MRM Veggie Protein & Veggie Elite Performance Protein Superfood


Protein is a fundamental component needed in various parts of the body. Its presence in skin health helps to tackle loose and saggy skin, whereas in the nails department, it is believed to come in the form of keratin that leaves nails strong and hard.

Similarly, when it comes to training, those who desire increased muscle mass need to consume protein. Is the consumption of meat superior to that of plant-based protein sources? According to MRM, the answer is no.

MRM specializes in enriching one’s overall health; whether it entails supplements intake or finding therapeutic measures that feed both one’s mental and physical health. They currently offer two key supplements that break the stereotype surrounding protein intake: meat is not the only source of protein!

The following review will analyze the Veggie Protein and the Veggie Elite with respect to their purpose, key ingredients, directed uses, affordability and any existing similarities and/or differences.

What Is MRM Veggie Protein?

MRM Veggie Protein is a dietary supplement that has been designed to deliver a sufficient source of protein to meet the daily requirements. It claims to contain vegetarian super food complex, which may be rich in amino acids. The supplement is made in powdered form and can be incorporated as one pleases.

What is its Key Source of Protein?

The key sources of protein found in the MRM Veggie Protein are pea protein isolate, organic brown rice protein concentrate, flax seed powder, chia seed powder, organic sacha inchi powder and organic maca powder. What makes this combination of plant-based ingredients potent is its diverse profile.

As opposed to most protein supplements, the MRM Veggie Protein contains protein, healthy fats and fiber, which can ultimately regulate one’s protein synthesis and digestive system. Furthermore, it claims to contain 13 different types of fruits and vegetables that full of antioxidants. Antioxidants are crucial, as they help to fight against free radical damage.

How Should Consumers Make Use of it?

For optimal results, consumers are advised to take one serving on a daily basis. It can be easily blended in water or one’s preferred liquid base. While consumers might be tempted to combine it with hotter foods, it is best not too, as some of the antioxidants and enzymes found in the formula can be destroyed.

How Much is its Current Going Price?

The MRM Veggie Protein comes in 4 different flavors; Chocolate, Cinnamon Bun, Natural or Vanilla. In addition, consumers can pick from a 2.5lb format or a 570g format, which costs approximately $79.54 and $43.38 respectively.

What is MRM Veggie Elite?

Similar to the MRM Veggie Protein, the Veggie Elite is a dietary supplement that delivers a source of protein that fulfills, if not, exceeds one’s daily intake. The difference amongst the two is that the Veggie Elite contains a slightly higher amount of protein per serving as opposed to the Veggie Protein.

Both pea and brown rice used in the Veggie Elite are believed to contain a minimum of 80% protein by weight, which can stimulate an increase in digestion, absorption and retention.

Its formula claims to contain both essential and non-essential amino acids that can induce better performance, faster recover and leaner muscle mass. Another distinguishable feature in Veggie Elite that cannot be found in the Veggie Protein is its source of BCAAs, or Branched-Chain Amino Acids, which are significant in muscles growth, endurance and healing time.

How Should Consumers Make Use of Veggie Elite Performance Protein Superfood?

The MRM Veggie Elite is for consumers who want to increase their dietary protein intake as opposed to satisfying the daily requirement. To make efficient use of the Veggie Elite, like the Veggie Protein, consumers should ingest one scoop per day.

How Much is its Current Going Price?

MRM Veggie Protein & Veggie Elite Performance Protein Superfood comes in three flavors which are: Chocolate Mocha, Vanilla Bean and Cinnamon Bun. The quantities consumers can choose from are a 10-pack (or 1lb) or 2lbs, which cost approximately $43.38, and $76.64 respectively.

MRM Veggie Protein & Veggie Elite Performance Protein Superfood Review Summary

Overall, the MRM Veggie Protein & Veggie Elite Performance Protein Superfood serve similar purposes. While the Veggie Protein has been designed to achieve the daily requirement of protein, the Veggie Elite claims to be suitable for those who want to increase protein intake.

Furthermore, the Veggie Elite is ideal for consumers looking to achieve lean, muscle mass and overall build, as it claims to contain a rich source of BCAAs needed for faster recovery and muscles growth.

Lastly, both protein sources contain an enriched source of antioxidants needed to ward off potential damage caused by free radicals, and can potentially boost one’s metabolism and omega-3 and 6 fatty acids intake. When considering both price factors, both the Veggie Protein and Veggie Elite are fairly similar.

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