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Miracle Berry Fruit Review

Miracle Berry Fruit is a unique product that makes everything you eat taste sweet. Here’s our Miracle Berry Fruit review.

What is Miracle Berry Fruit?

Miracle Berry Fruits – also known as Miracle Berries or just miracle fruits – have been a hidden wonder of the world for centuries. Basically, you eat this fruit and it “flips” your taste buds. It instantly makes everything you eat taste sweet.

You can literally bite into a lemon and it will taste like the sweetest candy you’ve ever eaten. Do shots of vinegar and they’ll go down like apple juice.

Basically, miracle berry fruit makes sour and bitter foods taste sweet.

There are a few different ways to buy miracle berry fruit tablets. Some online retailers sell the tablets from China.

In recent years, a company called Redberry has also started selling miracle fruit tablets under the brand “mberry” On Amazon.com. They cost around $15 to $20 for a ten pack of tablets, with each tablet lasting about 15 to 20 minutes.

Miracle berry fruits originated from West Africa. The first mention of miracle berries in western media came from a French explorer named Chevalier des Marchais. In 1725, he discovered that West African tribes ate the berries before eating bland meals – like oatmeal and sour palm wine. It made the dishes taste better.

How Does Miracle Berry Fruit Work?

One of the coolest parts about miracle berry fruit is that scientists don’t exactly understand how it works.

They do know that miracle berry fruit has something to do with a protein called miraculin. That protein bonds to your taste buds.

Specifically, it bonds to your sweetness receptors.

Miraculin was first extracted from miracle berry fruit in 1968. That research team was able to identify the exact sweetness receptor that miracle berry fruit binds to (hT1R2-hT1R3, if you’re curious). Sugar, aspartame, and other sweeteners also bind to these sweetness receptors, where they produce a sweet sensation.

When miraculin binds to your sweetness receptors, however, it “only activates the sweet taste receptorin a sour environment” according to a recent writeup by Scientific American.

Next comes the part that scientists don’t really understand: it’s thought that miraculin also blocks other sour taste receptors no your tongue. Researchers, however, don’t currently know where those receptors are.

Best Things to Eat With Miracle Berry Fruit

— Grapefruit
— Lemons
— Oranges (you won’t believe how good sweet fruits like oranges taste with miracle berries)
— Shots Of Vinegar
— Sour Patch Kids Candies
— Salt And Vinegar Chips
— Lime
— Apples
— Tomatoes
— Tabasco Sauce
— Goat’s Cheese
— Broccoli
— Pizza With Tomato Toppings
— Cottage Cheese
— Kiwi Fruit
— Cream Cheese
— Guinness

So what are these foods like? The experiences vary. Sour Patch Kids, for example, don’t taste nearly as different as you would expect: The miracle berry just takes away that sharp sourness that hits your tongue.

Meanwhile, fruits like apples and oranges taste nearly the same – just significantly sweeter and more delicious.

I also recommend eating salt and vinegar chips. Gone is the usual sharp taste of vinegar as it hits your tongue. Instead, it tastes like the chips are covered in sugar.

Lemons and limes are unforgettable with miracle berry fruit protein on your tongue. Biting into a full lemon like an apple isn’t normal, but on miracle berry fruit it is.

The hardest part of the vinegar shots is getting past the smell. Your nose will tell you not to drink it, but once the liquid hits your mouth, it will taste something like apple juice.

Meanwhile, foods like goats cheese taste like icing sugar or frosting, while anything pickled tastes like candy.

I also recommend polishing off your miracle berry fruit feast with a glass of Guinness. It tastes like a chocolate milk shake on miracle berry fruit.

How to Use Miracle Berry Fruit

Typically, you buy the miracle berry tablet then let it dissolve on your tongue. Try to make sure the proteins in the tablet get evenly spread around your tongue. Otherwise, you won’t get the sweetness sensation around your entire mouth.

It should take about 5 minutes for the tablet to entirely dissolve, so don’t get inpatient. The longer you spend waiting for the tablet to dissolve, the more powerful the effects will be.

The effects start to wear off relatively quickly (within 15 minutes), so you’ll want to have all of this food laid out in front of you before you eat your dosage.

If you manage to get your hands on some real miracle berries, by the way, then you can expect the effects to last for about 45 minutes to an hour. They’re significantly more powerful.

It’s also important to remember that just because certain acidic drinks taste pretty good – they’re still harmful to your health. Don’t expect to chug acidic drinks like pure lemon juice with no consequences.

Where to Buy Miracle Berry Fruit

You may be able to find miracle berry fruit at certain retailers in your area, but you’re most likely going to buy it online.

— ThinkGeek.com sells a package of Chinese Miracle Fruit tablets for $14.99

— Amazon’s Miracle Fruit Tablets (sold by mberry) are priced at around $20 for 10 tablets and include free shipping

— mberry also sells their product directly all over the world. You can buy it from their official website: MymBerry.com.au

Unless you live in countries like West Africa or have really good suppliers in developing countries, you’re not likely going to find raw dragon berry fruit in your area (even though it’s significantly more powerful than the capsules).

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