Hurricane Hardcore Fat Burner – Fast & Effective Weight Loss?


In today’s day and age fitness and health have become an integral part of many lives. Many psychological studies have revealed that maintaining a healthy body allows for people to feel less self-conscious in social scenarios, and helps them communicate better and more effectively with other people.

However, weight loss can be a challenge for many people especially in modern day affluent societies where food is made to cater more to the taste buds than for its actual nutritional value.

Some statistics about the global weight gain trends

Obesity which is a direct result of excess food consumption has been much talked about in the recent past and rightly so, because the latest study conducted by the NCHS (National centre for health studies) revealed that one third of all adults in the U.S were obese and on an average each of these individuals were found to spend $1429 (£ 955 approx.) more on medical bills per annum.

In the same vein, recent child obesity statistics were equally striking as 30% of high school children in the U.S fell under the obese/overweight category. This was surprising to many scientists as childhood obesity was not a phenomenon up to half a century ago, but more importantly it has lasting health ramifications for these kids who will grow up with these excess fat, sugar, cholesterol levels. The accumulation of fat causes arterial constriction from a young age and can lead to various ailments such as type 2 diabetes, depression, hypertension at later stages.

Why should I consider using Supplements?

Weight loss can be a challenge for many individuals and this could be due to a variety of factors. Losing weight may not directly correlated to exercise, but is also dependent on various other factors such as a body’s metabolism, thyroid hormone secretion, stress levels. Similarly, some foods are suitable for particular body types while the same may not go down well with others. Some bodies tend to have metabolisms which can easily break down sugars while others may convert and store them as fat.

This is where physical fat burning supplements can aid in one's journey to achieving their desired body shape. They work towards increasing the metabolic activity of the body so as to aid fat reduction, they also provide energy to sustain one through workouts and other physical activities.

What is Hurricane hardcore fat burner?

Hurricane hardcore fat burner is a carefully devised supplement formulated by the Famous Proteinlab™ to aid health conscious individuals achieve their desired body shape. It is designed to optimize the fat burning capacity of one's body and make it more resilient to fat collection and storage.

Another way it aids in weight loss is by suppressing unwanted urges to consume food, which is probably the biggest roadblock on the path. This is done by altering the body’s metabolism such that it only requires the optimum amount of energy to function. Lastly, it acts to stop the absorption of fatty oils and substances into the system during the digestion process.

This causes the fat to dissolve and eventually be excreted from our body instead of getting stored in our tissues and arteries. Hurricane hardcore fat burner also acts as an energy supplement, this is done by using caffeine which acts as an energy substitute thus allowing for lower calorific intake but yielding similar or even better energy levels.

Studies have also shown that Hurricane fat burner improves the concentration spans of users and helps in a clearer thought process. All in all it gives you a perfect blend of what is required to start losing weight quickly, effectively and on a long term basis.

How does Hurricane Hardcore fat burner work?

Hurricane hardcore fat burner has been devised following the latest scientific research trends and uses the most potent and useful ingredients available in the market right now. Some of its primary ingredients include Citrus Aurantium, which is a widely recognised appetite suppressant and weight loss tool.

Caffeine which is widely used and renowned for its use in acting as an energy stimulant. Acetylcarnitine which acts to rejuvenate cells and increase the fat burning capacity of the mitochondria which is present within all cells.

Guarana extract which is used to lose weight and improve athletic ability, it also improves circulation, reduces mental and physical fatigue, lowers blood pressure and is one of the primary treatments for people suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). It also contains Green Tea extract which is used for increasing alertness, reducing fatigue and providing energy to the body.

These ingredients are encased in capsules made of Gelatin (made using animal protein and plant Polysaccharides), Magnesium Stearate and Silica, all of which are soluble in the body and are easily broken down by the digestive system.

A combination of these key ingredients in carefully derived proportions can deliver amazing results instantly. Using a regular diet plan followed by 2 capsules a day (with four hours between them) is an optimal weight loss strategy for someone who does not exercise frequently or if one works out regularly, 2 capsules a day forty-five minutes prior to the workout are recommended.

Pricing and availability

Hurricane hardcore fat burner is available in bottles containing 60 capsules each, which are available for a modest price of  £39.99. They can easily be purchased from the company’s website at and will be delivered via the royal mail postal service.

There are a host of delivery options including weekend delivery, same day product dispatch. Proteinlab ™ also has experts on call and online, and can be contacted easily via phone at 012-3571-2929 or can be messaged on the company’s website free of charge.

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