What Is Multi Masking

Multi-masking is the art of using several face masks on the same face at the same time. Why bother? Because, a single mask cannot handle all of your skin needs at once.

Multiple skin conditions give you a perfect excuse to want to wear two or more masks simultaneously. Multi-masking is also believed to help add some much-needed nutrients to facial areas, depending on your requirements at the time these masks were used.

This process of using different face masks involves manipulation of various masking products at the same time. However, you can choose to dedicate some of the masks to the morning facial treatment and others for before bedtime application.

Masking will depend on your skin type and the reason why you are using these treatment products in the first place.

You might be wondering, “Why on earth do I need to use several face masks when I can use only one?” You might be having more than one skin condition on your face & skin to deal with.

For example, your primary condition might cause you to have secondary one on your nose area, cheekbone area, your forehead, chin or even beneath your eyes. Medically, this condition is known as, “combination skin condition.”

Your combination/many skin condition might include black or whitehead rashes on your nose, wrinkles around your eyes, dry and cracked cheekbones and general dryness on the rest of the face.

With all these skin conditions, you cannot use a single treatment product, hence the need for multi-masking.

Therefore, it will require that you apply an exfoliating mask on your nose with rashes, a hydrating mask on your dry face, and an anti-aging treatment around your wrinkled eyes.

All these products will work at the same time in the areas to which they are applied to bring about the desired face skin elasticity.

Primarily, multi-masking is all about giving your various skin conditions the much need therapy each requires.

By this, I do not mean that using a single mask will not give the desired results, but the result that you will get will be only for the dry cheekbones and your pimpled nose, while wrinkled eyes will neither be attended to nor improve.

The essence of multi-masking is to remedy as many skin conditions at the same time and enhance the overall skin condition by targeting separate face areas simultaneously.

Who Is It Ideal For?

Multi-masking is ideal for everyone! That is right. There is no one person whose skin is ever perfect.

Due to changing environmental conditions, multi-masking is suitable for everyone. However, multi-masking is more convenient for those individuals who do not have time for separate masking during the week due to their busy schedule.

How It’s Done

When you want to do facial multi-masking, first focus on the affected area of your face which needs the most treatment, and then find the correct treatment product that will effectively deal with that skin condition.

Once you have done this, learn the following instructions on how to apply your masks on different parts of your face.

T- Zone Area

The T – zone area is the area extending from the nose all the way to the forehead.

This part of the face is prone to becoming oily and hence the formation of either black/white head pimples.

To treat the T – zone area, you will need a deep pore cleansing agent or an exfoliating treatment.

This treatment will remedy your problem by pulling out all the oils/sebum that is under your skin, thus improving your face skin radiance.

Beneath Your Eyes

As any skin therapist will explain, the skin beneath your eyes is very tender, thin and soft.

For this reason, you will need great care when choosing the kind of treatment to use.

The right option for this area would be a natural treatment product which can add some moisture to the sensitive skin.

In case wrinkles begin to form, it is important that you choose a product that will nourish and improve the elasticity of the eye skin.

Therefore, when selecting a pre-mature aging product, choose a product that is suitable for sensitive skins.

Cheek Area

Is the skin around your cheekbones covered with dry, dead and dark spots? Consider applying a hydrating mask.

The hydrating mask will help to moisturize, nourish and restore your skin.

Chin Area

Is your chin dry and covered by scales of dead skin? Or is it covered by small bumps? Worry not because this is a normal situation due to the accumulation of excess oil depending on the climatic condition.

To alleviate this problem, all you need is a cleansing/purification mask applied to the affected area of your chin.

Choosing A Multi-Masking Kit

It is paramount to note that when selecting a multi-masking kit, you should only choose a package that has treatment products that are certified and safe for use.

Be sure to go for a masking kit that has products where manufacturers are using pure and natural ingredients.

Natural ingredients are good for your skin because they do not contain harmful chemicals that might worsen your skin condition rather than remedy it.

When you are choosing a masking treatment product for a dry skin, ensure that it has a high percentage of honey as one of its ingredients.

Pure and natural honey is a good hydrating agent for the cheeks and forehead area.

Other important natural ingredients that you should consider are the Mugwort and red beans. These components have antibacterial agents that will help your skin fight bacterial infection.

Also if you are suffering from ACNE, skin redness and other skin blemishes, these are the right components for a growing and radiant cheek skin.

For your T – Zone area, it would be good to consider a product that has volcanic ash as an ingredient.

The volcanic ash can penetrate deep into your skin to remove the excess fats/oils that produce those irritating black/white headed pimple. It will also hydrate and nourish your skin to give you a healthy T- Zone area.

Final Words

Of all the active natural ingredients, none has the working activity as does activated charcoal. Activated charcoal has a very high absorption ability which helps it to absorb from the very root all the impurities that are under your skin in a record time of 30 seconds.

It would be advisable that you apply a mask that has activated charcoal at night and sleep overnight with it for efficient removal of all impurities.

When activated, charcoal and clay, are the best known pore-clogger removers. However, due to their high dirt drawing abilities, it is advisable that you do not use them regularly, to avoid dehydrating your skin and making it drier.


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