestive enzymes that the body needs to thrive. By combining all these important elements into a superior formulated powdered shake, NutraLeaf is able to provide comprehensive support to its customers.

Protein powders have long been used by athletes and bodybuilders. However, in recent years, even the most average people are turning to these shakes for the nutritional support they need to thrive.

Unfortunately, for most vegans and vegetarians, many of these shakes contained animal products, making them impossible for them to use. Also, even for those who didn’t have strict dietary guidelines, these shakes were often hard to digest, causing bloating, gas, and more harm overall than good.

The powdered shakes sold by NutraLeaf are crafted using raw ingredients, all of which are vegan, so that the body is able to break the ingredients down and use them with more ease.

The result is that people get the benefits that come with protein shakes faster and without all the side effects that cause discomfort. With NutraLeaf, users get the best of both worlds: The protein they need with ingredients that support their lifestyles.

What Makes NutraLeaf Different

There are several reasons the shake powders created by NutraLeaf are considered some of the best options on the market today.

The first, of course, is in the ingredients used in the products. NutraLeaf uses plant-based ingredients that work to supplement the body with nutrients desperately needed to thrive, combining them to give users natural boosts of energy. For those who struggle after a workout or even during a workout, this means more energy without crashes or jitters.

In addition to providing the best ingredients for its products, NutraLeaf products are also able to promise better results due to their ingredients.

For example, the ingredients used in NutraLeaf products have been clinically proven to provide boosts in endurance, mental focus, and even muscle recovery. Plus, they help increase the quality in the way the body functions on a daily basis.

The power behind NutraLeaf is found in the innovativeness of its formulations. Because the formulation of all the NutraLeaf products have to be vegan, it took a lot of time for the experts at NutraLeaf to find just the right balance of the perfect ingredients to get the results they wanted.

One of the biggest innovations NutraLeaf has provided the vegan shake world is seen in its amino acid blend used in its Nutra-Boost Pre-Workout formula. The branched chain amino acids (BCAA’s) used in this blend are able to accelerate the results that users see every time they workout.

Finally, NutraLeaf differs from so many other nutritional shakes because its shakes taste amazing. By using coconut water, green tea extract, and other exciting flavors like watermelon flavoring, NutraLeaf has been able to transform what people think of when they think nutritional and protein shakes.

Products Sold by NutraLeaf

There are two different categories of products sold by NutraLeaf. The first is the companies Protein + Superfood products and the second is the company’s Pre-Workout powder. While NutraLeaf prides itself on offering superior products, the company has crafted these products for quality instead of quantity.

Many protein powder customers are used to going to a website and seeing dozens or even hundreds of options. However, NutraLeaf is very different in this aspect. Instead of selling many products that may or may not offer true benefits, the company focuses on producing the best of the best, even if it means they produce fewer powders.

Because NutraLeaf is so focused on quality over quantity, at the moment the company only offers four products. Three of these products are in the Protein + Superfood category while one is in the Pre-Workout category.

For those who are used to seeing dozens of options, this might come as a shock. However, it should be remembered that the reason for the smaller quantity of products is completely due to the focus NutraLeaf puts on quality.

The products offered by NutraLeaf are listed below, as well as a brief description of each and their prices.

NutraLeaf Protein + Superfood

Designed to provide users with everything they could ever need in a shake, all in one convenient form, Protein + Superfood is a nutritional shake combined with a protein shake.

In these shakes, users will find powerful and complete plant-based protein, as well as the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants needed for a complete and healthy diet. Plus, the NutraLeaf Protein + Superfood powders also include powdered greens so users get 34 different fruits and vegetables in one serving.

There are currently three flavor options available for the NutraLeaf Protein + Superfood powders.

Wild Blueberry Acai – $54.95

French Vanilla – $54.95

Dark Chocolate – $54.95

Each container of the NutraLeaf Protein + Superfood powders contain 30 servings, enough for a month of use.

NutraLeaf Nutra-Boost Pre-Workout

While the NutraLeaf Protein + Superfood powders provide users with the nutrients and proteins they need to power through the day, the NutraLeaf Nutra-Boost Pre-Workout powder combines a blend of natural ingredients that work together to increase the endurance of users.

In addition to providing a boost in endurance, the Pre-Workout powder is able to increase the aerobic and anaerobic capacity in users, enhancing their focus and providing them with the strength they need to power through the most intense workouts.

There is currently one flavor option available for the NutraLeaf Nutra-Boost Pre-Workout powder.

Watermelon – $39.95

Each container of the NutraLeaf Nutra-Boost Pre-Workout powder contains 30 servings, which is enough for a month when taken once a day.

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