Hyphy Mud – Potent Pre-Workout For Increased Performance?


When choosing a pre workout supplement to boost your athletic capacity during a workout, there are many factors to take into account to ensure you’re getting the best product possible.

Designed to be taken before an intensive physical exercise session, pre workout supplements typically contain ingredients that boost the metabolism, endurance, strength and recovery time of a fitness enthusiast.

Hyphy Mud, created by fitness and strength celebrity Kali Muscle, is a groundbreaking new pre workout supplement their offers a number of unique advantages.

Many of the pre workout supplements that are available on the market today are designed by corporate nutritionists or dietitians with very little practical experience in lifting or weight training.

Hyphy Mud boasts origins that can be traced back to Kali Muscle's time incarcerated in the US prison system. With a formula perfected by Kali and a team of dedicated scientists, Hyphy Mud offers a highly effective blend of practical knowledge and cutting edge sports nutrition.

What is Hyphy Mud?

Hyphy Mud 2.0 is the third iteration of Kali Muscle’s highly popular pre workout supplement. With the first prototype of this powerful pre workout formula created in prison and the second as a retail release, the 2.0 formula of Hyphy Mud offers a number of improvements over the original.

Taken before a workout, Hyphy Mud delivers a massive boost to explosive muscle power, concentration, endurance and muscle fiber contraction.

The unique formulation of Hyphy Mud addresses many of the weaknesses of other pre workout supplements.

Many of the inferior pre workout solutions available on the market today rely heavily on powdered caffeine to deliver the sensation of heightened energy without offering any real advantage.

The ingredients in Hyphy Mud have been selectively chosen and curated for their scientifically proven ability to dramatically boost performance in any given physical pursuit.

Most pre workout supplements use gimmicky herbal extracts that aren’t realistically effective, or contain only one active ingredient apart from caffeine, leaving users burned out and jittery halfway through a workout session.

Hyphy Mud contains over 10 clinically proven ingredients that while extremely effective and explosively powerful offer no unwanted or dangerous side effects.

The potent formulation of Hyphy Mud allows fitness enthusiasts to get the most out of each session at the gym, maximizing gains while minimizing downtime and recovery periods.

Who is Kali Muscle?

One of the world’s foremost fitness celebrities, Kali Muscle was born in Oakland, California. Building a successful football career from a troubled youth, Kali Muscle won a scholarship to Fresno State as a running back, channeling his energy into the pursuit of physical perfection.

Moving to LA in 2010 to pursue a career in acting and bodybuilding, Muscle quickly became a rising star, signing with a commercial agent and completing work for Old Navy, Geico, Snickers, Honda and more.

Kali Muscle now provides comprehensive training information to millions of subscribers worldwide via a dedicated youtube channel and website, and has recently been featured in several major Hollywood productions such as Martini Shot (2014) and The Liaison (2014).

The Hyphy Mud Formula

Hyphy Mud contains a complex combination of ingredients that work in tandem with the body to unleash explosive inner strength.

The Hyphy Mud formula can be broken down into two sections- a vitamin complex consisting of vitamin B12, B6 and Niacin, and the portent Hyphy Blend.

The Hyphy Blend is a carefully balanced mix of power boosting ingredients that dramatically increase physical output.

Beta Alanine is added to boost carnosine levels, while taurine and caffeine anhydrous offer both an immediate and slow burning energy boost.

Citrulline malate, a powerful vasodilator, increases vascularity and helps the body pump more blood to stressed muscles.

PABA and HCI increase muscle power and reduce recovery time, while choline increases mental focus. Finally, black pepper extract increases the bioavailability and effectiveness of the formula.

Hyphy Mud Pricing & Availability

Hyphy Mud can be ordered from the Hyphy Mud website and is priced at $29.99 USD, making it highly cost effective when compared to other pre workout supplements that contain the same level of high quality ingredients.

If you’re looking for a super effective and fast acting pre workout supplement designed by a real world fitness and strength champion, Hyphy Mud is the right choice.

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