Immunocal – Immunotec’s Glutathione Precursor Cysteine Protein?


Immunocal is a supplement that offers whey protein isolate, offering an all-natural supply of this protein that is derived from milk. This formula is a great addition to the diet of any bodybuilding enthusiast, or someone who wants to improve their muscle tone.

What is Immunocal?

There are so many different protein powders and sources on the market today that it can become overwhelming to try and find the one for you. Many companies that value low pricing will end up choosing methods that don’t preserve the protein in a healthy way, which means that you risk losing effectiveness. For a formula that you can trust, Immunocal is available.

Immunocal offers a formula that has over 40 years of research and testing to back its efficacy up. This formula is meant to improve your supply of cysteine in your body, which maintains many functions, including your immune system. This formula is usually only offered through a pharmacy, but you can use it during your workout to help with the process of muscle recovery.

There are many different resources that name Immunocal specifically as the best source of whey protein isolate, since the composition has been so carefully created. This remedy is actually listed in multiple medical reference books, many of which are present as a doctor’s resource in their own office. Whether you need the recommendation of your doctor, a trainer, or the greatest consultant for your health, Immunocal still comes out on top.

About Immunocal Platinum

You can increase your benefits by upgrading to Immunocal Platinum. This remedy has all the benefits that you can gain from the original formula, except that it adds both CMP and RMF to its composition.

CMP is an abbreviation for “Cytokine Modulating Proteins,” which are meant to help reduce inflammation in your body. RMF is an abbreviation for “Redox Modulating Formula.” This blend includes citrate materials, which means it can balance out the natural pH level that you should have in your body.

Specifically, it lowers acidity, which means you give protection to your bones and strength, while delivering a small amount of creatine to your system.

How Does Immunocal Work?

The Immunocal formula is a type of whey protein isolate, which is critical to your body for a few reasons. First, this type of isolate is required by your body to make glutathione, which protects the cells and prevents the onset of damage from free radicals. It also gives you amino acids, which are critical to the health of all your cells and tissues.

Whey protein isolate is the highest type of concentration for this type of protein. The average whey protein can offer as little as a 20% concentration, going up to 70%. For a concentrate, you end up with a range of 70% to 90%.

The amazing thing about Immunocal is that it is an isolate, so it offers over 90% pure protein for your body. This level of concentration needs to be carefully balanced to avoid damaging the healthy protein inside.

An isolate is the purest version of whey protein that exists. There’s no fat, toxins, water, lactose, or anything else that can contaminate or challenge the effectiveness of this type of regimen.

While there are many whey protein isolates on the market, Immunocal sets itself apart with extensive research, and it retains the natural structure of the protein for an intense impact on the way your body functions.

Using Immunocal

Unfortunately, the website doesn’t go into any detail for either formula’s use. You will need to refer to the usage instructions upon receiving your product. If you don’t understand the instructions, or you just need more clarity, you can contact the customer service team.

Pricing for Immunocal

The pricing for Immunocal and Immunocal Platinum are slightly different, due to the additional benefits you will receive from taking the Immunocal Platinum supplement.

The retail pricing for Immunocal is $104 for one box, but that price goes up with Immunocal Platinum to $148.50. However, if you become a preferred customer on the website your cost goes down to $83.20 and $118.80, respectively.

If you choose to be a consultant with the company, you can gain even more benefits, and your total cost goes down to a fraction of the original cost.

Contacting the Creators of Immunocal and Immunocal Platinum

Both the Immunocal and Immunocal Platinum supplements offer plenty of information about their respective benefits and ingredients. However, you may find yourself with more questions that you want to address before you’re completely comfortable with making a purchase. The customer service team is available in multiple countries, so you will need to find your location on the Contact page to determine the best way to communicate.

If you need to speak with someone in the United States, you can call the company at 1-888-917-7779. The department is available on weekdays from 8:00am to 9:00pm EST. You can also reach the company from noon to 5:00pm EST. If you can’t reach them by email, you can send an email to [email protected]

Immunocal Review Summary

Immunocal and Immunocal Platinum are two excellent resources for this commonly used and recommended substance. When you choose a whey protein isolate to nourish your body, you need to ensure that you get the results and the benefits that are promised with a high-quality product.

This remedy isn’t meant to be used frivolously or in place of your multivitamin. Regardless of the version that you choose, Immunocal will easily become one of the crucial supplements for your daily life.

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