LUNA Natural Sleep Aid – Natural Non Habit Forming Rest Pill?


What Is Luna?

LUNA Natural Sleep Aid is a natural sleep aid you can count on to help you get the long restful nights of sleep you’ve been looking for. It will help you get to sleep fast, stay asleep without tossing and turning all night long and wake up feeling refreshed each morning.

How Does LUNA Natural Sleep Aid Work?

LUNA Natural Sleep Aid is a powerful sleep aid that will help get into a regular, healthy sleep pattern. And one good thing about Luna is it is gentle on the body and non-habit forming. It is made of 100% honest, premium and genuinely wholesome ingredients. The vegetable-based soft gels are ideal for anyone looking to improve their nightly sleep habits.

The manufacturers developed Luna due to the fact that so many people struggle with sleep issues. Insomnia is a common occurrence that many people have to deal with. Some people have issues falling asleep altogether. And other people seem to sleep ok but never wake up feeling rested.

Most of them would rather not struggle with addiction, something that can happen when taking prescription medication. So, Luna was developed to help people who are in need of healthy natural sleep without the want of prescription meds.

They set out to create a completely all-natural substance that is completely non-habit forming. And originally Luna was developed for their closest friends and relatives. Now they are sharing it with the world to help anyone who suffers from sleep issues.

What Ingredients Are in LUNA Natural Sleep Aid?

LUNA Natural Sleep Aid has a wide range of natural sleep inducing substances. All of which are produced by the body. The first of which is a balanced concoction of herbs and nutrients like magnesium and certain amino acids. Melatonin is another one of the substances produced naturally and helps as a powerful, all-natural sleep-aid. Together alone, these substances are used in many sleep aids to give people all natural and healthy sleep.

Melatonin is mainly used to reset a dysfunctional sleep pattern. And normally this hormone rises at night and slumps off in the morning so you can wake up. However, things like stress, anxiety and artificial light can disrupt the body’s ability to accurately produce melatonin. Things like Jetlag as well can disrupt the internal clock in your body. Melatonin helps to negate the effects of the stress of daily life on your sleep schedule.

There is an herbal blend also included to help with sleep. Luna helps by providing the body with healthy doses of herbs like chamomile, lemon balm, passionflower and hops as well as Valerian root. All of which have been proven to cause drowsiness and even induce sleep. Valerian root itself has a natural sedative like effect.

Other ingredients include GABA and L-Theanine. These are both amino acids that are found in green tea. GABA is a neurotransmitter that is produced by the body and found in several types of fermented foods.

Both of these substances are known to regulate mood, feelings and emotion and help with relaxation. They also help people hit deep sleep and stay asleep for longer periods of time.

Where Can I Buy LUNA Natural Sleep Aid?

You can pick up LUNA Natural Sleep Aid on Amazon for about $20 a bottle. And that contains 60 capsules which is said to be good for a one month supply.

The Bottom Line on LUNA Natural Sleep Aid

Luna is designed to help you fall asleep faster so you can get longer periods of rest. It will help you hit a deeply relaxed state and make it easier to drift into sleep.

After it takes effect, you’ll likely be able to stay asleep better so you can stay asleep throughout the night. It is said to even help people who suffer from in the middle of the night insomnia.

Those who find themselves up at the latest hours of the night or early morning. Basically, if you’re struggling from sleep issues, LUNA Natural Sleep Aid is probably a good choice for you.

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