Living Healthy With Chocolate: Adriana Harlan’s Recipe eBook?


In today’s society, the consumption of chocolate is perceived as unhealthy, but in reality, it has the potential to ease one’s mind. This is mainly because, studies have found it to be potent in increasing dopamine levels, which is not only related to one’s mood, but also one’s movements and sensations.

The associated health factors are dependent of the type of chocolate (i.e. the lower the processing, the better). Do consumers really have to give up on their sugar cravings? According to Adriana, not necessary and her Living Healthy With Chocolate explains it.

By following Adriana’s directions provided in Living Healthy With Chocolate, consumers can indulge in their desired desserts without having to feel guilty about it. Furthermore, one does not need to compromise their health in doing so. To avoid any confusion that might stem from this claim, the following review will provide a complete analysis of Living Healthy with Chocolate.

What Is Living Healthy With Chocolate?

Living Healthy with Chocolate is an eCookbook that provides alternative recipes to favourite desserts that are equivalent in taste, but positively exceed in health factor. According to the claims made, consumers are offered 100 recipes of diverse and common desserts. The creator, Adriana, made it her goal to help those who have and are still experiencing sugar cravings that resulted in some sort of concern.

Adriana, like many consumers, indulged every time she had a sugar craving. Unfortunately, it did not go well for her, as she ended up with joint pain, poor dental health and stomach aches.

Eventually, she decided the best thing to do was to compile advises received from several health practitioners in a way that others can benefit from them; hence the existence of Living Healthy with Chocolate.

What Can Consumers Expect From Living Healthy With Chocolate?

Living Healthy with Chocolate contains 139 pages and 9 chapters, each chapter dedicated to a specific type of dessert. In addition to the step-by-step instructions provided, consumers will also have access to visual representation to ensure that their attempts turn out how they should.

Some of the types of recipes one can expect entails brownies, breads, chocolates, bars, truffles, cookies, snacks, ice creams, frozen treats, jams, nut butters, sauces, muffins and cupcakes.

How Much Is Its Current Going Price?

Its current going price is approximately $22.97. The price is worthwhile given that each recipe comes out to about 23 cents each. In particular, the fact that Adriana provided several ways to create, for instance, brownies, can help one decide what recipe works best for them.

Why Choose Living Healthy With Chocolate?

Of the several reasons why one might choose Living Healthy with Chocolate, one that stands out is the fact that the provided recipes help consumers maximize on their ingestion of nutrients, healthy fats and antioxidants, which all contribute towards proper functioning of the body.

Second, all recipes are said to be gluten, grain, soy, refined sugar and vegetable oil- free, this is important consider given the fact that many consumers are prone to allergic reactions.

Third, each recipe has been formulated in a way that consumers can use them regardless of the type of diets taken part in. Lastly, convenience was given significant importance to, as consumers have access to both a PDF and printer-friendly version, whenever and wherever.

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