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Lost Empire Herbs is a brand founded by three friends Zane, Cloud, and Logan with the intention of reminding Humankind of the importance of nature and all its beneficial attributes that us as humans tend to overlook. The name of the company is a sort of metaphor underlining the necessity of bringing back the former glory of the natural empire.

Therefore, Lost Empire Herbs is a supplement brand that develops and distributes herbal products in order to promote overall well-being and health by using natural, healthy, and sometimes ancestral remedies. Shilajit Powder and Shilajit Resin are products that have been formulated with the shilajit herb which is one of the most praised botanical ingredient in the Ayurvedic medicine practices.

Ayurvedic medicine or Ayurveda is a traditional and alternative Indian healing practice. It also happens to be the world’s oldest medical system which is based on using herbal compounds, specific dietary regimen and some surprising and unique medical techniques. Although, studies on Ayurveda haven’t yet conclusively shown the extent of its possible benefits, it is still an important part of the Indian health system.

Shilajit Resin is considered as a potent health supplement and a versatile substance as it provides essential benefits and helps improve several bodily systems. In the past, it has been seen as the nectar of the gods because of its powerful anti-aging properties. Moreover, it used be consumed as a treatment for any kind of disease.

The Resin is the traditional form of consumption for the shilajit herb, however, Lost Empire Herbs created a powdered version which has a more refined taste and might be easier to absorb. Both products not only act as health supplements but also support sexual performances in men. In fact, the herb is sometimes referred to as Indian viagra.

The Health Benefits of Shilajit

Shilajit has a plethora of health benefits for men as it increases fertility, sperm production and motility. Moreover, it may also support natural testosterone production which can not only have positive effects for fitness enthusiasts trying to build muscle but also for aging men who suffer from a gradual reduction of the male hormone. Therefore, both Shilajit Resin and Shilajit Powder could be seen as male enhancement products.

The Indian herb also has a number of benefits for women due to the fact that it’s ovogenic which means that it improves ovulation. In addition, these products improve cognition and might help boost memory. Although, it remains to be scientifically proven, Shilajit Resin and Powder might be able to assist individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Due to the fact that the Asian herbal substance includes humic acids it can effectively boost energy levels, improve sleep, and significantly reduce stress. Moreover, Lost Empire Herbs Shilajit Powder and Resin have been shown to efficiently reduce appetite as well as certain types of pain. These products are anti-inflammatory and have detoxifying properties as they can help purify the blood and cleanse both kidney and liver.

For a better absorption and enhanced benefits, shilajit can and should be consumed with another substance such as sesame oil, ghee, and honey. For more information's on these natural health products, you can visit the Lost Empire Herbs website which will give you an extensive list of the powder’s benefits and possible side-effects in addition to a clear guide on how to consume shilajit.

Shilajit Powder and Shilajit Resin Availability

If you are interested in trying ancestral, natural, herbal health supplements or if you are familiar with Ayurvedic medicine practices and would like to try one of the key herbal substance used in this health system, then Lost Empire Herbs’ Shilajit Powder and Resin could be the right products for you to start with. You can order them online from the brand’s website with prices ranging from $49.99 USD to $149.99 USD.

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