Numerology Diet – How To Calculate Nutritional Meal Planning


What is The Numerology Diet?

The Numerology diet is a diet that incorporates spiritual connection into the food we eat. It goes by numbers that are relevant to your life, and creates a unique meal plan based on your physical well being and spiritual well being together. The key to the Numerology diet is balance.

The concept behind the Numerology diet is based on nutrition and numerology, to create a diet that is completely balanced for you. It has to do with finding high vibrational and low vibrational foods, and incorporating them into your diet based on what you need.

Focusing on the vibration of foods helps you categorize them and move forward with an ideal plan for your needs.

3 Steps Of Numerology Diet

Step one

Understand your unique Universal Number. You find a life-path number by adding the numbers of your birthday up. To find your Universal number you will add the birth date numbers until you have a final number.

The Universal number comes from that belief, and is limited to 9 single numbers. Each number corresponds to a different personality

Step two

You will want to embrace eating for spiritual purposes wholeheartedly. Spiritual health is important as well as physical health, and it is important to choose to eat with the intention of nurturing both.

There is no exact method to this, but the ultimate goal is the same: align your spirit with your physical needs when you eat.

Step three

Accepting the blessing of a coach or a teacher. A Numerology teacher can help you learn how to eat for spiritual health and can help you find foods you need personally.

You want their blessing to continue on your Numerology diet in order for it to be successful.

Final Thoughts on the Numerology Diet

The Numerolgy diet focuses on whether or not foods are high vibrational or low vibrational, and is focused on aligning physical well being with spiritual well being.

This is achieved by seeking out balance and awareness. Certain foods will resonate with your Universal number, and all of the Numerology Diet is based on that number.

Find a coach to help you figure out your number and what type of foods you need in order to be successful with the Numerology diet.

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