Noosa Yoghurt – Thick & Velvety Nuritious Yogurt?


Noosa yoghurt is Australian style yoghurt made in the USA. Available in flavors such as pumpkin or tart cherry, Noosa Yoghurt is known for its delicious flavors and all natural ingredients. Read below to find out more about this delicious product.

What is Noosa Yoghurt?

Noosa yoghurt has been on the market since 2010. Founded as a company to offer delicious Aussie style yoghurt to American consumers.

Made from all natural ingredients sourced in the USA, Noosa offers a delicious product in twenty-three interesting and tasty flavors.

Noosa Yoghurt Flavors

Noosa is continually developing fresh, new, seasonal flavors as well as their long-standing popular flavors.

The newest Noosa flavors are Mexican chocolate and Bhakti Chai. Additionally, Noosa’s Sweet heat line includes mango sweet chili, raspberry habanero, pineapple jalapeno, and blackberry Serrano flavored yoghurt.

Noosa’s Farm stand flavors include blueberry, strawberry rhubarb, raspberry, pumpkin, tart cherry, and peach. Noosa also makes blood orange, key lime, and lemon flavors. Consumers who enjoy tropical flavors will want to try Noosa’s passion fruit, pineapple, coconut, or mango yoghurts.

In addition to the classic flavors of honey and plain yoghurt, Noosa also offers salted caramel and vanilla yoghurts.

Noosa Yoghurt Ingredients

Noosa’s ingredients are simple whole milk, honey, and real fruit puree is all it takes to make this delicious yoghurt.

All of Noosa’s ingredients are non-GMO and produced in the United States. Noosa uses a third party to test and certify all of their ingredients to ensure users get exactly what they are looking for in their yoghurt.

Noosa’s yoghurt is thick and creamy. One of the reasons Noosa is so delicious is the quality of milk used.

Noosa sources their rBGH-free milk from Colorado based dairies within forty miles of their factory. Cows milked for Noosa’s yoghurt are well cared for. Happy cows make delicious milk!

It is important to note that it is difficult to completely avoid GMOs when feeding cattle but Noosa does the best they can.

While the cow feed may not be completely free of GMOs, they can guarantee through testing that their milk is.

Noosa works hard to build and maintain strong relationships with all of their dairy farmers and ensure not only the employees but also the cows remain happy.

The honey used in nearly all flavors of Noosa yoghurt is also made in the USA of the highest quality wildflower honey available.

Noosa’s sole provider of honey is a small company called Beeyond the Hive, a fourth generation honey farm, based in Elizabeth, Colorado.

Additionally, Noosa is a strong supporter of a partnership called The Pollinator Partnership that helps support small honey farms across America.

Not only does Noosa yogurt taste great, but it is also a company consumers can feel good about supporting.

Noosa’s fruit components are always picked at peak freshness and have no added sugar, flavors, or preservatives.

Consumers have a huge range of yoghurt products to choose from but few have only pure ingredients.

Taste Noosa today and see the difference in taste and quality provided by this amazing company.

Please note that while Noosa is gluten free, it may not be suitable for vegetarian consumers. Noosa adds kosher gelatin to help the yoghurt have a consistently creamy texture. The Kosher gelatin used in Noosa’s products is bovine gelatin and therefore not vegetarian.

Noosa Yoghurt Pricing

Noosa is available in three different size options four ounce, eight ounce, or twenty-four ounce.

Four-ounce containers are available in four packs. Not all sizes are available in all sizes.

Users can purchase Noosa at Target, Wal-Mart, and by the case at

Noosa lovers can sign up for the Noosa best mates program and get a coupon for both themselves and a friend to receive a free Noosa.

Additionally, offers a printable $0.55 coupon towards any yoghurt purchase.

Consumers should visit to find a retailer nearby. The interactive map allows users to see exactly what flavors are available and where.

Who Makes Noosa Yoghurt?

Koel Thomae (an Australian ex-pat living in the US) fell in love with a delicious container of yoghurt mixed with passion fruit while she was home in Australia visiting the Gold Coast.

From the first taste, she was in love. Koel set out to find a US business partner to help her make her dream a reality.

Koel searched around Colorado and found Rob Graves a fourth generation dairy farmer. Together, they have made Noosa a reality.

Noosa is dedicated to making environmentally responsible decisions in their manufacturing processes.

Noosa has built their own water treatment plant to help reduce their environmental impact through water use.

Instead of dumping used water down the drain, Noosa is able to treat their water and ensure that the water they dump into the farms neighboring river is cleaner than before use.

Additionally, Noosa works to find ways to recycle and reuse their packaging boxes. Many Noosa boxes end up at farms and zoos as bedding for animals throughout the US. Boxes that are not used for bedding are recycled.

Noosa is committed to supporting their local community by investing school fundraisers, cycling team sponsorships and even local conservation projects. The founders of Noosa, Rob and Koel give back by mentoring local startups.

Noosa Yoghurt Review Summary

Noosa Yoghurt is known throughout the US for its taste and creamy texture. Users have so many flavor options with Noosa.

Whether people want passion fruit or Mexican chocolate flavors, Noosa consumers can feel good about what they are eating.

Buying products from companies that support small local farms and environmentally friendly practices is smart.

Consumers have many choices when it comes to yoghurt products but few come with the guarantee that all of the ingredients are locally sourced and come from a sustainable practice.

By purchasing Noosa yoghurt, consumers are showing that they care about where their food comes from.

Stop by Target or Wal-Mart on your way home today and pick up a tub or two of Noosa yoghurt and see how delicious this product truly is.

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