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Nomva Probiotic Review – Worth Using?

Statistics indicate that thousands of Americans use probiotics every year. Probiotics are geared towards improving your digestive health, reducing irritable bowel movements, and easing bloating and gas. The trouble with finding the right probiotic though is not that there are no great products on the market, but that there are so many options available that the best ones are hard to find.

If you are interested in natural products that help you eat right and to live well, then you may want to consider Nomva, a probiotic designed by two talented, young, and bold entrepreneurs who wanted to inspire a new way of consumption for better health.

What is Nomva?

These days, pouches are no longer for baby food and sugary “juices.” Two ex-Suja Juice tem members invented Nomva, which is an all-natural, healthful, and high pressure processed pouch that is brimming with nutrients and most importantly – a powerful probiotic formula for better digestive health. Each pouch contains a rich selection of fiber, probiotics, and nutrients that arise from the many fruits and vegetables that make up the basis of this product.

While the brand mainly targets millennials with the innovative pouch design, colors, and minimally processed ingredients, Nomva Probiotic is accessible and ideal for anyone who is looking to improve their way of life. Another thing to keep in mind about Nomva product is that similar to Suja, the brand is at the high-end of the spectrum. Here, you are receiving a healthful probiotic that is made out of some of the best and most powerful ingredients on the planet that are derived straight from Mother Nature.

As one of the makers of the product noted, “I don’t think kale and spinach should last for a year and be heated at 200 degrees.” If this statement reflects your own attitude toward what goes into your products, then you may just find Nomva to be a steady probiotic partner for positive health.

Components of the Product

To best determine if Nomva is for you, it can be helpful to understand what goes into generating every one of the five pouch flavors that the brand offers. Here is what you can expect when purchasing a pouch from Nomva:

A Product Derived from Plants

One of the most significant features of Nomva is that it is fully derived from plants. As the brand explains, the foundation of a healthy diet is plants and not processed foods that destroy your body. Since the main ingredient to this probiotic is plants, you can feel confident that not only are you attaining better digestive health, but you are also going to experience satisfaction from hunger and energy for hours on end. Note, if you have not relied upon fruits and vegetables for energy and livelihood, then the first few pouches may be difficult for you. Otherwise, after some time, your body will be accustomed to the change and you will feel stronger, healthier, and happier.

No Heat Process

As you may have heard, heating not only can cause the proliferation of bacteria and other harmful substances, but it can also kill the nutritional value of the product and plants within it. Nomva is never heat. Instead, the company utilizes what is known as high-pressure processing technology to preserve the pack and to also maintain the flavor and nutritional value of the substance inside each pack. After you open the pouch, you should make sure to refrigerate the pack. Otherwise, you risk spoilage.

Wonderful Probiotics

Can’t forget about the overall purpose of the product – right? Nomva is rich in probiotic power. The probiotic formula improves your digestion, supports your immune system, and it even boosts your body’s ability to utilize the protein that you consume. Every pouch contains 2 billion probiotic microorganisms, which means that the product does a powerful job at eliminating the bad bacteria and keeping the good bacteria alive and well.

The Packaging

When first developing the product, the makers were uncertain as to whether the pouch would be an attractive option for consumers. Regardless, they decided to go with the idea and now, you can essentially squeeze a healthful and rich product right out of a convenient little pouch. The product is perfect for carrying around, it is lightweight, and it protects the contents well enough or you to safely travel anywhere.


Another great feature about Nomva is that it includes a number of powerful and delicious flavor packs. Here are the main flavor packs that you can try with Nomva:


The apple flavor pack is a blend of apples, quinoa, cinnamon, and billions of probiotics. There is also some pear in this pouch too. For those who love apple pie, this is the lowest calorie and healthiest option out there.


The blueberry pack contains blueberries, strawberry, pear, and banana. In addition to these ingredients, it also includes billions of probiotics for proper immune function.


The carrot back contains carrots, pineapple, and mango. The formula is a fusion of flavors  that is a refreshing and healthful option.


The strawberry is a play on the traditional combination – strawberries and bananas. As usual, it also includes 2 billion probiotics to go with your daily dose of fruits and vegetables.


Perhaps the most unique option is Kale. Here, you get apple, pineapple, spinach, and kale – an array of green and an orange vegetable to start your day right.

The Cost and Where to Buy

To purchase Nomva, all you need to do is to either visit the website and buy online or you can use the “store locator” tool to find the nearest location to you that sells Nomva products. Each pouch costs a mere $3.99 and it may be even more economical to buy a container of the product instead of individual pouches. Of course, try each flavor first to see which ones you like best.


Finding the right probiotic for your health needs is certainly challenging, but it is not impossible. Here, you receive a high-quality product that is made out of all-natural ingredients. It should also be noted that the fruits and vegetables are all organic and Non-GMO verified. There are no artificial colors added either. So, if you are looking to take a leap in the right direction for better digestive and general health, then Nomva is one way to do it.

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