Lord Jones Review

The legalization of cannabis and cannabis products in many states of America has led to an extremely broad range of cannabis products and cannabis derivatives becoming available.

In addition to the recreational benefits of cannabis, it can also offer a wide range of health benefits that can minimize anxiety, assist with the management of conditions such as epilepsy, and even help to control the spread of cancer in the body.

The legislative changes that have made commercial cannabis product sales viable have allowed many different cannabis product manufacturers to enter the market, each offering a different solution.

While there are many commercial grade edible manufacturers of cannabis products, until now the market has been sorely lacking in a luxury, small-batch, artisan solution.

A new cannabis-infused product provider, however, is offering cannabis enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals seeking to leverage the healing powers of cannabis with a potent new range of fine cannabis products.

The Lord Jones collection of edibles and topical treatments is one of the highest quality offerings in the cannabis product market, consisting of a selection of luxury confectionery options and potent topical health treatments.

In this article, we’ll check out the Lord Jones range of products and find out what makes them stand out from other cannabis infused product ranges to help you decide whether it’s the right selection for your need.

What Is Lord Jones?

Lord Jones offer an unashamedly indulgent range of decadent cannabis infused edibles and health-enhancing topical solutions. Made in extremely small batches with the highest quality ingredients possible, the Lord Jones range of cannabis infused products leverages the high potency of pure California-grown cannabis extract to create a unique and innovative range of interesting items.

The extraction process used to create the cannabis extract used in the Lord Jones range ensures a consistent, powerful, and extremely pure blend of cannabinoids and THC, resulting in one of the best edible experiences possible.

Similarly, the cannabinoid-infused range of topical treatments offered by Lord Jones is one of the most powerful on the market.

All of the chocolate items in the Lord Jones range use extremely high-quality single-origin Ecuadorian dark chocolate, which is extremely rich in health-enhancing cocoa flavanols.

One of the biggest advantages offered by the Lord Jones range is that it’s completely free from artificial additives or flavors, and instead uses natural European fruit essences to create dynamic and unique flavor profiles.

All of the topical solutions in the Lord Jones range have been developed by a leading team of expert health consultants and wellness professionals in order to create a formula that provides a full-spectrum range of benefits delivered by whole plant medicine.

The founders of Lord Jones, Cindy Capobianco and Robert Rosenheck, have leveraged their long-term experience in sales and marketing to create an extremely iconic brand solution that is intended to appeal to a more sophisticated demographic than the average cannabis-infused lollipop.

The Lord Jones label offers a distinct lifestyle brand solution that focuses on transparency, safety, and efficiency in dosing, offering one of the most reliable first-class cannabis infused product ranges on the market.

The Lord Jones Range

The Lord Jones range consists of two different types of products- Edibles, which are intended to provide a high-class, luxury, and delicious recreational cannabis experience with measurable, reliable dosage, and Topicals, which leverage the healing power of cannabis extract to offer a wide range of health benefits.

We’ll proceed to break down the Lord Jones range and find out about each product and what it does


The Lord Jones Topical Range offers two potent solutions that are intended to provide support for a wide range of health conditions using the healing power of cannabinoids. Lord Jones topicals can be used to treat skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne, or joint, ligament, and muscle pain.

The first item in the Lord Jones topical range is Lord Jones 5:1 Pain and Wellness Formula Body Lotion, which comes in a 1.7oz bottle that offers 100 mg of CBD and 20 mg of THC. Dispensing 1 ml per pump via a vacuum pump lid, the 5:1 Pain and Wellness Formula Body Lotion is a soothing and luxurious blend of sage, mint, and fresh citrus that is suitable for soothing poor muscles, joint pain, and various skin conditions.

The second item in the Lord Jones topical range is Lord Jones 1:1 Pain and Wellness Formula Body Lotion, which is similar in formulation to the 5:1 solution, but contains far less active content, at just 20 mg of CBD and 20 mg of THC.


The Lord James Edible range offers three different confectionery options that are all infused with cannabis extract to deliver recreational benefits in a luxury format. Lord Jones Dark Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Caramels are available in 5 mg, 20 mg, or 20 mg dosage, and are infused with sugar, cream, and pure vanilla bean.

Lord Jones All Natural Old Fashioned Gum Drops are available in a wide range of flavors, including peach, blood orange, passion fruit, strawberry, mango, and wild strawberry, and are available in 5, 10, and 20 mg dosage options. Lastly, Lord Jones Single Serve Dark Chocolate Espresso Chews are made from single origin Ecuadorian dark chocolate, and are available in 15 mg indica or sativa strains.

The Lord Jones Verdict

The Lord James range of products is one of the first luxury cannabis-infused product selections to hit the market, and is one of the highest quality options available. If you’re looking for a decadent cannabis-infused treat, look no further than the Lord James range.


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