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Diabetes is a condition in which the body cannot properly store and use fuel for energy. The body's main fuel is a form of sugar called glucose, which comes from food (after that food, has been broken down). There are an estimated 29 million people in the United States alone that suffer from diabetes. This does not include the people who are predisposed to it based on a few factors like weight gain, diet, genetics, etc.

To use glucose, the body needs a hormone called insulin that's made by the pancreas. Insulin is important because it allows glucose to leave the blood and enter the body's cells. You see, diabetes develops when the body can't make any or enough insulin, or when it can't properly use the insulin that it does make.

For some people the body becomes resistant to insulin. In these cases, insulin is still produced, but the body does not respond to the effects of insulin as it should. This is called insulin resistance.

This is much more common in women, but can affect men as well. This can happen from not enough insulin or the inability to use insulin properly, the result is high levels of glucose in the blood, or hyperglycemia.

There Are Two Main Types Of Diabetes:

Type One (1) diabetes and type Two (2) diabetes. About 90% of people with diabetes have type Two (2), which used to be called adult onset diabetes. However, more and more children are being diagnosed with type Two (2) diabetes due to the rise in obesity in more recent years.

In this guide called Kill Diabetes, it takes you through ten (1) innovations that can help your breakthrough weight loss barriers and help weight management to stop the onset of diabetes, specifically Type Two (2).

In addition, the guide is to help you rid yourself of diabetic medication, or reduce the likelihood of having to ever take any. What is interesting about Type Two (2) diabetes is that it can often be prevented, reversed or managed with diet alone. They key to this however, is mastering a balancing act to keep your blood sugar (glucose) levels from going too high or alternatively, too low.

Risk Factors For Type Two (2) Diabetes

There is no single cause of type Two (2) diabetes but some factors can put you at greater risk.

These include:

  • Being age 40 or over
  • Being overweight (especially with abdominal obesity)
  • Having a family member who has diabetes
  • Having had gestational diabetes
  • Having given birth to a baby that weighed more than nine (9) pounds at birth
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol or other fats in the blood
  • Member of a high-risk ethnic group

Benefits Of The Kill Diabetes Guide

If you knew that losing 10-15 pounds could improve your lifestyle and lower your chance of diabetes – would you lose it? Chances are you would answer yes, but then you would be left with how to do it. Most people would like to do anything that would help them achieve a healthier lifestyle, but there are limited resources that help you do it – specifically the how.

Studies show that losing an average of 7% of your total body weight can improve your insulin and potentially prevent or reverse Type Two (2) diabetes from happening – and other health ailment that accompany it.

This guide will provide you with a specific calorie level regardless of your current intake. You will be instructed to follow a dietary plan that is both unique, higher in protein and provide you with better carbohydrate options. The carbs benefit alone can cause fewer glucose spikes.

The Kill Diabetes Guide will also help you combine eating meals and meal replacement shakes. This is beneficial to stay within the carbohydrates and protein requirements to better manage the glucose balance.

The above-mentioned benefits alone will help you work towards a healthier, more manageable weight to help you prevent and/or fight Type Two (2) diabetes.

James, the author of the Kill Diabetes program decided to conquer his own diabetes when he was first diagnosed. He stated that he made a conscious decision to be ahead of it instead of risking further health implications. Thus, he created a guide so that others could benefit the way he has, and he wanted to take the guesswork out along the way.

Signs And Symptoms Of Type Two (2) Diabetes

People with type Two (2) diabetes may not have symptoms for years or decades, but as the disease progresses and blood sugar levels rise, symptoms develop.

People may have the following signs and symptoms:

  • blurred sight
  • decreased sensation or numbness in the hands and feet
  • dry, itchy skin
  • frequent bladder and vaginal infections
  • frequent need to urinate
  • increased thirst and hunger
  • male impotence (erectile dysfunction)
  • slow healing of cuts or sores
  • tiredness

Unfortunately, many people with type Two (2) diabetes go undiagnosed for several years and are not diagnosed until they go to the doctor with symptoms or complications of diabetes. Therefore, prevention especially is key.

And, the Kill Diabetes plan is geared towards not solely managing or reversing the diabetes, but if you know that you are likely at risk, this is a great option for you too.

Kill Diabetes Prevention Trial

There are four (4) packets in the Kill Diabetes prevention trial;

  1. Food, nutrition and healthy choices
  2. Emotional health and diabetes management
  3. Types of physical activity
  4. Resources on support, discrimination, and financial burden

As a bonus, you will also receive ‘Core Stability Exercises’, as another means to help take your health back into your own hands – and headed in the right direction.

How To Order Kill Diabetes

To receive the Kill Diabetes plan, with instant access, you can order from their website for a reduced price of only $39.00 (originally $97.00).

There is a 100% money back guarantee indicated on the website, however there are no further details surrounding this.

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