Kesum Smart Weed – South Asian Herb Helps Boost Brain Power?


What Is Kesum Smart Weed?

Kesum smart weed is a plant species of the family Polygonaceae. Its scientific names are Polygonum minus or Persicaria minor. It is linked to Malaysia and is a well known herb in that place.

There are numerous of them in Batu caves on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. It is a common cooking spice among the Malaysians. At other times, it could be a green salad vegetable.

These plants do well in regions characterized by rainforests with shallow water. They actually sprout like paddy. It takes it 90 days to mature and produce flowers. Its scent is a blend of basil and oregano. Another name for Kesum is laksa leaf.

Benefits Of Kesum Smart Weed

This plant has numerous benefits as listed down below:

Cooking Spice

This herb has dominated the Malaysian markets and is sold as a kitchen spice commodity. It enhances the taste of the food and has been used for a long time now. Many households and eating joints like this herb on their food as it seem to add more taste to the food making it a lot sweeter.

One of the common foods that use this herb is Kerabu which consist of shrimp, peanuts, lime and hot chilies. Even in foreign countries, the herb is still used in foods with Thai and Vietnamese descent.

An Antioxidant

The presence of carotenes, vitamins C and E, flavonoids, catechins and other nutrients make this plant a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants are great boosters to the health of a human being which is why they should be taken in substantive amounts beneficial to the body.

Naturally occurring antioxidants promote survival by hindering the fatal results of Reactive Oxygen Species among living beings. Natural antioxidant constituents have been proved to be the core reason for good health in human beings according to scientists.


This adds a nutritive value to your food when eaten as salad. It has never occurred to many people that this could be eaten as food. As you walk through the stalls of the Malaysian markets, you will notice that there are many vendors of this commodity.

They will equally tell you that there are lots of buyers who buy this plant’s leaves and use it as food. It is highly beneficial to your health and there is no reason for you not to try it out.

Antiseptic And A Disinfectant

They have great anti fungal properties which make Kesum smart weed the final medicine to this kind of infection. They have germ killing property and whenever anyone experiences this ordeal of bacteria or germ infection, just seek the help of this plant and everything will be back to normal.

Some people also use the smart weed to curb bleeding. The victims of hemorrhoids and those with excessive blood loss during menstruation as well as uterinal bleeding turn to this herb to curb more blood loss.

It is also used to clean bloody bruises by being applied directly to the skin. Diarrhea isn’t left out either in this category. The main reason for using this plant is that it is believed to contain chemicals that can put an end to excessive loss of blood through bleeding.


It can be used as a cosmetic. A recent discovery has ascertained that this smartweed has components to make your skin looking like that of a youth. This it does by promoting the formation of fresh and healthy collagen.

Collagen necessitates build up of new skin tissues. The future of un-aging faces lies in this whole plant. This is why the desire to include this new component in anti-aging ointments and serum will be the best step.


Another dream for this plant is also emerging; a renowned botanist is yet to introduce Kesum seasoning and Kesum tea.

This way, the benefits of this plant get to increase twice fold which is so impressive. It doesn’t have to remain to be only salad and spice.

Kesum Smart Weed Risks And Side Effects

There is little information regarding this herb and to date, it hasn’t yet been clarified. However, here are but some of the few setbacks associated with using this plant for medicinal purposes as well as other functions:

• Use of this herb alongside other dietary supplements could lead to adverse effects. Infact it could trigger other agents to intensify antibacterial, responsiveness to light and other harmful components.

• Those with light complexion pose a great danger to their skins when using this herb. Prolonged use might cause sun allergy which is not pleasant at all.

• Those who have had arthritis before are at danger while using this plant. Also gout, kidney stones, rheumatism, acidity and those under other prescribed drugs aren’t advised to take up doses of this plant. Worse complications have been reported regarding the same.

• Kids, expectant mothers and lactating mothers shouldn’t get close to this plant since no satisfying information regarding this plant has been provided.

• Those with any allergic reaction to anything are not allowed to use this product since it will worsen their situation.

• Leaves of the Polygonum plant shouldn’t be ingested at all. This is because they contain a lot of oxalic acid. This is a compound which when taken in; inhibit minerals from being absorbed into the body. As a result, kidney stones might come about.

Top Products Using Kesum Smart Weed

There is no specific top product of this plant since all the benefits it offers are for different purposes. It isn’t about the brand but rather the intensity of help it offers. The large sector which has adversely benefited from this plant is the health sector. It has numerous medicinal uses and is also used as food.

The use of Kesum smart weed is slowly being incorporated into the medical sector fully. Apart from it being used as an herb and food, scientists has found a possibility that the plant could be used to solve complications with the brain and skin cells. The plant benefits are gradually spreading as more medicinal qualities about it are being realized.

Final Words On Kesum Smart Weed

Kesum smart weed is a common plant in most Asian homes and is part of their daily dishes. It is presumably the most common food and spice agent in Malaysia. Without it, the food doesn’t taste as it should. Apart from it being used as food, it is also medicine and an antioxidant.

Before using it, always seek the advice of a physician especially if you have another medical complication. All in all, this is a good plant species that should be distributed to other parts of the world.

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