Higenamine Norcoclaurine – Safe Bodybuilding Workout Ingredient?


In the last few years, several organic and natural ingredients have emerged on the market and surpassed traditional boundaries to become part of the conventional medical practice. Different supplements are now available for ailments and conditions such as asthma, coughs, and erectile dysfunction among others.

Weight loss has also become a major issue and there are literally thousands of products, workout manuals, and diet plans provided for those who want to shed some extra pounds. Although most of these supplements and offers will result in some benefits, some may cause more harm than good.

It is therefore very important to carefully go through each supplement and review the ingredients therein before trusting the formula. More importantly, you should look up user reviews & experiences to gather insights about the specific supplement, its use, and possible undesirable side effects.

Higenamine, also known as Norcoclaurine, is one of the popular ingredients included in most pre-workout supplements you will find on the market. Here is a brief review of the ingredient including what it is, the benefits, risks, and side effects, as well as top products that contain it.

What Is Higenamine Norcoclaurine?

Higenamine Norcoclaurine, a common ingredient used in some pre-workout supplements offered for those who want to improve their workout performance, is basically a chemical found in plants like aconite, squamosa, sacred bamboo, and annona, among others.

Featured in most pre-workouts mainly to improve athletic performance, there are now interests relating its benefits in treating various conditions like erectile dysfunction, coughs, asthma, and heart failure, as well as stimulating weight loss.

In fact, as a stimulant it has been seen to impact different muscles in different ways, from causing some muscles to relax while causing others (like those of the heart) to contract.

By aiding muscle contraction and relaxation, Higenamine results in an increased heart rate. These effects can be caused by doses between 20-40mg although pre-workouts often include up to 75mg.

Benefits Of Using Higenamine Norcoclaurine

Perhaps the main reason for Higenamine’s growing popularity is its effectiveness in burning fat. It is mainly marketed as a performance booster for athletes as it results in more endurance and energy surplus as well as alertness and focus during training and competitions.

Higenamine has also been suggested as a possible replacement for the now banned DMAA from en vitro studies. However, most people who use supplements containing (or based on) the ingredient have testified to losing more weight than before.

It is therefore highly regarded as a fat burner although there are no scientific studies to back up these claims. Higenamine is an agonist (a chemical that binds to a receptor) that binds to beta-1 and beta-2 adrenergic receptor.

While there are no human studies, beta-2 and beta-1 agonist treatments have been used for asthma and low blood pressure. By increasing heart rate and blood pressure, Higenamine (Norcoclaurine) improves blood flow and oxygen supply to muscles and organs thus improving workout performance.

The full benefits of daily dosage of this ingredient have not been investigated as yet, but there is sufficient user-based evidence that it results in better athletic performance and improvements in the gym when taken as a pre-workout supplement.

Risks & Side Effects of Higenamine Norcoclaurine

Neither Higenamine nor Norcoclaurine, have been associated with any negative side effects when consumed within the supplement. From research studies, these compounds are generally tolerable by adults and have no known risk or side effect as a supplement.

However, oral ingestion of Higenamine from the plant is associated with serious side effects. Plants that contain this chemical will instantly result in mild-to-serious heart related side effects such as arrhythmias when ingested. In fact, ingesting this plant may easily result in death and researchers assume that this may partly be as a result of the Norcoclaurine.

In other research studies, Higenamine was shown to increase blood pressure and heart rate when taken in doses above 22.5μg/kg. It is advisable to seek prompt medical attention if you experience any odd side effect following consumption of supplements that contain this ingredient.

It is also important to note that some supplements may cause sickness and nausea due to ingredients that may not be Higenamine. Nonetheless, it is still necessary to consult professional physicians when you experience side effects from using any supplement.

Higenamine was also banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) for 2017 and is considered doping for athletes, which shows its effectiveness in improving athletic performance, but masked in various concerns with regards to health.

Top Higenamine Norcoclaurine Products

Choosing one particular supplement as the best is obviously biased and subjective. However, a range of supplements with specific quality characteristics can be identified in the market.

As a general rule of thumb, aspects of safety ease of use, effectiveness and lessened side effects make the top consideration when evaluating such products. User reviews and experiences can also help you gauge the safety and effectiveness of a given supplement.

Some of the top products that contain Higenamine include products from Singular Sport, Nutricost and Primaforce among others. Most manufacturers retain the name Higenamine or Norcoclaurine for the supplement and only include their company alongside the generic names provided.

When looking for top products, it is advisable to examine the full list of ingredients used and make sure they are all safe and approved for use. More importantly, you should seek professional advice from a doctor to determine if you are a suitable candidate for such supplements.

Higenamine Norcoclaurine Review Summary

There are several athletic performance boosters on the market and finding them should be no problem at all. Most offers you come across will be promoted as the best in the market and it may be a little daunting to separate genuine offers from others.However, trustworthy supplements have various hallmarking attributes that can be used to distinguish them.

As a general rule of thumb, it is advisable to look up what other users are saying about the particular supplement, in addition to the expert studies and reviews. Manufacturers do not always follow the dosage and requirements put in place, real insights from actual users can shed more light into the effectiveness and side effects.

Higenamine is a powerful performance booster for athletes and is even thought of as doping. If you must use it, make sure it is safe and does not cause any undesirable side effects on your body.

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