InVite Cocoa Hx – Chocolate Nootropic For Brain & Heart Health?


Delivering the benefits of cocoa without the harmful disadvantages of milk and sugar, InVite Cocoa Hx is a highly nutritious supplement full of antioxidants.

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What is InVite Cocoa Hx?

Cocoa bean is superfood, full of beneficial vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. But its powers are stripped away when combined with high fat milk, high cholesterol milk solids, or refined sugar as found in most chocolate bars and desserts.

Sugar is usually added as cocoa has a natural bitter flavor but this leaves cocoa products with significantly higher calories and saturated fat. InVite Cocoa Hx is an unsweetened, uncooked cocoa supplement.

A recent study by Harvard medical scientists suggests that cocoa improves blood flow to the brain in healthy adults aged 59 to 83. Improved blood flow might lead to a less severe cognitive decline by keeping the brain healthy for longer.

In general, better circulation has also been linked to benefits such as a more balanced mood and higher energy levels.

Antioxidants are increasingly important for all diets and lifestyles to help rid the body of toxins, improve circulation, and prevent cellular damage that stimulates the aging process. They appear to keep tissues healthy and might even have a role in preventing some chronic diseases.

This is a non-GMO product used with high-quality, minimally processed ingredients.

How Does InVite Cocoa Hx Work?

To properly use InVite Cocoa Hx, simply mix one scoop in a glass of liquid or into a smoothie once or twice daily, or as otherwise instructed by a healthcare practitioner. One customer reports replacing a daily hot cocoa beverage with this product.

Each serving has 30 calories with 5 g of carbohydrates and 5 g from fat.


Pure Cocoa:

By improving blood flow to the brain, healing processes are stimulated and blood pressure is normalized.

Powdered Kiwi Fruit:

Full of antioxidants, kiwifruit supports respiratory health and aids in protecting DNA to slow the aging process.

Freeze-dried Black Raspberry Fruit:

Multiplying antioxidant activity further, black raspberry fruit also protects the digestive tract.

Fruit and vegetable blend including:

Cranberry fruit powder, green tea leaf extract powder, pomegranate seed powder, broccoli stem and florets powders, collards (kale) leaf powder, resveratrol, spinach leaf powder, and strawberry fruit powder. This blend contribute to high antioxidant and mineral levels.

Stevia Leaf Extract:

A popular alternative to sugar, this zero-calorie natural sweetener improves the flavor of Cocoa Hx.

InVite Cocoa Hx Pricing

InVite Health:

Cocoa Hx is available through InVite Health for $42.36, a 20% discount off the regular retail price of $52.95. Customers who purchase two bottles will pay the full retail price but will receive a third bottle for free, offering a 33% discount.


While offering other InVIte Health products individually, Cocoa Hx is available through Amazon only as part of a Artery Health Program package, in which it is combined with a Natural Vitamin E-Complex. The set is sold for $67.79.

Should You Use InVite Cocoa Hx?

InVite Cocoa Hx might be a useful product for wellness enthusiasts to increase their intake of a wide range of nutrients, or for those with the more specific goals of improving brain health and boosting antioxidant levels.

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