InstaFlex Advanced – Healthy Collagen For Joint Pain Relief?


Instaflex Advanced is a new nutritional supplement that claims to target the root cause of your joint pain. Is this really the secret to joint relief? Find out today in our Instaflex Advanced review.

What is Instaflex Advanced?

Do you suffer from joint pain? If so, then you’ve probably noticed there are dozens of supplements that promise to help your joint pain in various ways.

Instaflex Advanced is yet another supplement that claims to relieve your joint pain. It’s not a drug – so the results are not approved by the FDA. Instead, it’s a nutritional supplement that uses ingredients like hyaluronic acid, collagen, and “ApresFlex” to achieve its desired effects.

The supplement is made by a Salt Lake City-based company and is available through a “free” 14 day trial – although that trial could end up costing you hundreds of dollars if you’re not careful. It’s also available through and through GNC retailers.

In fact, the original Instaflex formula is listed as the best-selling joint pain relief supplement at GNC retail outlets.

To learn more about how Instaflex Advanced works, keep reading.

How Does Instaflex Advanced Work?

Typically, joint pain supplements use ingredients like chondroitin and glucosamine to achieve their desired effects. However, many people have realized that these ingredients don’t work to heal their joint pain.

Instead of using these commonly available ingredients, the creators of Instaflex Advanced took a different approach by using the following four active ingredients:

— ApresFlex: This is a concentrated form of boswellia serrata that claims to relieve soreness – particularly in your knees.

— Hyaluronic Acid: This popular moisturization compound is often found in topical skin creams. It’s known for its ability to hold up to 300 times its water weight, which is why it’s such a powerful moisturizer.

— UC-II Collagen: This is a new, patented type of collagen. Collagen is a protein found within your body. UC-II collagen is specifically undenatured collagen, which helps it go to work more easily throughout your body. Instaflex Advanced cites “a recent Harvard study” where people took this type of collagen and experienced relief from joint pain.

Turmeric: Turmeric is a popular natural compound that may reduce joint pain by lowering histamine levels and increasing production of a natural cortisone, relieving symptoms of joint discomfort.

There are other ingredients in the Instaflex Advanced formula, including 100mg of resveratrol (the same antioxidant found in red wine). There’s also a small dose (5mg) of Bioperine, which is a type of black pepper extract typically used to enhance the bioavailability of other ingredients in the formula.

Altogether, these ingredients claim to relieve your joint pain in 7 days. The makers of Instaflex Advanced cite one study where Aprexflex improved joint stiffness and discomfort by more than 60% compared to a placebo after 90 days, or another study where UC-22 collagen reduced knee discomfort and was twice as effective as glucosamine and chondroitin.

All of this information sounds good. But the creators of Instaflex Advanced never actually link to these studies, explain where they were published, or give us any information about how to look up these studies. It’s unclear if the studies were performed by the makers of Instaflex Advanced, or if they were performed by independent third parties.

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Instaflex Advanced Ingredients

The dosages listed below are for one capsule. There are 30 capsules (30 servings) in each capsule:

-200mg of turmeric root extract (standardized to a minimum of 82% curcuminoids)

-100mg of resveratrol (from polygonum cuspidatum root extract)

-100mg of Aprexflex

-40mg of UC-II Standardized Chicken Cartilage (provides 10mg of collagen)

-5mg hyaluronic acid (minimum 89%)

-5mg of Bioperine

Instaflex Advanced Pricing

Instaflex Advanced is available through GNC, where it’s priced at $69.99 for one bottle of 30 capsules. You can save money by signing up for the autoship program (10% discount) or by using your GNC Gold Card.

Alternatively, Instaflex Advanced is also available for purchase through the official Instaflex Advanced website at, where you can sign up for a “free” trial. That trial will charge you $4.99 for shipping and handling.

Like most free things on the internet, the Instaflex Advanced free trial comes with some significant “catches”. If you don’t call the company to cancel within 18 days, then you’ll automatically be enrolled in the Instaflex Advanced autoship program. That program charges you $4.99 + $69.99 every month until you cancel. That charge automatically appears on the credit card you used to pay for the initial $4.99 shipping fee.

As far as autoship programs go, the Instaflex Advanced autoship program isn’t that bad. A lot of autoship programs actually charge you for the trial box you already received (unless you pay to return it yourself). If you call within the first 18 days after you order the trial, you won’t be charged anything further – and you get to keep the sample.

Who Makes Instaflex Advanced?

Instaflex Advanced is made by a company named Direct Digital, LLC. That company is based in Charlotte, NC.

Certain ingredients in the formula are made by third party companies, including AprexFlex (made by Laila Nutraceuticals) and UC-II collagen (a registered trademark of InterHealth N.I.).

The official Direct Digital website describes itself as pioneers in health and wellness. It’s responsible for brands like Nugenix, Beneflex, Lumiday, and Luminite. Instaflex and Instaflex Advanced are two of the company’s most popular products. The original Instaflex formula is listed as “the nation’s top selling joint support product in GNC stores.”

Should You Take Instaflex Advanced to Treat Joint Pain?

The original Instaflex formula is very popular. In fact, it’s the best-selling joint pain relief formula at GNC stores. Instaflex Advanced claims to be a new and improved version of the formula and promises to relieve your joint pain in 7 days.

In reality, Instaflex Advanced seems to be an overpriced, under-dosed supplement that contains common joint pain relief supplements you can get from multiple retailers. Boswellia serrata, for example, is the first real ingredient in Instaflex Advanced backed by clinical and scientific evidence – and you can get a higher dose in supplements priced at $10 or $20. That’s much cheaper than the $60 to $70 you’ll pay for Instaflex Advanced.

Ultimately, one of the nice things about Instaflex Advanced is that you can pay $5 for a trial package. As long as you remember to call within the first 18 days after you order, you won’t be charged anything else. That’s not a bad deal.

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