Natural Antibiotics – Nature’s Most Powerful Alternative Remedies?


Why Should You Opt For Natural Antibiotics?

In the mid to late 1800s, antibiotics were introduced into the medical field, as an incredibly useful tool in treating countless bacterial infections in children and adults alike. However, though these antibiotics have been saving countless lives by killing bacteria or even preventing these bacteria from growing, they have also become a problem in themselves.

Due to the overuse of antibiotics, these bacteria have grown and adapted, and are now becoming what are known as “super bugs”. These super bugs are resistant to antibiotics and therefore, are preventing said antibiotics from doing their jobs. MRSA was a perfect example of one of these super bugs.

Thanks to the increase in antibiotic resistant bacteria, we are forced to take different steps to cope with the resistance. Despite the technology and never ending research has grown in recent years, so have the bacteria we're trying to kill off and prevent. But how did these bacteria grow resistant to antibiotics?

There are many contributors to why certain strains of bacteria are becoming, or have already become, antibiotic resistant. One major reason is the misuse of such antibiotics. By misusing them, they aren't as effective as they once were, due to the bacteria adapting and growing to bypass such treatments.

Another reason, is that antibiotics have been largely prescribed to treat viral infections. Viral infections cannot be treated with antibiotics, therefore rendering these antibiotics as useless against them, and actual bacteria.

And lastly, broad spectrum antibiotics have been largely used to kill off multiple bacteria, instead of using antibiotics that are meant to kill off specific bacteria that are causing the disease. By using broad spectrum antibiotics, we not only killed off the bad bacteria in mass amounts, but the good bacteria as well. Broad spectrum antibiotics might seem like a good thing, in theory, but it doesn't target the bacteria that are causing the disease in the first place.

Due to the above reasons, several strains of bacteria have been able to become resistant to antibiotics, which is a mutation in their genes, making them harder than ever to kill and prevent from spreading and wrecking havoc on the human body.

Not only does that make that particular bacteria dangerous, but it could breed an entirely new species of bacteria or spread to other bacteria as well, leading to more and more bacteria being resistant to antibiotics, therefore being harder to keep under control.

Choosing Antibiotics Found in Nature

What some people don't know, is that antibiotics can be an effective way to treat, fight off, and prevent several ailments, including fungi, bacteria and several types of parasites, however, antibiotics are ineffective when it comes to treating viral infections.

With that being said, natural antibiotics are useless when it comes to fighting viruses and they simply won't solve the viral infection for you.

There are two groups used to classify natural antibiotics – antibacterials and antifungals. Both of these groups have different functions, which is why it is crucial to contact your primary care physician for advice of which natural antibiotic is best to treat your ailment. Even if you do research, never let that cloud your decision to seek medical attention prior to starting any and all natural treatments.

Antibacterial Agents Found in Nature

What are antibacterials used for? Antibacterials are used to treat several bacterial infections, including Salmonella, H. pylori, infections that are in or around wounds, ear infections, and E. Coli. There are several antibacterials found in nature, such as habanero peppers, horseradish root, raw honey, ACV, turmeric, and oregano essential oil.

Along with those, there are also several extracts that work as natural antibacterials, including garlic extract, onion extract and ginger extract.

By using these antibacterials found in nature, you may be able to treat your ailments without the use of commercial antibiotics.

Antifungal Agents Found in Nature

What are antifungals used for? Antifungals are used to treat several types of fungi that can wreck havoc on the body, including athlete's foot, skin rashes, yeast infections and candida albicans overgrowth.

There are several antifungals found in nature, including turmeric and ACV, as well as several extracts that also serve as natural antifungals. These extracts include raw honey extract, echinacea root extract and ginger extract.

By using these antifungals found in nature, you may be able to treat and prevent your ailments without the use of commercial antifungals, not only in a healthier way, but with longer lasting effects.

Natural Antibiotics Summary

If you are looking to treat a specific ailment, you can find all of these natural antibiotics in supplement form, however, in order to prevent certain ailments, you should include all of these in whole food form as part of your regular, healthy, balanced diet.

You may recall your mother telling you to add honey to your tea when you've got a cold? Now, naturally, if it is a virus, it's not treating your cold, but if it's a bacterial infection? It is going to help you feel better! If you are looking to use a supplement to treat a specific ailment, please remember to consult your primary care physician before starting any and all treatment plans, as your doctor will be able to give you the proper doses and proper information for your best course of action.

There are many helpful and healthy ways to treat bacterial and fungal infections using antibiotics found in nature. With the right methods and treatment plans, we can slowly stop preventing antibiotic resistant bacteria, therefore making it easier to control, treat, and kill off the bad bacteria that are making people sick every day.

Remember, the best way to prevent the spread of any illness is to wash your hands often, get plenty of sleep, eat a well rounded, healthy diet, and exercise regularly. But when that fails and you find yourself getting sick, after you've seen your doctor, be sure to ask about antibiotics found in nature, since natural antibiotics may prove to be the healthier, more effective route in treating many of the bacteria that we are exposed to each year.

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