The word Keto, has become quite a trendy word in the world of weight loss, low calorie meals, low sugar diets – and more. The Keto diet itself, is known for being low carb and at a place where the body produces ketones in the liver that in turn, can be used as energy. There are a lot of different names it can be referred to – but ultimately, Keto is the most common.

Having said that, when you eat something that is high in carbs, your body will naturally produce glucose and insulin. Glucose, is the molecule in the body that will convert and use as energy so that it is chosen over any other energy source. Where Insulin, is produced to process the glucose. It does so, by transporting it throughout your body.

You Might Be Wondering, Why Does This Matter?

And, it matters because ketosis is a natural process the body does to help us survive when food intake is low. It is in this state, that we produce ketones which are produced by the breakdown of fats in our liver. When using products that encourage ketosis, or this low carb state, this forces your body into a metabolic state.

This process shouldn’t occur from starving ourselves, instead, it is through starving the body of carbs. Optimal ketone levels in the body, are the major key to many health, weight loss and physical fitness goals.

What Is KetoFeed?

This is where KetoFeed comes in. It is designed specifically for the very low carb lifestyle. It delivers whey protein that has been cold pressed and contains fast-burning MCT for the energy and appetite satisfying replacement meals or snacks.

How Does KetoFeed Differ?

KetoFeed is unlike other supplements that contains BCAA’s. These products typically spike insulin levels that is the same as the spikes we see from processed, simple sugars. When this happens, it causes your body to have trouble managing the sugar and can leave you feeling tired and even hypoglycemic.

KetoFeed on the other hand, works to manage blood sugar levels which allows for optional fat loss and may be the key to a longer life expectancy according to some research.

Most proteins on the market are missing something that helps slow down the process of digestion and in turn, the simple sugars delivered in the whey protein. So, what KetoFeed has done to set themselves apart, is added a proprietary, low, C-12 medium chain triglyceride (MCT) from coconut oil.

You see, MCT is more than just a fat. They help metabolize differently and skip the storage process and head right into the burn mode. In fact, MCT has also been suggested to increase thermogenesis in the body too – which as we know helps expedite the fat loss process.

People who consume a high diet of MCT, have been proven to eat less calories and help permeate the blood brain barrier that also displays neuro protective effects. This is because of the increase of ketones within the brain.

KetoFeed Directions For Use

The KetoFeed can be made as a shake when mixed with water or your choice of low calorie milk. Looking for something a little different? Consider adding it to your morning coffee as an alternative to creamer, or whipping it into pudding – or even baking with it. Very versatile, and very good for you either way.

How To Order KetoFeed

KetoFeed can be ordered on their website for $34.99 and is eligible for free shipping. The two (2) flavors available are;

  1. Salted Vanilla Caramel
  2. Samoa Chocolate Cream


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