Homeopathic Teeth Products Being Linked To Deaths? What’s The Story?


Unfortunately, the FDA is doing an investigation on the potential harmful effects of homeopathic baby teething products.

Approximately, 400-500 medical reports have been filed as a result of these teething products.

10 deaths have been found to be associated with these teething products. The FDA have confirmed that these possibilities are highly likely.

Companies that sold these dangerous tablets are: CBS, Walgreens, Orajel, and Hyland’s, and plenty of other mainstream companies have sold these tablets.

FDA Findings On Dental Hygiene Products

The FDA found that there were hundreds of cases that reported that their child vomited, had high fevers, seizures, severe headaches, and even 10 reported deaths.

The FDA has found that there’s a high probability that the homeopathic teething products, are responsible for all of these cases.

Nothing is confirmed 100%, however. The FDA will conduct the investigation and will determine whether the product was responsible for these medical incidents.

Due to these recent incidents, the FDA currently discourages all usage of homeopathic products that are associated with teething.

It includes all forms such as gels, tablets, and so forth. Several stores have pulled out these teething products as a result of the warning made by the FDA.

Consult With A doctor About The Homeopathic Teething Products You Use

It's highly recommended that you consult a medical professional in order to determine if your child is at risk.

There’s a possibility that the teething product that you use, can be linked to these dangerous products that are linked to all of these medical incidents.

The FDA warned about Hyland stocking homeopathic teething products that contained high levels of poison inside them.

This was several years ago. Another trend has appeared to come with these homeopathic teething products. It could be a possible sign that homeopathic products in this field can be extremely harmful.

The ideal treatment for infants that are teething, is to rub the areas gently or use some kind of wet cloth.

That is the most effective treatment out there for infants that are facing issues with teething. There really isn’t anything else that will product similar effectiveness.

It’s a free treatment and nothing else beats in comparison.

This ongoing story, will leave without a doubt a stain on homeopathic products. The companies that are selling them are struggling to make these products as equally as good or even better than pharmaceutical products.

Go Natural With Your Hygiene Products?

Homeopathic medicine and products really doesn’t have any scientific validity behind them. It’s rejected by most scientists.

There are some scientists that promote homeopathic medicine if you pay them well enough. Unfortunately, scientific research can be manipulated by those who have the pockets to manipulate the research.

Usually, you want to look at studies that are published in peer reviewed journals. The scientific community is extremely rigorous when it comes to studies that are published in these journals.

They are extremely critical and will not hesitate to find flaws that can be present in a scientific study.

This is why most scientific studies that have no validity are not typically found in scientific journals. Many people will falsify a test and claim it as real science, in order to market their products to you.

It’s important to consider the scientific literature behind a potential product that you will consume.

This especially has more weight, when you are dealing with a child’s life. 10 babies have already died as a result of a garbage product that doesn’t even work. Hundreds of babies have suffered as a result of people buying into the claims of homeopathic medicine.

If a substance is considered good enough, for medical use – it’s usually called medicine. The best way to determine the validity of an alternative medicine is through consulting a medical professional. These are people that have studied medicine throughout their lives.

These are the professionals that you call upon, to make a suitable medical decision.

Asking multiple medical professionals will allow you to judge whether the product that you have stumbled upon, is worth the effort in consuming. It’s critical to conduct research on the potential products that you will consume.

If you do not, it very may well lead into things dying. 10 babies passed away because of this teething product. It had no scientific basis for its claims and the contents of the product wasn’t even investigated properly.

This is a glaring problem that this country is facing. Drugs aren’t being properly vetted by the government, in order to make sure that they are safe for consumption. There needs to be more accountability from the companies that product harmful products for the public.

Should These Companies Be Punished?

An ideal solution would be to punish these companies severely, and strengthen the capabilities of the FDA. Many people walk into the pharmacy and trust that the products that they will purchase, will be safe for consumption.

We do not want a country in which, we doubt all of the products that are put for sale. Trust is what allows the pharmaceutical industry in order to keep on working.

This applies to all levels of industries as well. It’s important that all members of society, apply increased pressure to the government. By doing this you will be able to make the government do its job properly and filter out potentially harmful products for society.

Do Your Research Before You Buy

As a consumer, it’s important to conduct research on all products that you may or may not consume. Not only will it directly affect your health if you neglect to do the necessary research, but it can affect the people that you love as well.

You want substances that are recommended by medical professional. If there are already any associated negative health benefits – you take that into consideration as well. You determine whether there’s decent scientific research on the product.

By doing this you will be able to filter out most harmful products out there. This is valuable to do, because unfortunate incidents do occur from time to time. Being able to prevent these unfortunate will allow you to live a long and healthy life.


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