NovioSense – Painless Glucose Sensor For Diabetics?


NovioSense is a glucose testing equipment company that is actively developing a painless, unobtrusive way for diabetics to test their glucose levels by measuring biomarkers in their tears. Here’s our NovioSense review.

What is NovioSense?

NovioSense is a biotech company that offers a flagship NovioSense device. That device claims to reimagine finger strip technology into a new form of non-invasive testing equipment, allowing users to painlessly monitor glucose levels.

The NovioSense company is a spin out company from Fraunhofer Gesellschaft and NovioTech BV. The company is based in Nijmegen, Netherlands. NovioSense is the company’s flagship product.

The company has not yet launched NovioSense. They’re currently in the research and development stage while preparing to enter the market in 2018. The company was formed in 2012.

How Will NovioSense Work?

NovioSense, when it’s launched in 2018, will free diabetics from one of the most annoying problems of the disease: the painful needle prickles multiple times a day.

The company believes that they can “free the diabetic from this antiquated and painful reminder”.

How do they plan on doing that? NovioSense has created a new non-invasive finger strip technology that allows patients to monitor glucose not only non-invasively – but also unobtrusively.

The secret behind NovioSense is in your tears – yes, the years that come from your eyes. Tears, according to NovioSense, contain unique biomarkers that act as a key source of blood biomarker levels.

NovioSense has created a product capable of detecting trace levels of glucose in tears. Then, NovioSense takes this data and extrapolates the values to accurately reflect blood glucose levels.

The detection technology actually uses the same enzyme-based detection system used in modern glucose monitors.

The main difference is that the tracking device is placed beneath the lower eyelid, where it can be placed without any specialist training. The small device is totally unobtrusive.

Smart hydrogel coatings around the device create a soft interface between the eye and the sensor, allowing you to wear the device long-term without discomfort.

What Exactly Is the Device?

NovioSense is a small device placed underneath your eye. But what exactly does the device look like?

NovioSense has published a picture of their device on their official website here. The device is a small, flexible spring-like device that measures less than 2cm in length and 1.5mm in diameter. The entire device is coated with a soft hydrogel layer to facilitate an easy connection between the eye and the tracker.

The device is also flexible, which means it conform to the surface of the lower eyelid without discomfort.

Once the device is in place, it uses low-powered, highly-sensitive ASIC technology to monitor tiny changes in glucose levels found in your tears. As mentioned above, these changes are reflected in your blood glucose levels.

About NovioSense

NovioSense BV was founded in July 2012. It’s a joint venture between NovioTech BV (a Netherlands-based company) and Fraunhofer IMS (a Germany-based company).

NovioSense is led by Dr. Christopher Wilson, CEO. The company is actively seeking strategic partnerships and investors, including with medical device and smartphone manufacturers, to accelerate its path to market.

You can get up-to-date contact information for NovioSense from this press release.

NovioSense Review Summary

NovioSense is a potentially revolutionary pieces of diabetic testing equipment currently in development by a Dutch company.

Instead of testing your blood glucose using painful needles, NovioSense will test your tears, monitoring small biomarker changes which correspond to changes in your blood glucose levels.

In other words, NovioSense tests your blood glucose levels without ever actually touching your blood.

The device fits unobtrusively into your eye, slipping behind your lower eyelid. It can be placed without any specialist training. It lies comfortably there, testing your blood glucose levels throughout the day or on-demand.

Yes, you should be excited about NovioSense. If you’re a diabetic who doesn’t enjoy pricking yourself several times a day to test blood glucose levels, then NovioSense could be a lifechanging device.

You can stay up-to-date on the progress of this device by visiting today. As of 2016, NovioSense was undergoing clinical validation, and it appears the device is being tested among a group of human participants as part of a clinical trial.

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