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Liquid Maca Extracts are vitamins that contain substances found in plants and herbs. They help to treat a number of conditions, ranging from fertility to mental clarity.

What are Liquid Maca Extracts?

Even if you maintain a healthy lifestyle, many issues can cause you to become sick. Maybe you were exposed to illness at work, or you have a genetic condition that you are unable to change. Perhaps you’re experiencing exposure as a result of your old age. Regardless of the cause, your goal to become healthy and strong remains the same. To remedy this issue, you can try out Liquid Maca Extracts.

Liquid Maca Extracts are herbal supplements that have been used in multiple cultures for years to help promote a healthier body. These extracts can easily take the place of some of the foods and whole herbs that you use to naturally remedy your conditions, since they have many advantages. For example, they:

  • Are easy to keep fresh over a prolonged period of time
  • Are easy to digest
  • Work quickly, taking a fraction of the time it takes dry herbs to be absorbed
  • Are easy to include in your routine
  • Taste pleasant

Most people think that the best thing they can do for their sick body is to make a visit to the doctor. While this might be appropriate in life-threatening situations, you most likely will just leave with a handwritten prescription and directions on how to use your new prescription. However, choosing a natural method has a much less severe impact on your organs and your brain function. That’s why the Liquid Maca Extracts are so helpful.

Available Liquid Maca Extracts and Their Purposes

Every single one of these extracts are derived from organic sources, which means you get the highest and most potent version of each one. Each one also uses a four-step process to correctly extract the liquid, which is giving to you orally in a “pre-digested state.” These formulas are completely safe for anyone, including kids, and they feature an appealing taste to make them easier to take.

Read on below to learn more about each of the extracts. If you’re not sure where to begin, you can get the sampler pack for $64.86.

Yellow Maca Extract

Yellow Maca extract is claimed to be the most well-researched of the colors offered to consumers. It comes with a wealth of benefits, including the ability to improve your energy levels, fertility, and even your ability to focus. It features much of the vitamins you need in your daily life as well, such as the complete collection of amino acids and free fatty acids.

You will need to take ¼ or ½ of a teaspoon of this liquid three times a day. If you buy this extract on its own, it has a price tag of $15.19.

Black Maca Extract

Black Maca Extract is primarily used to help with men’s sexual health. Multiple studies have shown the impact it can have on sperm, helping to increase a man’s levels and improving his libido as well. This extract has other uses as well, helping to reduce your chances for osteoporosis, and increasing your cognitive abilities.

This formula is used in the same way as the Yellow Maca Extract, which means you will need to take ¼ or ½ of a teaspoon of this liquid three times a day. The total cost of the product is $16.89.

Premium Maca Extract

The Premium Maca Extract is the most potent of any of the formulas offered by this company. It contains three different Maca roots, which means it has some of the combined effects of red, black, and cream-colored extracts.

You need to follow the same dosing instructions as with the other products listed. This extract can be yours for $23.09.

Red Maca Extract

The Red Maca Extract is able to help with several sexual health issues, much in the same way that the black extract can. This formula is meant to help support the health of the prostate in men, while increasing the female’s libido and her own fertility. It is one of the more pleasant tastes you will experience, flavor-wise.

You will follow the same dosage instructions as above. A single vial is priced at $16.89.

Contacting the Creators of Liquid Maca Extracts: The Maca Team

Even though each of the extracts plays its own role in your health, you may need a little help deciding. If you need any questions answered, the customer service team for the Maca Team is available via phone call or by submitting the online form.

If you decide to call the company, you will need to dial 1-888-919-8616 (for domestic calls) or 1 760 230 5587 (for international calls). The team is available to respond to your inquiries on weekdays from 9:00am to 5:00pm PST.

Liquid Maca Extracts Conclusion

The Liquid Maca Extracts are meant to be a way for you to support your bodily systems and your overall health. They are easy to take, and offer an appetizing taste to entice consumers. You can buy them all separately, or you can purchase them together in a sampler pack.

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