Numi Tea – Healthy Organic Fair Trade Herbal Tea Ingredients?


What is Numi Tea?

Numi Tea is an online retailer of organic teas. They have a selection of herbal teas that are all natural and organic. The company is fair trade certified, and that means they pay the communities that supply their teas a premium on top of the worker wages. Fair trade certified puts money back into the communities in which these products are grown and processed.

This puts money back into the communities, and allows the farmers and workers to live above poverty level, educate their children, and better the community.  They also have a third party verify their fair labor practices in these countries to make sure the standards of quality are being met or exceeded.  Numi also encourages other companies to get in on the fair labor practices auditing, and has a link on their website to contact them regarding these practices.

These tea products are directly imported from the natural source in which they grow. This makes sure that the money is going to the location that these products come from, and that the plants are nurtured in their natural habitat.

What products do they offer?

Numi tea offers a variety of different tea varieties, farmed and gathered from the natural locations in which these teas grow. They are a great influence on the communities in which their products are harvested, and they are fair trade certified.

Numi tea offers a variety of tea products such as single serve tea bags, loose leaf tea, iced tea, and accessories for tea services.

Tea Bags

Numi offers several variations of tea bags in a multitude of flavors such as; pu-erh teas in basil mint tea, cardamom tea, ginger tea, chocolate tea, emperor’s tea, indulgent teas in chocolate Earl Grey tea, chocolate mint tea, chocolate rooibos tea, chocolate spice tea, an indulgent tea variety bundle, turmeric teas in amber sun tea, fields of gold tea, golden tonic tea, three roots tea, turmeric tea variety bundle, savory teas in several different herbal varieties, green teas in decaf ginger lemon tea, gunpowder green tea, jasmine green tea, mate lemon tea, toasted rice tea, black teas in aged Earl Grey tea, breakfast blend tea, Chinese breakfast tea, chocolate Earl Grey tea, chocolate spice tea, golden Chai, white teas in orange spice tea, white rose tea, herbal teas in chamomile lemon tea, chocolate mint tea, chocolate rooibos tea, dry desert lime tea, green rooibos tea, honey bush tea, Moroccan mint tea, rooibos tea, rooibos Chai tea, south African tea bundle assortment, and various assortments of all flavors.

Loose Leaf Tea

Numi’s assortment of loose leaf teas will suit any fancy. You can choose from different types of teas, all in loose leaf varieties you can steep yourself! Loose leaf teas come in pu-erh teas in chocolate tea, emperor’s variety tea, white teas in Justine’s blend tea, orange spice tea, white rose tea, green teas in gunpowder green tea, jasmine green tea, jasmine green tea pearls, oolong teas in ti kuan yin tea, black teas in aged Earl Grey tea, breakfast blend tea, Chinese breakfast tea, golden Chai tea, herbal teas in chamomile lemon tea, Moroccan mint tea, rooibos Chai tea.  All of these flavors come in loose leaf form to be steeped as strong or as light as you choose.

Iced Tea

Numi’s iced tea comes in several flavors also, and are a perfect refreshing treat for a summer day. The flavors available are berried treasures tea, cool mintea green tea, high mountain black ice tea, citrus green tea, classic black tea, and tropical sunset tea


Numi offers several different types of tea accessories for sale, and their selection is perfect for any tea drinker. They offer tea filters for loose leaf teas, tea pots, and clothes items for the tea savvy consumer.

Where can I find more information?

You can find more information about Numi tea, what they offer, and how they benefit the communities they operate in at

What is their website?

Numi Tea’s website can be found at . It is free to create an account, browse their products, and learn about their products and offerings.  They also have a place that distributors, store owners, and hotel owners can purchase Numi tea for their foodservices.

Where can I purchase Numi Tea?

You can purchase Numi tea at their website at It is free to create an account, and you can also join their mailing list for new about Numi tea and their community.  There are also tea related gifts, accessories, and the option for food services as well.

Numi also has a featured products section that features new and upcoming products that are often sold at a discount.  The website also details the flavors of each offering and describes what each flavor tastes like. There is something on the website for everyone who enjoys drinking tea.

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