Nutra Performance Post Workout Recovery – Potent BCAA 4 1 1 Mix?


After a hard training session, athletes are fatigued and oftentimes lack the energy or time to prepare food after an intense workout. Although high levels of physical activity can cause a reduction in appetite, it is vital that athletes replenish the body with essential nutrients.

Convenient and easily portable, liquid food replacements are the perfect way to restore the depleted muscle energy stores. Featuring powerful ingredients, post-workout supplements are the easiest way to ensure an anabolic response to resistance training.

Supplementing the body with essential amino acids, Nutra Performance Post Workout Recovery optimizes energy production needed to fuel protein synthesis.

About Nutra Performance Post Workout Recovery

Nutritionally balanced, the Post-Workout Recovery Ultra is specially designed to prolong the muscle-building state after a workout. At maximum strength potency, the Post-Workout Recovery Ultra is a pharmaceutical grade formula that features a proprietary blend of high-quality ingredients.

Restoring fluids and helping athletes avoid dehydration, the supplement facilitates protein synthesis. By speeding up muscle recovery and growth, the Post-Workout Recovery Ultra increases strength and endurance while providing the building blocks for preserving lean muscle growth.

The Post-Workout Recovery Ultra supplement reduces muscle fatigue and protects against potential injury, contributing to enhanced energy levels and improving performance and athletic abilities.

Staying lean, strong, and increasing athletic performance can be a never-ending battle. Through a natural process called catabolism, the body naturally breaks down muscle. In a tug-of-war against the body, athletes must protect their muscle growth by burning fat instead of muscle.

Designed to enhance recovery times, boost metabolic function, and enhance lean muscle, the Post-Workout Recovery Ultra supplements the body with essential BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids).

The building blocks of protein, BCAAs make up a third of the body’s muscle and lean mass. When the bodies do not have enough BCAAs in the bloodstream, the body begins to strip amino acids and protein from the lean muscle mass. In an attempt to free up adequate amounts of amino acids for fuel, the storage of BCAAs are depleted and must be supplemented through diet.

Lower dietary levels of BCAAs can be the results of inadequate nutrition or intense workouts. Because BCAAs must be used in the blood stream and in lean muscle, when the levels are too low, it is essential that athletes restore BCAA reserves.

Preventing muscle breakdown and increasing fat-burning properties during exercise, the Post-Workout Recovery Ultra delivers more BCAAs to the bloodstream. Providing the raw materials needed for muscle repair and recovery, the supplement activates the primary muscle growth pathway found in the muscle tissue.

For the best results, it is recommended that individuals supplement with BCAAs before and after workouts. As a dietary supplement, users should mix one scoop of Post-Workout Recovery Ultra with two cups of water. Users should consume one serving during training.

How Nutra Performance Post Workout Recovery Works

Increasing protein synthesis, the Post-Workout Recovery Ultra features a high-potency formula that delivers a specific ratio of BCAAs. Featuring three, free-form BCAAs, the supplement helps athletes achieve fitness goals by enhancing recovery.

By building lean muscle, Post-Workout Recovery Ultra strengthens the muscle tissue. Naturally, muscles tear during intense physical activities. To prevent injury and damage, the body must repair the micro-tears and return blood flow to the damaged areas.

During this period, the muscles must receive the nutrients and properties needed to repair the damage. This process, called protein synthesis, is when biological cells generate new proteins.

Through the assembling of amino acids, the process described above is needed to structure and compose the proteins needed to build muscle. Designed to enhance absorption and muscle tissue recovery, the 4:1:1 ratio of the Post-Workout Recovery Ultra is highly effective.

To enhance the effects of the supplement, it is ideal that athletes consume enough calories. Without supplementing the body with essential nutrients, many individuals complain of the inability to gain weight.

To stay in an anabolic state, athletes must enhance the anabolic environment by limiting the potential for exercise-induced catabolism. The BCAAs found in the Post-Workout Recovery Ultra provide properties needed to gain, grow, and repair muscle.

Purchasing Nutra Performance Post Workout Recovery

Nutra Performance Post Workout Recovery is available for purchase on the company website ( Offering free shipping on all US order, each bottle costs $34.95.

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