Top 4 Long Jack Research Study Results – Eurycoma Longifolia For Male Virility?


Eurycoma Longifolia or Long Jack is a shrub looking tree that is often used to make tea. The plant is found almost always in Southeast Asia and the tea made from its leaves is commonly used by men to increase their fertility and sexual prowess.

However, more parts of the plant can be used to make supplements which treat various conditions and ailments.

For example, the root and bark of this tree are used to make supplements for erectile dysfunction, body building, and reducing body fat.

There have been research studies done on whether or not Long Jack can help with other common illnesses such as fever, malaria, bone pain, and cough.

The issues that Long Jack plants claim to treat are varied because the plant is full of chemicals and nutrients that have a different effect on certain parts of the body.

Long Jack Treatment In The Body

Depending on the way it is used and the other ingredients mixed in, the effects it has on a body can differ greatly.

We will be discussing the top four research study results for Long Jack to see if it is truly helpful in these areas or if it still needs some more research performed.

Male Infertility

Manufacturers of a Long Jack supplement known as Phytes Bioteks claim that their drug can help with male infertility. They state that if men ingest their supplement by mouth once a day, it can not only improve the quality of their sexual experience but it can also improve their sperm count.

By improving their sperm count, these men will become more fertile. Male infertility is the subject of many of the top research studies done on Long Jack supplements and is the only one that has shown significant progress.

The company is still planning to do more research on the product to make sure their claims are completely founded.

If their research proves to have positive results, then this could be a cheaper alternative to prescribed drugs and other invasive medical procedures for men. By improving the quality of and increasing the number of sperm a man has, they can greatly improve his chances of male fertility.

Long Jack may not work for all men, and this is one of the reasons they are going to continue their study. You can purchase a Long Jack supplement made for male infertility at your local pharmacy, but make sure to talk with your medical doctor first before you begin taking any supplement.

The reason for this is to make sure that you are healthy enough to take the supplement and that it will not negatively affect any other medications that you may be taking.

Athletic Performance

While there are still studies to be conducted on the topic of athletic performance, early research studies show that Long Jack has no effect on athletic performance. The study was conducted by having male athletes consume Long Jack supplements for a period of seven days.

After the week was completed, they then tested the men to see if their athletic performance had increased any in comparison to the initial test they ran on the men.

In some of the men, there were very small changes, while in others no changes were seen. These results ultimately sent this study back to the drawing board to begin getting ready for another round of tests.

Low Testosterone

Early research studies show that Long Jack supplements may help increase testosterone in men. However, current studies show that there is a lack of evidence for the earlier claim.

In this recent study, none of the men tested showed any rise in testosterone levels after being on Long Jack supplements for over a month. More research still needs to be completed to see if these supplements can actually help improve men’s testosterone levels.

Muscle Strength

If you are a body builder or someone who lifts weights at the gym, you may notice that your muscle strength isn’t where you want it to be. There are many supplements out there that claim to increase your muscle strength by combining the supplements with your workout routine.

Long Jack is a supplement that also claims to help increase your muscle strength, though the claims seem to be unfounded. In early studies done on this subject, men took Long Jack supplements for five to seven weeks while working out.

There were no noticeable improvements in the muscle strength of the men who took the supplements. More testing is needed in order to see if taking Long Jack supplements for a few months will help to increase muscle strength.

Long Jack supplements have also seen very low performances in areas such as fever, bone pain, malaria, cancer, headaches, and many others.

While some people claim that this supplement helps to alleviate their pain and suffering, there is not enough evidence to officially support their claims. For this reason, more research studies need to be performed to see if Long Jack would work as a viable supplement.

If you are considering adding Long Jack supplements to your daily routine, talk with your doctor first. Long Jack supplements should only be taken by men and women that are in an overall healthy stage in their lives.

It should not be taken by people who have weak or poor immune systems, as it may open them up to infections. Research has shown that Long Jack supplements are relatively safe for healthy men and women to consume for up to a maximum of nine months.

No research has been done to evaluate if it is safe to continue taking the supplement for longer than the nine-month time period. In fact, your doctor may suggest that you take the supplement for a shorter period of time.

This will give him the opportunity to see how it works for you, but will also prevent you from having any ill side effects for an extended period of time. Currently, women who are nursing or pregnant should not consume Long Jack supplements, as there has been no research completed to know how it will affect them or their unborn child.

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