Malk Organics – Dairy Free And Guilt Free Deliciousness?


Malk is a company that produces a milk alternative for consumers that are unable to drink milk for personal or medical reasons. This is our review.

What is Malk?

Milk and dairy is essential to your daily diet for a variety reasons. Milk is responsible for providing the majority of the calcium and vitamin D that you need in your diet for bone health, for one thing. However, as essential as it is, many people around the world suffer from a lactose intolerance. Essentially, these consumers become inexplicably sick whenever dairy enters their digestive system, wreaking havoc on their body for hours or even days after drinking milk. Luckily, the makers of Malk wanted to solve this issue for other consumers.

Malk was created by a mother who suffered from a dairy allergy when she was a kid, only to have it passed down to her own child. The search for a milk alternative was personal in the beginning, and her journey only showed her one thing: most milk alternatives are full of artificial ingredients that are extremely harmful. While she was already a major advocate for organic foods, this journey took her in an entirely new direction. As she saw that a milk alternative was simply not available for her and her family, she took matters into her own hands to make the best milk alternative in the market.

The founders include August Vega, Justin Brodnax, and Joel Canada. August is the founder, and a strong advocate for organic foods. Her son was the one afflicted with the same intolerance as she possesses. Justin is the co-owner of the company, who has over 10 years of experience in food manufacturing. His experience helps to reassure consumers that they are getting high-quality products with every single purchase. Joel is one of the co-owners as well, being the cousin to both August and Justin. This trio of organic advocates is solely responsible for creating an alternative that is just as good as the real thing.

Malk Flavors

The best part about the Malk Organics company is that they don’t just offer a plain option, expecting consumers to mix in what they want. Instead, they offer a variety of flavors that you can’t even get with regular milk. Enjoy one of the delicious flavors, and you will completely forget you aren’t actually drinking milk. None of the flavors have pricing available, so you will have to refer to your local distributor of Malk.

Unsweetened Almond Malk

The unsweetened almond Malk is probably one of the simplest recipes available. Made with pure ingredients, the company takes pride in how fresh this Malk is. To get the nutty flavor, the company uses a full cup of raw almonds, which are imported from Spain.

Maple Pecan Malk

Pecan Malk is not something you are able to really find as a milk product. To create this unique taste, the company uses organic maple syrup and organic vanilla, which combine to make a flavor that seems like pecan pie in a glass.

Vanilla Almond Malk

Much like the Maple Pecan Malk, the Vanilla Almond Malk has organic syrup and vanilla. There doesn’t seem to be much of a difference between the two recipes, except that the vanilla extract is not organic.

Unsweetened Cashew Malk

The unsweetened cashew milk is the latest recipe to be added to the variety of flavors that are made by Malk. The beverage contains a full cup of organic cashews, which gives the Malk a creamy and buttery flavor.

Pecan Malk + Cold Brew Coffee

This beverage is considered a coffee drink, and combines cold brew coffee from Mexico with the sweetness of pecan milk and molasses. This beverage is one of the few products available that combines a milk alternative with cold brew coffee, making the flavor unique and delicious.

Chocolate Pecan Malk

Made with organic raw cacao, Malk Organics makes sure that consumers don’t have to lose out on the deliciousness of chocolate milk. The entire recipe only has seven grams of sugar, which means you just get to enjoy the pure and uninhibited taste of chocolate.

With only 7 grams of sugar per serving, we married our pecan milk with organic raw cacao for a delicious, plant-based treat.

Contacting the Makers of Malk

Since this product line is relatively new, you may have questions about the different options that you have available. Luckily, the company allows you to make sale inquiries by email at [email protected] If your question is of a general nature, then you should fill out the online form provided in the Contact Us section of the website.


Malk is a great option for consumers that have a difficult time digesting milk. The products are available at healthy food stores, like Whole Foods and Double Trouble. You will not be able to find these products at major retailers, like Walmart or Kroger.

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